This is a great scene describing an engineered financial panic. Recent events in the Bioelectronic Company’s saga made me think of it.

The Science is right, and if that isn’t enough to save that company from the tyranny of bureaucrats, it will be a shame. I look at the SEC and the FDA right now, in fact, I look at the general impression of the Federal Government, and all I see is a giant thugocracy.

Have you driven through the D.C area lately? There are highways with long strings of brand new McMansions springing up alongside them. It is a money vacuum for the whole country, which is heading for a Depression. This is some serious Hunger Games type shit happening right now.

I grew up in District 12. My Disneyland was abandoned coal collieries. The sheer decadence of our society must be checked. In a free society, lack of discipline will lead to a self loathing people. The West is revolted by itself, which is why  we are committing cultural suicide. Frugality and Industry, as Ben Franklin phrased it, need to come back into vogue as cultural bywords or we will not last much longer as a free society.

Hitler was a National Socialist Democrat, lest we forget, and while Bernie Sanders is an appealing Fascist, he is a Fascist in the end. Hillary I shall not speak of. I have shared my thoughts on this blog  about her amply, over the years. I shall not attempt to describe the indescribably loathsome.

I read Drudge earlier and it said New Hampshire was a three way tie with Trump, Cruz, and somebody from Ohio, Kasich.

Kasich is interesting because I would imagine he is a fairly high level Free Mason. I am guessing, but I think it likely. The GOP strategy will be to keep it pretty factionalized so they can rob Trump at the convention without setting off too many riots. By that logic, expect a new “contender” to emerge in every primary. I don’t think the GOP wants to win with Trump–they would rather Hillary wins then Trump. Rupert Murdoch has been outed as a Hillary lover. This kind of vindicates Trump for skipping the FOX debate. It was a set-up.