Condolences to the Whelan Family on the loss of Edward Whelan.

Edward was kind enough to send a trial Actipatch to me to give to a close relative of mine, who suffers from Lyme Disease. I promised I would give him an update as to how it went, but I never did.

Literally nothing has worked for my relative with Lyme Disease, and unfortunately, the Actipatch was not an exception for this fairly advanced case. However, I do have the conviction that SWT (Short Wave Therapy) will some day be developed enough to treat this.

I only spoke with Edward a few times, but he seemed like a remarkable person. He lived to see his family achieve a major goal to further the development of a drug free pain and healing therapy which will have philanthropic benefits for humanity forever, I think. The good he did will live long after him, which is the best any of us could wish for.