The National Review “declared war” on future President Donald Trump in their latest issue.

National Review Chickenhawk Neocons love declaring war, though their ranks do not include any actual veterans, mainly crypto-Communists, drug addicts, draft dodgers (sorry, combat avoiders) and liars.

I pasted a list of their names below in alphabetized and easily searchable form. Not many disappointments here. It is a laundry list of malefactors who have egregiously led America to destruction as backers of the worst mistakes in its entire history.

Still, you have to love the “chutzpah” of this group (chutzpah means unmitigated gall, usually while engaged in the act of lying, in case you don’t know). They still think they can call shots and define Conservatism, even though they wouldn’t even publish Buckley by the end of his life. I imagine Bill Buckley must have understood Dr. Frankenstein better, by the end.

Supposedly, this has led to a raft of subscription cancellations and the National Review got banned as debate moderators.

I’m shocked anyone still subscribes, let alone reads these hacks anymore.

Anyway, here is the list. A google search will reveal the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of these traitors, if memory alone doesn’t serve. Personally, I just want this list readily available for my own reference. It is good to be able to prove what they did a few years down the road without looking too hard. These cretins love to think they can backpeddle and get away with it. Welcome to the Internet, chickenhawks. Your stupidity is for the ages now.

Neocon Chickenhawks Who Hate Trump and Love War

Beck Glenn
Boaz David
Bozell III Bent L.
Charen Mona
Domenech Ben
Erickson Erick
Hayward Steven F.
Helprin Mark
Kristol William
Levin Yuval
Loesch Dana

McCarthy Andrew C.
McIntosh David M.
Medved Michael
Meese III Edwin
Moore Russell

Muskasey Michael B.
Pavlich Katie
Podhoretz John
Reno R. R.
Sowell Thomas
Thomas Cal