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Posting this for the BIEL sharholders who read this blog.

Let me recap–this might get removed so I will also put a link here.

Asian ads are different–a life insurance ad will be 20 minutes long and tell an entire story.  They are like movie shorts.


Anyway, watch this all the way through, and if as a BIEL shareholder you do not stand up and cheer at the end (metaphorically), then apologies, but perhaps you are not as true blue. This ad rocks. Showing how its done, in any language, kudos, kudos, kudos.


So Obama went wild at some dinner, started insulting Trump, publicly humiliating him.

Trump decided to be President then for certain. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.

So Trump, knowing a lot about media, marketing, and how to get things done in the private sector, hires experts who use advanced statistical software and analysis to formulate what are the top ten core policy positions he needs to win in an increasingly factionalized America.

While Hillary was in the weeds with her buddies about bathrooms for transgenders, Trump was focused on stuff like jobs, national debt, and border security. His rivals saw what he was doing, but were powerless, literally victims of their own rhetoric, boxed in by years of vacuous platitudes on issues these sellouts barely understood.

The only one running besides Trump whose head wasn’t permanently stuck in the clouds was Bernie Sanders, picked by the DNC to provide symbolic opposition to Hillary, and to make sure no one on the Liberal side could run to Hillary’s Left on Israel.

That backfired, as the old codger would have beaten her if she hadn’t rigged it. Bernie probably would have beaten Trump as well, so Hillary, like Gollum, did have a positive role to play in the end.

So in this view, Trump got ahead of a powerful political wave. The wave was coming, but Trump plays a role in directing it.

So, Bernie Sanders could still be President. Unfortunately, his future rests on the prospect of a Trump implosion. Trump turned the national debate onto real topics, big ideas, and we are not going back to “A Place Called Hope” bullshit any time soon. We can’t afford it.

So Hillary is done. Ding, dong, the witch is dead.

However, Bernie is a healthy foe. He makes the debate about larger issues, capitalism versus Communism, and let’s hope Trump can make it work, because Commies make Capitalists look like pikers when it comes to genocide.

Trump seems somewhat reconciled with the universe. I don’t feel like he wants power for its own sake, to fill some void in his life. This is definitely a Commie trait, though. I think it is a war of ideas, and ought to be. However, unfortunately, somebody sent a envelope full of poison to his son and daughter in law yesterday.  Treachery is out there. Trump might have to take a few people out before its over.

Trump wanted to be President. You asked for it, you got it, Toyota.

Don Corleone understood power comes at an awesome price. I’m glad Trump is President, but this is a vicious game he’s in.  I wish him and his family well.  Let’s hope decent, basically moral people have the stones to fight back like they have to.

*As usual,  a BIEL section.

I don’t participate in IHUB. These people tout the stock as it rises and falls, then after the fact boast about all the money they made flipping it. I only flipped enough the last time it ran up to pay for what insurance didn’t cover for an eye surgery I had. No regrets there.

My point is, I am pretty honest shareholder, and have enough shares that if does make even a small move I will make some dough. I do expect a major news in the not too distant future, and it might not be good. The FDA could reject the Back Pain application, and hence, general approval. If this happens, some people on IHUB will know before the the information is generally public. They are good at this, and organized.

The SEC could go against BIEL on a case pending.

Shareholders who hold are taking a chance. Now, an element on IHUB is touting a reverse split. This is a pointless dagger in the heart, since reverse splits don’t work for shareholders unless there is a major reason, such as restructuring to get on NASDAQ. If a reverse split makes no mathematical difference, as the proponents say, then why do it? The real answer to that should frighten serious investors. So the people touting it are just that–touts.

I expect the next big news to be positive, and it could be followed by better news. If the company is so desperate to do a reverse split, which a weak company does to raise more money by being able to start diluting again, then just sell it. A big company will want restructuring, but that will be their issue.

Now, the specter of the reverse split is raised right before a possible run up–they want you to sell, or not buy, as they buy. This is a business, and it sucks, but it is better than the Gulag.



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New Article About Actipatch, but look at the cheap trick the author is using. I think this practice by the author is illegal. This should be brought to the attention of Biel.

Drug-Free Alternative to Opioids for Pain Therapy
by Kimberly Houston | January 31, 2018 | General News, Health | 0 comments

The article eventually links to a high priced competitor of BIEL’s. Comments are blocked, The writer, Kimberly Houston, should have a little more pride and not allowed her work to be used by the unscrupulous. I have asked them politely to fix the link and apologize, but as always, the games continue.
It smacks of desperation. I sincerely advocate people to be aware that the regulatory hurdles were rectified last time, and the FDA is reviewing the data for full, General Clearance for pain.
This is electronic aspirin.


Greetings, Friends.

Typically, the DOW is supposed to rise after the NFC wins, but maybe the improbable win of the Eagles, more surprising than President Trump’s victory, was too unexpected for Fate to factor in.

Anyway, the Dow has fallen about 10% in two days, at its low point. It actually sounds worse if you think of total points.

The usual caveats abound, such as the market was due for a correction, but following this closely, Trump found out who runs the financial system, and it’s not him.

It’s the Federal Reserve. Andrew Jackson was right, we’ve got to kill the central bank or we will never be a sovereign people. Long standing policy of this blog, and the basis for my long and ardent support of Ron Paul’s somewhat quixotic campaigns. Paul was a perfect gentleman, so the minions of the Deep State devoured him.

Trump is the natural response of Americans who supported Paul and were robbed. Trump has definite thug tendencies, and he may yet pull a few rabbits out of the hat. The Deep State knows Trump has one real weapon–Twitter. They never banked on anybody having a direct line to the American People.

In my view, the Deep State is striking back against the potential prosecution of its minions in the FBI. The Steele Dossier referenced in the last blog here was penned by a notorious bullshit artist, most famous for peddling a yarn about Putin blowing a 100,000 dollars and poisoning half of London with radioactive polonium, all to kill some lowlife ex KGB spy who did odd jobs fort he oligarchy. Steele is a creature of the oligarchs and is servicing his master’s still. The Media pushed that story like they were trying to hit a quota of maximum saturation, regardless of plausibility, and history repeats with this new fake Russian Dossier story.

On another note, BIEL actually went up a little on light volume today. On an awful day, look and see what stocks went up. Without getting into why, it’s very bullish.

A lifelong Eagles fan, that is to say, a lifelong object of mockery of my football judgement, I feel like the world has been turned on its axis with their unexpected victory. We’re through the looking glass. Expect the unexpected.




If you want to get something done, you need to enlist people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It is the only mental disorder acceptable in corporate America. It’s where work ethic ends, and fanaticism begins. I have no work ethic, yet I work almost constantly. We trade addiction for addiction, but at least there is the capacity to self dedicate, either to a worthy or unworthy cause.

I purchased the complete set of Burke’s LIVES OF THE SAINTS for a Christmas present. Paid 178 dollars for the 1952 2nd Edition. I was worried I would regret it, but am now considering buying another set to have two.

We don’t know where we come from, as Christians, and a big part of this is the willful ignorance mainline Christians have for the saints and martyrs of the early Catholic Church. The books are in four massive volumes, each book containing three months of the year. So, you look to see who was the Saint for January 12th, and read about them. Inspirational, fascinating historical snapshots, undiluted story of how Europe was Christianized, through the blood of martyrs and saints.

For instance, Saint Arcadius (a.d. 304):

During a time of great Christian persecution in Mauritania, Arcadius fled from the capitol city to the country. One of his relatives was captured and held hostage to force his return. When Arcadius came back, the pagan judge said they would release his kinsmen if Arcadius allowed himself to be sacrificed to their gods. Arcadius refused.

To punish this refusal, the judge ordered the executioners to first make Arcadius desire death without being able to obtain it. So, they chopped off all his fingers, toes, arms, and legs, leaving nothing but a trunk.

Arcadius said “Lord, teach me thy wisdom”, then ” Happy members, you are at last truly belong to God, being all made a sacrifice to Him”.  Then, “You who have been present at this bloody tragedy, learn that all torments seem as nothing to one who has an everlasting crown before his eyes. Your gods are not gods; renounce their worship. He alone for whom I suffer and die is the true God. To die for Him is to live.”

The pagans were struck with astonishment at such a miracle of patience, and the Christians gathered together the body parts to place in one tomb.

Kind of clarifies the need to be committed and resolute in our faith. The book inspires with examples, it reminds me of ZEN FLESH, ZEN BONES.

The governor just declared Pennsylvania a state of emergency for the Opioid Crisis. Spiritual solutions are best long term, but when it comes to investing in the Bioelectronics Corporation, ticker BIEL, my conscience is absolutely clear. We are doing a good thing.

The stock wants to go up–waiting on news that this will be in stores soon, and am seeing signs this is afoot, slowly. Buy now, take a 100% gain when the news hits, get out, and thank Saint Arcadius if that is as far as you want to go with it.























Bioelectronics is due for some

Hypothetical newswire:
“…back pain study has been completed and results submitted to the F.D.A. with regards to getting General approval for the Actipatch. Should get a response within 90 days…”

This could be done on Monday, and should be. This is all it would take. Been long since 2009, and the first real money I ever made was in this stock.

To me its pretty simple–if BIEL can’t market and sell its product, they need to sell the company. The shareholders deserve some respect, and the public deserves the opportunity to use this technology.

If the new company can’t or won’t market this either, the situation would essentially be the same as it is now, but at least the attempt would have been made, and the shareholders would have gotten paid.

It’s been almost a year since BIEL got two FDA approvals and I still can’t go to a store and buy a Sportspatch. This is an epic fail.