Lately I have been contemplating memes. I’m convinced I’ve started  couple and not gotten credit for them, though there is nothing as humbling as Google when you think you have an original idea.

Still, a viral meme might help my blog. After all, “those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves“.  I kind of got a kick out of the lady in this video.

The other videos I have been watching are of the protesters at the Trump speech in Chicago. A lot of this is BLM, or “Black Lives Matter”, a George Soros funded group. We are well into “The Turner Diaries” when Soros unleashes these American Brownshirts to disrupt Trump’s speech.The crazy thing is they are screaming Trump is a Fascist while they do it.


I respected “Black Lives Matter” when they had focus. I took it to be a racial group designed to protect American Blacks. However, they now are including all non-white people under their umbrella. This betrays their original intent and also doesn’t make any sense. Try calling  a Mexican or Asian black. For that matter, try calling somebody from India black. They won’t like it. Lots of them are racist against American blacks and don’t want to be lumped in. Soros is trying to widen the net for this election season.

Anyway, I took a stab at “meme making” by photoshopping a Klan Rally with the slogan “White Lives Matter”.  I figure some won’t get the intended irony, but  more importantly, I think I’m still at the tip of the iceberg for Memeing, or the act of making memes. Did I make that up? Let me check Google. No, not even close. Google really does humble one.

For starters, my graphics were kind of weak, and I sized it wrong. It had some shock value. I’ll be back. I have not yet begun to meme.

Anyway, some of the interaction between pro and anti Trumpers in the street outside the Trump speech in Chicago was refreshing and vital, true street theater and performance art. Jonestown was well represented and trying to foment violence, and the anti Trumpers were either BLM or the most reprehensible kind of smirking white liberals. They can have all the white guilt they want, I was picking beans for 0.75 cents a basket when I was six years old. Still, the whole thing was pretty entertaining.

I love this election, and I was sure I was going to hate it. Bernie is priceless. The whole Democrat Primary was so rigged for Clinton’s wife that Bernie was supposed to be symbolic opposition. Yet, she is such a weak candidate Bernie is actually dragging this out. Of course, it’s all a facade, Kabuki theater, as the super delegates were in the tank for Hillary before this ever even started.

What is truly wonderful, though, is the absolute rape of Justice by Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. This is an oligathuggery, or rule by a few thugs. Google says I just made that up. If Hillary does actually get in, everyone will know she is a criminal. How marvelous. She enters office with more baggage than Nixon had on his way out.

Her hacked emails probably got Ambassador Stevens killed in the most brutal manner. No way to prove they didn’t.  There is no silver lining in this looting liar.

I think my books are free on the Ides of March. I figured I’d give myself a plug. After all, those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves.