Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


“…False Exculpatory statements are used for intent and consciousness of guilt...”

Who controls the Media controls the discussion.

I have been watching YouTube riots by Black Lives Matter at Trump rallies for six months. BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by George Soros, longtime bank for the Clintons.

Soros and Hillary have been fomenting social upheaval in many countries, such as Libya, the Ukraine, Syria, and Guatemala, and this is just recent history.

Now Soros and Hillary are promoting social upheaval in the USA.

I have no problem with people who vote blindly for a party. Just pull the Democrat or Republican lever because it serves some self-interest. What bothers me is the people who actually “believe” in Hillary, and admire her. For what? After all her exceedingly well compensated years in “public service”, she can’t list a single accomplishment. Just vote for her if you want to. Don’t defend a criminal, you merely embarrass yourself by displaying your lack of life experience. Hillary is a criminal, and she kind of stinks at it. She gets caught. I don’t want a president who gets caught if they are a criminal. Once the dead bodies of potential witnesses start piling up, we all lose as a nation.

Look at Obama. All his major scandals are Hillary scandals. Let’s say something nice about Obama. After eight years, he has yet to expose himself to a gaggle of Girl Scouts touring the White House. The Clintons called days like that “Wednesdays.” I would still have chosen Obama over Hillary, although I stopped participating after Ron Paul got ripped off. At least we have a little more national dignity than with the completely sexually unhinged Clintons.

Do you know why people “Believe” in Hillary? They want to be friends with their televisions. Their televisions say mean things to them if they don’t “Believe” in her. They don’t watch Trey Gowdy annihilate the head of the FBI. They watch their favorite stars of TV land tell them if they vote Trump, they are monsters. The TV even says so.

Meanwhile, all those FBI email scandal headlines got wiped out by 5 dead cops in Dallas, killed by sniper fire at a Soros/Hillary funded Black Lives Matter event. Consider all the lies told about WAC), OK City, Libya, ISIS, Syria, 911, told by Hillary. Soros is a sociopath, a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis to kill is own people, and he was 14 years old when he did that. Huge Hillary fan. I’m not insinuating anything–I accuse Soros of having those cops killed in Dallas to wipe out the negative headlines about Hillary.

Think about it–Hillary just came out and admitted she is a racist. A racist is exactly the sort who would use Blacks to generate social mayhem to further their political and economic interests. While Soros is the boss of the drug running crew called the Clinton Foundation, she is the current white face of their supremacist street gang.

The New World Order wrecking crew is coming after the USA through the auspices of the Soros and the Hillarycons. Buckle up, because once Trump gets on a debate platform with her, the jig is up. Pray for Trump’s life, because one of the messages sent is the Dallas cops endorsed Trump, and look what happened. I have enough guts to admit it would be nice if one of these crazed lone nuts put Soros in their sights. That is one Nazi collaborator¬† who has sucked up enough precious oxygen, in my view, and I look forward to applauding that 86 year old sack of excrement’s death.