This Orlando Spree Killing is like manna from heaven from Donald Trump. It’s like destiny has its arm around him this election.

The cover story is a gay, closeted Muslim ISIS member and registered Democrat attacks a homosexual nightclub on Latino Trannie Night. It’s as if it were scripted to add confusion to the presidential campaign.

I was watching Youtube news early Sunday, and the body count was 20 dead, about fifty wounded. A few hours later, it was fifty dead and fifty wounded.

If they can’t do simple math, why bother releasing a death toll too early? I could see 20 dead and fifty wounded turning into fifty dead and 20 wounded because of injuries causing death after a couple of hours, but the wounded count remained the same, just the death toll rose.

What gives? How does a pile of bodies get miscounted from 20 to fifty? This is 150% wrong. Who counted that and then went to the  corporate MSM and relayed that number? How is that possible? How could that have been reported when it was so wrong? This is odd. I thought it odd at the time, but got the odd sense validated by others who caught it.

So what’s up? What is the purpose of the slaughter? What was the thought process? Was it a “lone nut”?

Donald Trump’s rise is due to his greatness, point-blank, and full stop. His greatness with the media, his brilliance as a man. My question is, would we be better off with mediocrity? It’s safer. Napoleon was great, and loved by the French people, but it went to his head.

I think it safe to say Hillary is mediocre. She’ll never aspire to more than padding her pockets and fighting her antiquated feminist battle with some mythical male oppression. Trump however, could be great. So, we have Harry Potter, a potentially great wizard, running against Draco Malfoy, a mediocrity who is controllable. The thing is, you know what Draco is up to so there is limited damage he can do. Draco won’t be great, and neither would Hillary, but Harry Potter might turn out to be the goddamned Antichrist.

Problem is, right now America needs greatness more than it needs maintenance. On a macroeconomic level, America is in some deep trouble. Hillary’s only move is to get us into a war to distract us from this.

Ask yourself the obvious baseline question–who is more of a threat to the New World Order, Trump or Hillary? Trump of course. Of course I am voting for Trump, but I would rather we had a Taft or a Calvin Coolidge running. However, these men presided over a stronger nation, much stronger. There was no IRS, no Federal Reserve, little national debt in 1900 (extremely non-coincidentally). Maybe what we need is to throw the dice a bit. When you are 19 trillion in the hole, socialism won’t work because there isn’t much to socialize.

Back to the point–the Orland Spree Killings. 50 dead. Worst American massacre since Wounded Knee. It’s like the devil wants Trump to win. Either that or Trump is right, and events are affirming and vindicating him. History comes in waves, so maybe that is all it is? Basically, the message sent is keep voting Democrat and they will keep flooding the country with Muslims who rightfully feel at war with the West because the West keeps invading their home countries and screwing them up.

Most Americans are the the happy little future people in the green grass of H.G. Wells’s great book, THE TIME MACHINE. The herd gets culled, but we keep voting for our malevolent shepherds. At least I grew up knowing a lot of WW2 , Nam , and  Korea vets. Americans are like blissful, spoiled children. The Orlando shooter popped a couple of balloons last weekend. Maybe something good will come from this tragedy.