Published on Dec 25, 2015

2014 – Hillary Clinton laughs about the “hard choices” of sending US soldiers to the Middle East, while admitting she made a mistake voting to authorize the Iraq War.

2011 – Hillary Clinton is excited about Iraq’s promising future as a business opportunity for US companies and Oil.

2002 – Hillary Clinton parrots Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld as she votes “with conviction” to give Bush the authorization to invade Iraq.

(short but well done video)

Note-even Bernie would be better than this faux blond witch. A vote for Hillary is a vote for WW3. Hillary Clinton is the most loathsome creature in the history of organic life forms.

Neither Trump nor Bernie supported the Iraq War. They smelled a rat. Trump was outside political life and knew. Hillary was in power (vicariously) for twenty years and says she got suckered.

I can prove Saddam didn’t have WMDs with one sentence–he didn’t use them on invading American troops. At that point, what had he to lose.


Watch this video and you will see four war criminals. Try to guess who I mean.