Remember that dream you had, that nightmare where Hillary did her little Mao shuffle up Pennsylvania Avenue on Inaguration Day wearing a funny hat?

That one isn’t coming true.

I have to admit, when think of all the Clinton lovers I have known, I have to start laughing. Trump should not forgive and make sure as many as possible Clinton people are doing the perp walk soon.

They  would have persecuted Donald off the planet if they had won. Now, Hillary said she is “willing to work with” Trump in her ungracious and a day late concession speech. Work with him how, loser? You are out to pasture if you’re lucky. Huma will leave you now, if she can avoid prison. Huma will not hang around to change your adult diapers, Hillary. She will glom on to someone with less baggage and a future with what’s left of her looks. This blog predicted it long ago.

It is a testament to the tremendous power Bill Clinton has among democrats they even let her run. So many democrat careers ruined last night. It may actually cleanse the  Party.

What an election. They called Washington State with only 36 percent returns for Hillary when it was a basic tie, but didn’t call Georgia for Trump until very late, and it was a Trump blowout.

I didn’t watch it on tv at all, just kept refreshing the Internet. How close it was in some states, especially Florida and Michigan. At one point, it looked like Hillary had one possible path to losing by 1 electoral vote. The great thing is Hillary can never ask for a recount. In a Hillary election, democrats wind up dead or in jail if the ballots get examined too carefully. She did her best, but could not steal enough to win.

Here’s a thought: what if Trump does a great job?

If this blog sounds like gloating, it is. I figured Hillary could cheat her way to victory. Glad to see the deplorables can still call shots if properly motivated. The American Brexit succeeded for now.