When complex international events start playing out, I do what all modern day scholars do. I hit Youtube for some answers. Never let it be said ZWO is afraid to take a deep dive into some hard global political research, and it also compliments my work out program (exercise bike). The video posted above, Brexit: The Movie, is a cheeky look at some of the input into Britain’s decision. I added a hyperlink in case these guys don’t want their movie embedded on other sites.

The movie served its purpose, in that I officially (belatedly) endorse BREXIT. The whole E.U. (European Union) things reads like C.S. Lewis’s science fiction. Bottom line–the promise of EU was never delivered on to Britain, so the Brits voted their self interest and walked. Is there any other sane reason to cast a ballot?

On another note, after years of watching Tony Blair and David Cameron insult the decency of the human experience, I was pleasantly surprised there do seem to be thoughtful and articulate statesmen and stateswomen left in the U.K., as revealed by the movie. Good show!

I watched several other videos. One video, by the self styled “Young Turks” provided nothing but Trump insults after using Trump’s name as click-bait in the title. For starters, it is instructive that these people would choose “Young Turks” as their name. The original Young Turks were fake Muslim converts who orchestrated a Holocaust of Turkish Christians. From this, I will leave it to you to determine the mental state and thought process of someone to name their pro-globalist group after them.

Hillary’s spokesman was in one video with Andrea Mitchell, I think, or whoever it is who is a journalist married to Alan Greenspan. I don’t trust Greenspan’s wife in particular, and I try never to compliment such people, but she does have a wide-eyed and innocent way of asking pretty lethal questions which can amuse. This smart aleck (last name Fallon)  was doing the usual smirking liberal Hillary-man thing about Brexit when Mitchell suddenly asks him about Hillary’s hundreds of meeting at the State Department with political donors and special interests (lobbyists).

Fallon started the usual line about how transparent Hillary was, when Mitchell pointed out the transparency was the result of multiple lawsuits and Freedom Of Information Act Requests over a three year period. At this point Fallon looked rattled.

I can’t help wondering if this might be the DNC tip-off that globalism isn’t going to be a winner in November. Now they are going to use their minions to get her out of the race, or at least make Hillary’s defeat look like money scandals, not part of a larger trend.

At any rate, the election grows tedious. I think Hillary is a captive to her political donors. When Russian oligarchs “give” you 150 million dollars for American uranium mines, you had better make sure you are in a position to protect their interests, as I’m sure it was understood Hillary would be. Therefore, her campaign makes sense to me, since she seems to lack any real vision and does not seem to have enough ambition and intelligence to want to be president for the classic reasons. If she hadn’t run, she would have had to start giving money back. Is there any doubt what an old, liberal white Methodist would do? Have you ever seen her brothers? They are all about 400 pounds. They were selling presidential pardons when Bubba finally left office.

Trump gave a speech last week which shows what her next 4 months will be like. All he has to do is keep pounding away at her central financial crimes and he will win. Snide and snarky is so 90’s, and that seems like Hillary’s only response. Like with Brexit, Hillary is talking about how she hopes it doesn’t hurt working families when the markets drop. Never fear, Hillary, after 32 years of you and and your incompetent War Party Republicrat parties, not many working families are in the markets much. Hillary, have you no thought for your rich friends? What are they, chopped liver? How about your buddies at Goldman Sachs, doing “God’s work” while procuring prostitutes for Libyan investors and government officials? You gave no thought to them? Only working families? Seriously? Do you know any?