Above is the graphic representing the sales, gross profits, and cost of goods by quarter since 2011 for the Bioelectronic Corporation (BIEL).

The 2nd Quarter numbers, just released today, were great. Record sales and they have started to consistently keep their cost of goods down. On the face of that stat, I have to think their manufacturing team is doing a very good job, although that is just the Cliff Notes interpretation.

To me the big thing is they are not losing momentum with Sales. They made a breakout around June 2015, and since then have been producing as hoped. The Lower COGS, higher Sales, and higher Gross Profits points to them getting their business model under control.

BIEL needs to catch a favorable breeze in the form of the FDA, but this period could be viewed as a positive in that they are developing the means of production. Let’s see what happens. Some positive statements were made on the quarterly report with regards to FDA Clearance. It wouldn’t be businesslike to front, but these are the Pink Sheets.

On a personal level, I could go for a chicken curry roti and carrot juice from a place on Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I haven’t had that combo in a long time. Something about this long hot summer.

Making progress with my play. I wrote about 40 pages of metered verse in kind of an old fashioned style, and am calling it Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater. More on that later. It’s really good, and I pretty much hate what I write.