Since I finished my play, I haven’t been that focused on blogging or even writing for that matter. There are several reasons for this, but it’s partly because finishing was difficult. I will revise the play at some point. There are a couple of mistakes, though the ten syllable per line seems to be correct. I happen to like metered verse.

I think one key to mental health and personal growth is to continually challenge myself. Losing the fear of failure is key. It’s like Edison saying he preferred to think that he discovered ten thousand ways an invention wouldn’t work before he discovered the way it would. We learn on the journey, at least until implantable education brain chips become readily accessible.

I got a nice review on Amazon for my zombie trilogy. My opinion on those books, and I am well familiar with them, is I don’t dumb it down and I make the reader work for it, but at the end of the day, I was going somewhere with it. If I thought otherwise, I would remove it from the Internet. I will revise it again someday, mainly to optimize certain phrasings. I have gotten better at this, and am starting to see some issues I didn’t see before. The substance wouldn’t change, just some editing.

Anyway, the reviewer liked the books, five starred them, and said I improved their vocabulary. This is gratifying. I always hoped the books might at the least improve somebody’s SAT score.

So, I read astronomers are getting alien signals from space now. What might these aliens be like, I wonder? If traveling through space, they are looking for something. What? They need someting, are curiosity seekers, or both? All our real space tech was developed with military funding. Who developed the alien’s? We could be like chimps to them, and their version of Jane Goodall would study us while the rest of them burned up the rain forest.

Human nature is universal, even among aliens.

If you read my blog, you know I endlessly obsess over a few topics. I am very interested in pain therapy which decreases drug addiction. So, here is my status update on the Bioelectronics company: it looks bleaker than it is, or in other words, there is hope. Oxford University volunteered to do a study on the Actipatch a while back, and this study should mainly be done. I don’t know when us commoners will get to see some numbers (when released, stay tuned, because who thinks I won’t do my own analysis?), but the gamble is the study went well. If so, this will solve multiple problems for this company. I will accept Oxford’s verdict. They have a lot at stake, hundreds of years of tradition, and will report honorably. These types are extremely old money, not like FDA grifters such as Margaret Hamburg and her husband, greedy, shiny eyed crooks who started out as bundlers for the Democrat Party.

Speaking of the election, some will vote democrat, some republican, and it’s mainly how we are wired. I am at peace with this. However, I will admit people who believe in Hillary, and think she is some kind of saint are mentally unbalanced and /or uninformed. Just the pull the lever for Boss Tweed and STFU. I have been pissed on enough in my life to know when it’s not raining.

Till next time.