Painfree checked in with a comment about the required correction for the Rheumatology article:

“Apparently, according the comment below, The Journal of Rheumatology will correct their chart (read link). The commentator …

The revised version of the paper is now out and it now has the correct information. No acknowledgement to anyone. Glad that wrong information is not out there now, though.”

Hi Painfree–

Unfortunately, I clicked on the link (found on Bioelectronics website) and saw no apparent change. Rheumatology is welcome to use my chart, I’d be honored actually, but do you know when they will correct the online article? Could you post a link here when they do? I will call Bioelectronics myself to get them to re-link to the corrected article if you do.

Here is the incorrect original table:

NSAID/analgesic intake PEMF (n = 30) Placebo (n = 30)
Subject’s daily drug intake at 1 months
    NSAIDs, n (%) 6 (20) 12 (40)
    Analgesics, n (%) 8 (26) 15 (50)
Changes in drug intake at 1 month follow-up
    Started NSAIDs/ analgesics, n (%) – (0) 3 (10)
    Stopped NSAIDs/ analgesics, n (%) 8 (26) 10 (33)

Here is my corrected table and chart:

Graph Builder
Graph Builder
*Now, I originally did this when I was half asleep after work, but the correction is right.  With this obvious caveat–I lumped NSAIDS and Analgesics into one group, drug users labeled just “NSAIDS”. The authors of the paper used “NSAIDS/Analgesics” as the label, correctly.  Like I said, it was a long day.
NOTES & Explanation:
PEMF Group-if 14 were on N/A “NSAIDS/Analgesics” after a month and 8 quit, then 22 were on N/A at the start of first month.
“Among the patients from the
PEMF group, eight patients (26%) stopped previously pre-
scribed medications, whereas in the placebo group one
patient (3%) stopped and 10 (33%) started a new therapy for chronic pain. (Table 3)” direct quote from article.
So, though kind of tired when I first did this, my corrected chart and table correctly reflect the text. I did this as an exercise to reassure myself my correction was right.
Thanks again Painfree, keep us posted.