My play is actually coming along somewhat. I am shooting for three acts and abut 20,000 words. It is a lot different than a novel, because I am writing it in verse.

What I am trying to do is something like a Greek Play about survivors of Nuclear Holocaust. I am going for ten syllable lines which are couplets, but after that I am not bound by any other rules associated with a strictly metered verse style.

Titles are hard. I have tentatively titled this “Moonlight On The Post Apocalyptic Dinner Theater“. My process is such that if I am writing about a project, the main part is done, and now I am just trying to make it better. It might still take a while.

Basically, it is about a group of people who congregate nightly at one of the last remaining taverns and listen to a nightly show as they dine on whatever remains of the old world. Agriculture has mainly failed due to the massive clouds overhead caused by the nukes. There is a general hopelessness and desolation. The scavengers, which I try to humanize, are getting closer and more threatening, and the existence of this small bastion of civilization is getting more tenuous by the day.


The Jester:

Quite plainly you are a lovely crowd

Not rudely silent, nor boorishly loud

Tonight my friends I’ll try to entertain

Along the way I will try to explain


How to your wonder I can keep my smile

When surrounded everywhere by the mile

Funereal dim expanses mock the sun

And blessed peace comes to no living one?


I look around at your friendly faces

Deprived of Amusement’s former graces

No TV, Twitter, no Internet news

Nothing left between me, you, and the blues


Now our politicians are mainly dead

The ones who are left have sores on their head

Our so-called leading lights have gone quite dim

And very little left of them remains.

So, the attempt is to make an old fashioned verse play about the post nuclear war society. I am trying to write abut the nature of the struggle in the human condition, which transcends circumstance–there is never a perfect world, so by writing about people living in extremely difficult circumstances I am trying to provide a relevant narrative for all people. I still have a long way to go, but I am having a lot of fun with this.

Other updates–lots of terrorism. Longtime readers will know I trace a lot of this to those who legalized MEK.


Bioelectronics Company–It is a travesty I can’t walk into a drugstore and buy the Actipatch and give one as a present to people I know who suffer from chronic pain.

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