Charts BIEL CHARTS Q1 2016

Some different charts of BIEL’s numbers

opinion is the CoG is creeping up, but Dec 2014-June 2015 appears to have been a breakout and the positive trend continues

At this stage, what exactly is BIEL’s manufacturing infrastructure to support the massive uptick in Sales some predicted?

Also, can we be confident the Chinese are not bootlegging this product?

I have been doing a bit of research into the FDA

It is composed of the very best scientists doing the work and the very worst political appointees calling shots and grifting the hell out of the process

I cannot believe Margaret Hamburg and her husband were able to pull off what they did for so long.

When I see Hillary, I keep thinking of the guy in ATLAS SHRUGGED who kept saying “there are plenty of pickings left in California.” These people are looters and vultures.


That said, I believe the reason recent news has not propelled the stock downward is there is a slim chance the FDA will get out of the way of progress and let people buy what they want. Let the market decide. I finally understand why my candidate in 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul, wanted to simply eliminate the FDA

The FDA doesn’t work–if you disagree, google Margaret Hamburg and The Renaissance Hedge Fund, run by her husband

Those two are straight out of Breaking Bad, but at least Walter White had some ethics.

Takeaway? The basic rationale for owning this stock has not changed–Unfortunately, neither has the FDA

History comes in waves, and PEMF will eventually succeed

The very best thing supporters of this stock could do is rent a bus and go protest in front of the FDA in the street

Pass out leaflets citing how liver and kidney damage from pain pill abuse contributes to the international black market in illegal human organ transplants

The FDA is a part of Human Rights Abuse

We need to publicly embarrass the shit out of them

Not much else will work

The FDA’s real leadership are career criminals

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