Highlights of leaked DNC emails

Hillary Accepts Money from Someone Who Electrocuted Horses for Insurance Money

The Story of My Life, by Jay McInerney

Alison Poole

Okay, I thought this is interesting. I am basing this post on the hyperlinks above.

Jay McInerney wrote a really good book called THE STORY OF MY LIFE, which I read multiple times a long time ago. The subject of the book later accused him of stealing her life story, and went on to fame as John Edwards’s girlfriend and baby momma, effectively ending his political career.

Fair play so far, but one of the really effective aspects of the book was the girl was bitter about her father, who electrocuted a horse she actually really seemed to love for the insurance money. Dude wasn’t winning any fatherhood prizes prior to that, as she basically called him a molester.

(Full disclosure-this girl’s father sounded like such an Illuminati dip, I was partially inspired by him when I created Marie’s dysfunctional father in my own book, ZWO. The father in my book was also partially inspired by a snippet from a local paper in which a father stood by in a bar’s parking lot while his girlfriend administered a beatdown to his biological daughter (yes, that actually happened). My point is, McInerney’s book made a big impression on me.)

Also, the character’s name in McInerney’s book was Alison Poole, who in a kind of incestuous way Brett Easton Ellis borrowed as a character for two of his books, most notably AMERICAN PSYCHO.

So, we have this tortured soul whose father killed her horse, which she took hard because the horse was her only friend and she was a champion rider. She blamed her later coke, alcohol and boyfriend abuse on this crime by her father, who was heir to 800 million bucks but I guess every penny counts. The father actually did time, 33 months, which makes me wonder if the judge was sending some kind of signal to a Brother Mason. Apparently, he killed about 20 horses for insurance money, so I assume he pled down.

Now, for the record, I love horses. I love horses better than I love most people. Remember Liz Taylor in National Velvet? Yeah, it’s like that. So a horse killer is, to me, a truly odious form of life. Remember the pigs in Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM? To me, Orwell sugar-coated those pigs. Was it Da Vinci who said the most beautiful thing in the world was the male body, and the second most beautiful a horse? Well, it is a pretty gay quote, but you get the point. Horses are great. But how does all this literary triviata relate to the release of the DNC’s hacked emails?

The answer to that is as follows, and reveals what has led me to rattle off this post.

First, a hacker named Guccifer 2.0 released about 20,000 emails he pulled from the Democrat National Committee server. Whoever this entity is or represents, their attempt to poop in the DNC’s upcoming convention’s punchbowl is aptly timed. Coronating Big Mother Hillary just got more complicated.

One of the email strings I hyperlinked to above describes how the horse killer was vetted by the DNC, and how this creepo was a big donor to Hillary Clinton herself. It lists the details of the horse killing capers.

John Edwards was a greatly talented politician. I have no opinion of him beyond that, but if any one person was a threat to Hillary Clinton in 2008 besides Obama, it was Edwards.

Then Edwards met a woman in a barroom, who became relatively infamous through the association. Rielle Hunter, formerly known by the less glamorous name Lisa Druck, became pregnant with Edwards’s child. Since Edwards’s wife had terminal cancer, this was viewed as an especial betrayal by the electorate. Edwards had a decent shot at being President, but the daughter of a big Hillary donor, a convicted criminal conspirator and horse murderer, brought him down and ended his political career.

This post is titled “When Fiction meets Fact”. I’m having trouble telling one from the other right now. The woman who provided the subject matter for THE STORY OF MY LIFE was a pretty good example of someone who might have had some serious MK ULTRA style mind control in her youth. That book seemed real. What happened with John Edwards always seemed contrived, like a bad novel.

Anyway, the connection between Hillary Clinton and George Lindemann, heir to the Verizon fortune and convicted felon, speaks volumes about Bill Clinton’s wife inability to refuse money from anyone. No proof Hillary sent Rielle out to bring down Edwards, though to paraphrase FDR nothing happens accidentally in politics. The character Alison Poole, who was supposedly based on Rielle Hunter  was known for being willing to do anything for money. Leapords don’t normally change their spots, though as I said earlier, I hate it that her father killed her horse.