Let me preface–I don’t care for the NFL much. I don’t watch many games, none in fact. This is mainly the result of my refusal to allow cable TV in my home. I’m a Youtuber.

I do suffer from this ban. I’ve refused free cable, so my motives are pure. I hate ads, and think their content is despicable. YouTube had the Olympics, the only thing on TV of value, and this year I finally managed to watch the Superbowl, second half, on my phone.

This is the ZWO blog, so conspiracy theories first.  I googled the Vegas line after the game, and as suspected, it was three points. When Atlanta, up by 16, didn’t go up the middle twice to set up the easy and game clinching field goal in the third quarter, it made me suspicious. One of the things I hate about the NFL is the influence the gambling community has on it.

However, the second half was fast-paced and well officiated. Atlanta most likely choked. I would seriously consider firing whoever called that play selection if so.

Now, have I established I don’t care about the NFL? I had no pick. I am dispassionate. Yet, I acknowledge it was a great game. Record comeback, two 2 point conversion, and the first sudden death overtime in Superbowl history.

Great game, moving on, and I start seeing dark, leading articles about white supremacists being fans of Tom Brady, an “Aryan Avatar”, as they put it. These articles were pre written to be unveiled after the game, seemingly.

Turns out Tom Brady is a Trump fan. Insert Vincent Price maniacal laughter and sound effects. Worse, Trump predicted victory, and came pretty close to calling the margin. Twitter erupts with comparisons between the Patriot’s unlikely comeback and Trump’s win. Hence the creation of the Twitter hashtag “#NOTMYSUPERBOWLCHAMPIONS”.

Worse, it wasn’t a joke.

Which gets me to the point. There is some mental illness at work in America today. It really is as if reality is just considered one option on the alternate universe menu.

The Patriots are the Superbowl champions, and Donald Trump is the President. Painting support of the Patriots as racist shows the disease in such a blatant manner it serves as a good illustration of the idiocy of the Trump Haters.

I mean, Trump called the game. Any normal person watched that second half and realized they had seen the best of sport. It was inspirational. Corny as it sounds, watching the coin toss at the beginning of OT, I felt like I was watching the ancient Acheans parlaying in front of the city of Troy. It felt like The Iliad. Yet all Hillary had to say was comment on Lady Gaga’s halftime show. Out of touch much? Football taps into the martial spirit which a commander in chief must possess, at least so most football fans might attest. There is a reason the industrial military state complex pumps so much money into the NFL for advertising, another reason I dislike the current NFL.

The real NFL started in northeastern Pennsylvania. Coalminers were badasses, and they had the first football league. Guys played both offense and defense with no pads. Think Bronco Nagurskey. I’m from there. When Soros’s sore losers start shooting on this contrived race war, I’m going back. They still find old mine shafts stuffed with bodies there, leftovers from Prohibition and the start of the first coalminers union in the world. No alternate realities there, stuff gets real pretty quick.