I read in the corporate media, for what it’s worth, that Trump is disgruntled Pence beat Hillary’s boy, Tim Kaine in the vice presidential debate. If true, Trump shouldn’t be. In his most important decision yet, he chose Pence, who seems pretty presidential. In her most important decision yet, Hillary chose Tim Kaine, an annoying closet case if ever there was one.

Hillary can’t judge character. Who fixed Huma up with soon to be convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner? Hillary did. Hillary Clinton lacks judgement. She chose Kaine to be her stooge. Trump chose Pence for the betterment of the country.

The polls are pretty close, but Hillary can cheat for at least 10 percent. It really is the grand conspiracy of globalism. She just has the corporate media in the tank, along with the FBI and just a whole host of New World Order clowns. The sad thing is Trump is better at judging character and talent.

These debates are just giving Hillary an excuse to sit out the election. She is “prepping” for the debates, or polishing up her hand signals to the moderator.  The president needs to be able to pick the best people for policy and strategy. The ones who try to be experts on everything are ineffectual. Plus, Hillary really is a crook.

She should have picked a woman to be VP. I am tired of  Hillary constantly blaming a man. If she loses, she will blame Tim Kaine.

Trump can win this thing. I hope he does. America needs to turn the page. I still hope Julian Assange is not just a publicity hound. Maybe something will break soon.