From my perspective, as the author of some ebooks, the real unfairness to somebody like me is these torrent sites bootleg your book, but never update it if I revise it. My books have come along way since I initially put them up on e-book sites as far as editing goes. I have put a lot of work into them over time, and still plan on making corrections and improvements in the future.

This is not unprecedented. Most print books go through this process. Many classic editions of gray books still contain typos. However, ebooks bootlegged through torrent sites are still distributing less well edited versions of my book.

I want people to read my books, even if free. The Grateful Dead were famous for letting people record bootlegs of their concerts. I am happy to let people judge the book on its merits. Maybe if enough people read it, somebody will make a movie out of it. Right or wrong, I have a message in my books I would like to get out. My books are one of the purest things in my life as far as intent goes. So I ask, if you are going to torrent my book, at least respect me enough to buy it on Amazon, and then return quickly so you don’t pay. At least then I am current. Thank you.