The entire Iraq war, millions dead and trillions in debt, was motivated by fake news put out by the corporate media. 9-11 was a false flag designed to propel us into fruitless Mideast wars. It was a real event designed by the people who push fake news.

I was studying Physics and Thermodynamics in graduate school at the same time I was working in a machine shop with structural steel everyday.

If you take a massive steel I-Beam and place it in a pool of jet fuel, no matter for how long or how deep, all you will do is clean it. No melting, no bending, no distortion.

You have to have seen Building 7 collapse by now. If not, comment and I will post the video again. That collapsed like a house of cards and was not even hit by a plane that day.

Fake news worked wonders during all this. It had to have been planned for decades, and while the fake corporate media news did not exactly come off without a hitch, it served the purpose long enough to get us mired into the unsolvable problems in the Mid-East.

You see, we were told one true thing back then–our enemies hate us for our freedom. The lie was who exactly our enemy is.

The list of corporate fake news media lies is endless, and the body count is extraordinary.

Recently, “some supposed nut supposedly shot up a pizza parlor motivated by a supposed story about Clinton pedophilia called Pizza Gate”. It;s all in air quotes because it is all probably another false flag to criminalize people who don’t have a RICO Media approved button but still try to deliver news.

Now, Clinton people are on record as saying they are willing to plant fake news stories to discredit non-corporate media, or alternate media. So, there is a real reason to believe the folks at Jonestown (Alex Jones and crew) either pushed a fake story out of a hidden agenda, or got suckered, or option three, are being castigated for pushing a true story, or an essentially true story.

For the record, I never mentioned “Pizza gate” on this blog before today, and none of the people I follow online have really been pushing it. It could be true, but I read the emails in question and it sounds like it could have been a code for drugs at a drug party Podesta and the gang were having as opposed to necessarily being about sexual perversion. I mean, they were not talking about actual pizza in that email, it was code. I’m just not sold on what the code was for.  There are plenty of crimes these people get up to without Pizza gate, but what makes this story plausible is what is happening in England with all these MPs getting caught up in molestation scandals, the Pope coming out against “fake news” when his own organization is notoriously pedophilic, and the documented and established links between Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton, Epstein being a known pervert. Well, both of them really.

What this is is Big Money spent well over a billion dollars bankrolling a losing candidate and got bupkis. In fact, God only knows the real size of the bill. Obama used Air Force One for an awful lot of campaigning, and his posse ain’t cheap, not to mention all the under the table money to get out the vote and for bribe money. They are collectively pissed, and are lashing out in childlike ways. Now, you work for these people (try to imagine). When they ask you what went wrong, what do you do? Apologize, own up to incompetence, and fall on your sword? A Roman might have, but a true Roman would know the whole campaign for Hillary was pretty jinxed from the get go. As Chris Rock said, electing the President’s wife to be President is like electing Robin Givens to be the new Heavy weight boxing champion. In other words, why be noble in an ignoble cause, especially when by definition you are working for Hillary and are probably not particularly honorable as a human being to begin with (I’m just saying)? So, who do you blame?

Well, I would blame the alternate media for Hillary’s loss as well. The Internet has become this incredible tool for education. Why do you think they are trying to regulate it so much? People are not passively staring at Mike Williams delivering the “real news” every night. In fact, people are walking. The Pizza gate shooter is such a painfully contrived piece of nonsense. The next thing, when someone shoots up an abortion clinic, they will try to ban the fake book which inspired them, The Bible.

Hillary and the rest don’t hate fake news. Fake news is their meal ticket. They hate unregulated news. The Internet is this vast archive of every stupid, soulless, and mindless thing Hillary ever said, and the list is vast. When she was coming up, people had no capacity to search and disseminate this information. Now we do, and it bit her on the ass this election. For one, was that taped interview abut her laughing about a twelve year old rape victim fake? The authenticity has never been denied, and her insouciant whine is unmistakably in her own voice. She couldn’t even win her home state of Arkansas.

Yes, the alternate media won the election for Trump. For the record, I track this stuff very carefully, and Pizza gate is mainly a post election event. It came out in that last batch of emails Wikileaks came out with right before the election, and it seemed so quickly cobbled together and over the top I figured it was a distraction from real scandals released in these emails.