Trump can win it straight up, or he can refuse to concede and contest it in court. Time will keep revealing more emails and Hillary scandals. It will be harder to arrest her if she somehow eked it out. Evidence of her cheating will abound, so if Trump doesn’t win by a knockout, he should win it in court, or try to.

Hillary would do the same thing, but her I think should concede if losing. Her immediate circle is reminiscent of the weirdos who surrounded Adolph Hitler–scheming, lying occultists. How about Podesta and the spirit cooking thing? These freaks are probably sacrificing children.

The Clintons went to Haiti on their honeymoon. Weird. Why go to a place so poor where everybody is into voodoo and they sell kids to tourists. Now it turns out Hillary is beasties with some child slaver operating out of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Blacks vote for these people? That is like Jews voting for David Duke, except a lot worse.

dead to rights cover 12-3-14