Obama’s Recovery in 9 Charts

These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.

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Put together, this is absolutely horrifying. I admit Bush left Obama a very dire situation, but the best thing you can say about Obama is he never invaded Syria because he knew how unpopular such a move would have been.

For Obama to say he would have beaten Trump is disturbing because it might be true. Looking at the charts above, what does that say about American voters? How masochistical and self-hating are we?

Our one shot is Trump pulls some kind of economic miracle, and miracle is the word. Did you notice at the end, Hillary and her team kept saying she was like FDR, another feeb who wound up taking us into a World War to get us out of The Depression? War with Russia was the plan. Maybe Trump can fix it. Obama had eight years to try to make it better, the charts say he made it a whole lot worse. Whatever respect I had for Obama is evaporating, as he exits a bitter, delusional man.

On another note, though it sounds like sarcasm after that, I hope my readers have a great New Year. The only real estate we own is between our ears if we are lucky. Learn to accept the poison we are fed and thrive on it. Turn all those lemons into lemonade.

Zombie World Order as a meme has taken root as a success. I notice the good folks that sell Zombie World Order T-shirts (unaffiliated with me) have copyrighted the phrase. They sell the T-shirts, but I wrote the book on Zombie World Order. Also, I wrote my books years before their copyright. They are smart, though. There is a TV series called Zombie World Order now. Maybe they get a few bucks for the trademark.

2016 was a great year. Great is a funny word. I’ve had better, more peaceful years, but I really had to enter the fray just to stay in the game this year. I finished and published “Moonlight On The Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater”, a metered verse comedy about the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse. I use the term comedy in the Shakespearean sense, as in Romeo and Juliet was a comedy where everybody died. Ha-ha.

Anyway, the female lead gets knocked up after vowing never to have children. The play is free on Smashwords, but I have always been convinced that nobody has or will ever read it. I think I just wanted to write a metered verse play.

After doing a few books and a play, I am dabbling with the idea that I might be ready to really try to write a great book and try to get it published the old fashioned way. My books are good, and writing them has helped me to hone my skills, but I feel like I am too alone with this. Also, I have always been drawn to the old school feel of publishing, though most of the imprints I used to like are gone or bought up by international media conglomerates. Indie publishing is probably the only true literary freedom left. However, I do respect professional people, and realize there are people out there who could help me refine my work and help it get to a broader audience. I’m not really writing anything, though I have been trying to help somebody I know who wrote a really good book.Case in point–if I had more literary connections, I could  get this book into a better form. This is a great and remakable book,but there is only so far I can take it. It is about a person struggling through misdiagnosed Lyme disease and their travails with the medical establishment, being accused of fakery and so forth. I would welcome any ideas or input if anybody sees some socially redemptive value to this. I’m not a professional editor.

For my part, I mainly just jot down plot ideas and try to think a plot through in an outline form. With the right idea, I am confident I could bust out a book in a year which would be fun to read. You get better at this stuff.

Okay, I was right (all long) about Trump being the new president. Review this blog. I was on the bandwagon before the debate at Reagan Library, well before. It was a longshot.

Here is another longshot–the Bioelectronics Corporation. They are supposedly still on deck for FDA approval. Right now, the stock is cheap toilet paper, not even name brand, but if they get it, watch for an epic spike, because we are in a state of maximum disbelief right now.

Back when gold was $200 bucks an ounce, somebody came out with an essay loosely titled “When the Last Elephant becomes a Rhinoceros,” I think was sort of the title. Anyway, this guy basically said for gold to go up we had to hit maximum disbelief. At this time, the staunchest gold bug I knew who was rational waffled. Not long after, gold hit $1800/ounce.

I do not believe in Bioelectronics. I am on a jihad about it. I am going down with the ship. There has to be a way to help people who sincerely don’t want  to get hooked on opiates for pain to stay out of addiction. The PEMF technology will not cure addiction, but it will help people avoid addiction if they want to.Many people want to. Addiction is real. I know. I quit smoking cigarettes 7 years and one month and one day ago. A couple more celebrity addicts died over the Holidays. George Michaels and Carrie Fisher. Chalk up poor little Debbie Reynolds as well as collateral damage. She outlived Ignatius J. Reilly by about fifty years, or at least his creator, John Kennedy Toole. I refer to the masterpiece, The Confederacy Of Dunces. I’ve seen Debbie Reynolds’s movies, and Ignatius took it way too easy on her. She’ll be remembered forever because of that book.

So, if you read this, you made it through another installment of the blog about nothing and everything. It’s a Zombie World Order, folks. Remember who the real enemy is, and Happy Hunger Games.

Happy New Year as well…