Here is a tape I got at this website of a young lawyer Hillary boasting and laughing about plea bargaining a guy who raped a twelve year old girl off with two months in jail, time served already while waiting for trial.

Hillary knew the guy was guilty. The girl’s family, according to her, was from the “wrong side of the tracks”.

The rapist’s family owned some property, according to Hillary.

The rapist wanted a woman lawyer, and the interviewer asks why Hillary either ducks or misunderstands the question, and says she owes some powerful friend of the rapist’s family a favor The correct answer would have been that the rapist of the 12-year-old girl wanted a woman lawyer because it was a jury trial, and people would have been less skeptical. Older women, you see, are supposed to feel some empathy for 12-year-old rape victims.
Not Hillary. She laughs about it. She uses this case as an example of how smart she was She couldn’t resist spiking the football. What a horrible character trait in a wannabee President.
The original evidence included the rapist’s underwear, which had the victim’s blood on it The portion with blood was sent to a lab, and found to be the blood of the 12-year-old girl who was raped by Hillary’s client. Since this was a destructive test, either there wasn’t enough left for the defense to test or the remainder of the sample got discarded by the lab.

Hillary got some famous scientist to examine the underwear, badmouthing Brooklyn along the way. This guy said there wasn’t enough left to positively identify, and then Hillary name dropped the guy to the court and intimidated them into a plea bargain.

So, Hillary’s loyalty was to monied people who she owed a favor to, not to low-income people or any feminist ideals she claims to have.

This is the tape Trump was talking about when Hillary accused him of being sexist. That’s when I knew Trump meant business. The Clintons completely folded then, because if this tape goes wide, it is over for her.

So, help out your country and yourselves and do whatever you  make sure people see this. Put it on Facebook or something.