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Primarily I have been using Twitter, hoping to cycle through this recent obsession before resuming my usual online activities, which include online chess, bioelectronics, and half-assed efforts to promote my books.

Anyway, Twitter exists in a state of perpetual outrage. There is always something, the world is always about to end (it actually is, be very afraid). Anyways, below is the billboard  from some *Canadian town, paid for with tax dollars which I saw on Twitter and motivated me to do some research.

My process was this: this was a strange, Soviet era style billboard, it looks like a political prisoner denouncing his former partners in a failed rebellion. It smacks of a confession from Orwell’s 1984, a blank and deadened face reciting a litany of social crimes, or a product of a Maoist re-education camp.

The defenders of this billboard (I posted their defense below, along with an opposing viewpoint), stress that this man made his confession of his own free will, and it was not forced out of him. Well, we can be thankful for that much at least.

When I saw it, I thought “Someone should do some research and try to look into the background of the proponents of putting such a billboard on a public highway.” Then it occurred to me that nobody I trust as much as myself to be fair would do such a thing, and also it really is irresponsible to hope someone will do some advocacy when I am fully capable of doing some myself.

The sheer anonymity, the “Everyman” quality of the individual on the billboard is offensive. His unremarkable face, emblazoned against a red background (no surprises there) acts as a blanket denunciation of all white individuals. Although it was written “in his own words”, he is obviously not meant to represent merely himself, but by extension, all white people. This one is a no-brainer, folks.

So what is my problem? Why do I care? Well, I find it interesting that public monies were used for this. This billboard is part of a series, but this one is obviously designed to be effective and inflammatory propaganda, and it succeeds. The use of colors is no accident.  Check out news programs. The predominant color scheme on TV news is blue, psychologically proven to be soothing.

*Editors Note-False alarm, gang. I started on the assumption this was in California (Ca), and proceeded to be offended by it, since this is a pretty racist billboard. However, it turns out this is some teensy little crapulent burg in Canada, where everyone is white. This anti-racist series is just virtue-signalling on a pretty epic level. I have been to Canada, nice country, people are punks. Canadians are starting to get to me. Jim Carrey, Neil Young, the rest, you’re talented, but couldn’t you just get paid and go home? I just waited some time thinking i was doing something constructive, and this turns out to be Canada.

So, while I stand by the first few paragraphs, it’s Canada. It explains a lot. To the Saskatoon City Council-one final thought to mull over–true white privilege is for people who live in 90% white communities and therefore have the privilege to celebrate diversity. Live in the hood for six months, take 6 lousy months of your pathetic Canadian lives, and go live in a “diverse” city like Newark or sections of New York I lived in for years. I’ll take your lecture then.


Canada 2006 Census Population  % of Total Population
Visible Minority group
European 164,970 82.8
First Nations 10,855 5.4
Métis 8,605 4.3
Chinese 4,185 2.1
Other visible minority 2,470 1.3
South Asian 2,210 1.1
Filipino 1,855 0.9
Black 1,825 0.9
Latin American 1,045 0.5
Southeast Asian 1,005 0.5
Inuit 60 0.0
Total population 199,385 100

Opposition Viewpoint I found online

Narrative Collapse

“White Privilege” is a conspiracy theory that blames white people for the shortcomings of non-whites. The terms “white privilege” and “check your privilege” as used, almost like racial slurs, to denigrate, stereotype, and scapegoat all white people.

Now the Canadian city of Saskatoon is using public tax dollars to promote this incendiary ideology. They have already spent $14,000 for the campaign in 2017. They have placed advertisements inside restaurants and bars, ads at bus stop shelters, and even giant billboards.

One of the billboards features local resident Jim Williams and a quote about recognizing his own white privilege. Another features a mixed race woman claiming she is viewed as less important than white people. Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark, and Director of Community Development Lynne Lacroix are defending the racially divisive billboards.

Saskatoon also published a large number of videos of local residents blaming white people for the shortcomings of non-whites. Saskatoon is 83% white and about 10% Indian or Indian/white mixed. Most of the rest are Asian. “Anti-Racism” leaders in Saskatoon are specifically blaming white people for making the Indian community less successful.

The official Saskatoon website is promoting videos by Tim Wise. This is a Jewish-American author who has become wealthy promoting the “white privilege” conspiracy theory. Wise has publicly confessed to being a former criminal. He says he operated a “fake id mill” while he was in college.

Wise has also publicly advocated violence. In 2012, he called on his followers to shoot members of the Tea Party movement in the face.


City of Saskatoon response

City of Saskatoon director of community development Lynne Lacroix defended the billboards on Monday.

Supportive Viewpoint from Saskatoon“It’s real people who live in Saskatoon. It’s not staged actors, nor did the city make up those quotes,” she said.

“These billboards were not intended to suggest that all people have to do the same thing or that all people are racist.”

The city spent a total $14,000 on its anti-racism campaign in 2017, up from $2,260 in 2015 and $5,521 in 2016.

This year’s campaign includes advertisements in eight transit shelters as well as bars and restaurants across the city.

During the launch, Mayor Charlie Clark said the campaign was about “building relationships and a shared understanding.”


Several years ago I set up a Twitter account for the purposes of promoting my books and this blog. At that time, Twitter was kind of lame, and my quote about it was “Twitter is God’s way of telling you you have too much time on your hands.”

Twitter has changed much, now with videos and more features. I downloaded the app onto my phone a few weeks ago and now I am officially addicted. Just when I think I am out, my phone alarm rings and I have to see who liked my tweet, or made a nasty remark, or who followed me. The secret is to follow everybody who says something funny, or does something interesting. Then it’s fun.

I followed someone new today on Twitter, a Laura Loomer, who rushed the stage to disrupt an adaptation of Julius Caesar in Central Park, in which President Donald Trump replaces Caesar and gets stabbed and so forth. I haven’t seen it, but killing Trump on stage is the obvious money shot. This is the only part anyone seems to talk about or object to.

Anyway, Laura Loomer got arrested. Her gripe is that with the recent spate of Leftist violence and political assassination, this type of inflammatory play should at least get disrupted, or protested. Whether she is correct or not does not interest me much. Central Park is a public park. If it were a private forum you bought tickets for, then yes, I could see how she was depriving people of their right to purchased goods and services. I suppose what she did was rude. Rudeness is wrong, no?

Shakespeare was an amazing writer, long dead and out of copyright. Talentless hacks glom on to his work and pawn it off as their own by time shifting Donald Trump into the role of Caesar. They are “clickbaiting” their audience, how indescribably rude of them. The plot of Caesar is not something to pound a Trump hit piece onto as a template. Who was Julius Caesar? A lifelong politician who conquered and raided other nations and brought the loot home, along with cultural artifacts, such as the Julian Calendar. He was a priest in some Roman secretive cults. He was an insider, born into political power, who became a very successful and ruthless general. He got greedy and the entrenched powers conspired to subvert those loyal to him into a conspiracy to murder him. It was an inside job. His friends did it.

After Caesar died, Antony read his will, and it was all about how Caesar was distributing his wealth to the masses into the form of public parks and other largess. This socialist move inspired the commoners to go after the assassins. Now, one of the issues Trump is taken to task for is he wants to reduce the inheritance tax. He wants his money to go to his children, not the masses. Trump is not Caesar.

Trump is an outsider. Compare him to a Visigoth or a Vandal who sensed the entrenched Roman weakness and capitalized on it. The Establishment better internalize this–Trump’s people are not polite Roman Legions at the gate, pressuring you to make our guy Emperor.  We are the angry and dispossessed citizens of the now defunct Republic, we are “We The People.”  We are trying to bring the Republic back. Before the Left continues to incite to violence, better take a long, cold, hard look in the mirror and see exactly who it is who is trying to topple the process. Who is Caesar here?

Laura Loomer is the prophet in your midst, telling you to “Beware the Ides of March”. She is not warning Trump, she is warning you. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was right, it takes blood in the streets to defend the principles of The Founders. She was dead wrong, however, about who it was who supported The Constitution. She betrayed her high office. It may take the blood of a corrupt Establishment to rid us of the yoke of its dictatorship. We’d rather do it peacefully, but if the Left wants violence, as it obviously does, better take that look in the mirror, and ask that Commie Pinko you see staring at you to change he/she’s ways.

Click on the link for free book

Lyme and Punishment: Lost in the Labyrinth of Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease by [Carr, M.S.]

Lyme and Punishment: Lost in the Labyrinth of Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease centers on the story of a once-healthy man. This middle-aged professional had always been a physically tough, reticent man. An outdoorsman, he loves spending time in the dense fortress of pine and birch behind his family home. He’d grown up exploring these woods; in time, he’d lead his own sons on expeditions and teach them how to bushwhack hiking trails, how to find the strongest vine for swinging, how to stick together when night was coming in. Deer ran in herds through the trees; hawks swooped in on prey. Occasionally, a black bear stumbled down to forage food from the trash cans beside his house. But for this strong, healthy man, the most dangerous creature in the woods turned out to be an insect no bigger than a grain of pepper.

He never noticed the bite of a blacklegged tick. He couldn’t, however, however, ignore the increasingly agonizing repercussions to his body. Dozens of medical specialists ran tests, scanned notes, and suggested the symptoms were “in his head.” None of these doctors ran the right test. Unaware, the man was up against what all misdiagnosed Lyme sufferers face: an out-dated medical protocol (as of this writing nearly set in stone) that treats each one as though he or she were Patient Zero in the Lyme disease epidemic.

This is a book about failure, both the patient’s and the medical establishment’s, raising the questions of whether either deserves compassion or, in the end, to be cured at all. All Lyme victims are random. All must have pondered these questions endlessly. The author certainly did. The present answer is emphatically negative.

This book describes the first hand experiences of one of the early sufferers from this modern day plague. It details the journey through misdiagnosis, and provides some hindsight on how the situation could have been handled better so people with Lyme Disease or who think they have it might identify and act accordingly. It lists some of the pitfalls of misdiagnosis in a very personal way.

The author’s mission, in describing his individual struggle and how he copes with his condition, is to provide a service for other wrongly diagnosed Lyme sufferers and to shed light on the current minimization by the medical establishment’s of the disease’s often wide-ranging symptomatology. Too many Americans will recognize themselves in this short account. Too many others will recognize family members and friends.


Due to some circumstances, I won’t be able to make my annual pilgrimage to my great-grandfather’s and namesakes’ grave this Memorial Day. A superabundance of relatives leaves me bereft of guilt. Somebody will attend my family’s spirits this day. At some point in the future, this may no longer be true, but by then I will be one of the spirits being attended to, most likely.

My grandfather performed an illegal stomach surgery under sniper fire during World War Two, saving the lives of two young men who were bleeding to death internally due to gunshot wounds. I say illegal surgery because doctors weren’t supposed to perform such surgeries in the field. One of the men was a German soldier, a Nazi, I suppose. The Army gave him a Silver Star for it. It was an action you either gave a medal for or a court-martial. They should have given him the Congressional Medal of Honor for it. Here is the story, told through the eyes of one of the assistants. I told an acquaintance about this once, and he went through the usual brainwashed bullshit about the Germans deserving to die. I would not associate with this person, but I forgive his ignorance now. Propaganda is a powerful tool. I don’t feel the need to explain or justify, the actions speak for itself. Doctors used to take an oath.  Now they harvest aborted baby organ parts for pin money. What the hell happened?

I haven’t posted anything in a while, though I have been reading the news somewhat.  Here are some random impressions about events and people.

Ann Coulter-political columnist, writer, and general media personality. She seems to have adopted Ron Paul’s brand on non-interventionism. This is a positive sign. At crunch time, though, when the real damage was being done, she was a straight-up Neocon. Ultimately, being Irish American and descended from coal miners, I can’t get past the fact her father was a Pinkerton detective. I am somewhat sympathetic to her, and genuinely think she is treated infamously by the Hard Leftists. Just not sure she is not playing some deep game. She endorsed Hillary once, though I can’t say I voted for Romney. I was sort of a Ron Paul Bro’ (the smarter and earlier version of the Bernie Bro’.) Mittens treated Ron badly. It came out Ron Paul made a side deal with the GOP in which he wouldn’t run Third Party if they let him in the debates. Not quite honest with his supporters, though he did pave a way for Trump. Ironic really, since Ron Paul was a Never Trumper. Ironic really. I give Dr. Paul a pass because he was supporting his son, he of the odd hair piece who I am actually starting to like, Rand Paul. “A poor thing, but my own”, as they say. Rand may eventually be President, though. I would vote for him, though I do think Trump will be a two termer.

Kim Dot.Com-the immigrant to New Zealand from West Germany seems like someone who sprang from the fevered pitches of my nightmares, or like the German kid from The Simpsons. He says he has some info about the Seth Rich murder. Seth Rich is destined for greatness on The Clinton Death List. Lyndon Johnson went along with whacking JFK in broad daylight while he was sitting by his wife with a Senator in the same car. The Democrats play rough. Seth should have been swept under the rug better, but Hillary made two mistakes-First, she lost the election. Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like failure. It is in the vested interest of the Democrat Party and possible presidential contenders in 2020 to destroy Clinton and her machine, but as surgically as possible. Seth Rich might be the best way to accomplish this. Hillary doesn’t have the juice to kill this investigation anymore, and the nature of political murder is the number of degrees of association must be limited. In other words, not too many buffers between the decider and the shooter.

Hillary’s second mistake was in blaming Russia too enthusiastically for her failure as a candidate. Her lackluster support of Jill Stein’s recount effort indicated her voter fraud was probably massive, and she didn’t want the records examined too in-depthly. Blaming Russia for the dump to Wikileaks made exposing Seth Rich’s role in all this more of a necessity for the GOP. Seth Rich debunks the Russian story.

(About Russian Intervention-aside for the fact the USA has been messing with Russian and Ukrainian elections, I assume the Russians did meddle, based on this: Every other foreign country that mattered meddled. Mexico meddled. Carlos Slim bought New York Times and meddled. The nation of Amazon bought the Washington Post and meddled. The Pope took a tour of the USA and meddled as head of the tiny and heavily fortressed nation called The Vatican City. China meddled with money, at the very least. Israel meddled. EU meddled. I mean, Russia must have done something, just nobody knows what.  Who dumped the emails to Wikileaks? Seth Rich.)

I am really starting to resent the Democrat Party Rulers. I should be a Democrat. My whole family used to be Democrat. We are not real Republicans, though many of us vote that way now. The Republicans are bogged down in similar quagmires. Seth Rich wore strange but patriotic clothing, and wrapped his beer bottles in patriotic bunting, but aside from this, the Internet Party idea of his is actually pretty good. The political disconnect now is people who actually know how to use the Internet and get their news from it, and everyone else. Seth Rich would not be the first murdered Jewish martyr to start a political movement.

Bioelectronics Corporation: Not getting in to the grassy knoll on this thing today, but may as well mention some things. BIEL needs to learn to value the phrase “Underpromise but Overdeliver“.  The supposed key to their success is to get a general pain approval from the FDA, rather than the specialized body parts approval up to now, which I believe consists of the ankle, knee, and eye area. If they get the back pain approval, then the theory is the FDA will grudgingly acknowledge that the Actipatch can be used for pain in general, huzzah, and this will make the Patch a new kind of safe Ibuprofen.

This hinges, I think, on the successful completion of an Oxford University study. God only knows when this will happen, or how long the post analysis will take them (Give the data to me, I will take vacation and get it done in a week, probably better than they could, given previous studies. The Oxford crowd is probably several cuts above the previous studies though, in which they could not make an accurate chart. I made some charts to compensate, and I notice BIEL seems to be using my chart format now. Smart move. This still does not explain to my satisfaction how BIEL got two approvals and no significant traction. They seemed as unprepared for it as their shareholders. Not good.)

BIEL marketing is in general pretty lame. Nobody cares about how it works, just will it help my booboo. They should get a partner or sell out. This isn’t a hobby, get in the game.

For instance, they got an order from TESCO. Genuinely big news, but it must be an insignificant amount. How do I know? BIEL issues a press release when they sign a new distributor in Guatemala (not joking). I think $19.99, the cost of an Actipatch, is several times the average yearly income there. If TESCO bought a million units, the share price would reflect. It does not.

Having said all that, BIEL has behaved with great tenacity against what seemed like insurmountable odds. They should not be in this situation. They have been treated unfairly by the FDA, and have long been under seige by some really vicious predatory vultures, people who short  sub-penny startups into oblivion and then buy the best assets on a firesale. One of them is a moderator on the BIEL IHUB board. He actually snitched to the SEC about them and brags about it, and also is trying to get the FDA to reverse its recent approvals.  I never want to know its home address.





Cover design by Michelle Goodhew.

I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world of their times.

Thomas Jefferson


I think this Thomas Jefferson quote has aged very well, but obviously it does sort of disarm commentary on the matter of the alleged gassing of Syrian People by the embattled leader Assad, and the subsequent retaliation and bombing of a Syrian airport by order of President Trump.

First, this is what I believe happened, mainly because it still helps me to be a Trump supporter: Assad was bombing an Isis town, and in this town was a stockpile of Sarin gas Isis was saving up. Assad may have known about the stockpile and blew it up, with the subsequent  fallout killing some Syrians.

Trump, therefore, bombed Assad for removing the stockpile so irresponsibly. Looked at like this, Trump was sort of justified. Otherwise, Trump appears to have succumbed to the Neocon/Israeli stranglehold on the media. The sheer numbers of cheering mainstream media types, individuals who literally hate Trump, in itself is smoking gun evidence of this. I suppose some sort of controlled opposition will arise.

I will base my judgement on Trump’s future actions. Obama did one inarguably great thing in his eight years–he refused to invade Syria. If Trump did it, as he said, as a “one off”, I will trust the President had some motives unknown to me which justified it. He might have been convinced Israel would “go it alone” after their recent humiliation by Syria shooting down one of their military jets, damaging another, and forcing two others to flee. Israel could win with nukes, of course, but has not fared well recently when the enemy fights back, such as in Lebanon. There could be many factors at play.

Another motive (purely spitballing) is the United States needs to increase its debt limit (again). Taking out Assad is definitely a high priority for the international banksters, so maybe they used America’s debt crisis as leverage to get Trump to bomb.

Possibly, they cover story is true, and Assad actually gassed some people, but he’s been accused (and exonerated) before for this very same charge. The immediacy of the retaliation precluded any real investigation into who actually did gas them.

What disturbs me is Trump is a very intelligent man. In fact, the constant Leftist assertion that Trump is stupid is a good candidate for why they lost the election–they underestimated him. So, I can’t really exonerate Trump on the grounds of ignorance. The West has behaved with great irresponsibility in Syria.


Fortune favors the prepared mind.

In other words, if opportunity knocks, one is better off not passed out on the floor.

This goes out to my readers, a much smaller number than Leonidas’s 300 Spartans.

I called a local pharmacy yesterday based on something “srinsocal” (probably an alias of some sort) posted.

Bath Pharmacy, near Allentown. As the poster stated, they are in fact carrying the Actipatch in stock, over the counter (meaning nonprescription), and are willing to ship. I think the price quoted was about thirty bucks for the heel patch.

This is real, brick and mortar pharmacy, in the USA, carrying an FDA approved device. They are an affiliate, or a franchise, I think, of a huge entity called McKesson (MCK, NYSE), which is 180 years old, has a market cap of 39 billion, and has an amazing stock chart.

If you read my blog, cash in on my weird OCD obsession with this technology and buy before the news hits. What will the news be? Well, BIEL needs help with funding manufacturing, advertising, and USA distribution. Also, research is expensive, and the pipleline development of new products could only benefit from cash backing.

BIEL is no one hit wonder. They have several products which are stand alone hits. This stock should be bought out for five cents a share, minimum, given the current share structure and the fact that the Back Patch has not yet been approved (it will be).

For those new to Penny Land, this might not sound like much, so I will do the math for you:

10, 000 dollars could buy you 100 shares of a hundred dollar stock.If this stock doubles, you now have twenty thousand dollars. Well done.

10,000 dollars could buy you ten million shares of the Bioelectronics Corporation. If this stock doubles, you have 20,000 dollars. So why buy this risky stock? Because if it gets bought for a nickel, you just turned 10,000 dollars into $500, 000.

The way this stock trades, it will pop when the deal is made public. The deal already exists. The product is being sold. You have advance knowledge of this, and it is legal. Somebody saw something on a Bath Pharmacy website on Facebook. The person who saw it is more OCD than I am.

So buy some BIEL stock before market close today.. Sell it on news. Thanks for reading my blog, and when I make you a few bucks, buy my books and review them someplace.

The New York Times published a bit of propaganda today, probably to cash in on Saint Patrick’s Day, titled “Debunking a Myth: The Irish were not Slaves,Too.”  I was hoping for a balanced article about the issue, but the only historians interviewed were based in Ireland, or were African-Americans with an understandable sense of proprietary rights about the whole controversy. There must not exist any historians in the West Indies who could have been consulted. It does seem the people who actually lived in America, especially the West Indies, might have been worth speaking to.

The article raises mainly straw man arguments and defamatory statements about anyone who has an interest in this overlooked bit of history. The implication is anyone who is interested is some sort of White Nationalist. This is slander.

The New York Times has been around for a while, and its relationship to the truth has often been called into question. True, in 2003, The Times criticized itself for its culpability in the Holodomor, which is the massacre by famine of possibly as many as twenty million Ukrainians by Bolshevik Communists under Joseph Stalin (meaning”Joe Steel” as he renamed himself.) A Time’s reporter, the unabashedly Communist Walter Duranty, wrote a series of fawning articles about Joe Stalin’s reign of terror, glossing over the pillaging and resulting starvation of Ukrainian Christian peasantry.

I bring up this bit of journalistic infamy because no institution which carried water for Stalin’s Communist horrors should even exist in journalism except as a discredited tabloid, let alone have the surrealistic chutzpah to call anyone names at all.

I first learned of the Irish Slave Trade when a Irish historical society under the auspices of ex-New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey published a lengthy expose of it. Frankly, I was quite shocked when I read it. I would hardly call McGreevey a white nationalist. Remember, he promoted his gay Israeli lover to the head of New Jersey Homeland Security. From there, my historical journey continued. I do not take my cues from white nationalists, and think their agenda is basically beneath my notice. Nor do I particularly care if the descendants of American/African slaves are offended by the notion that Irish people, including prisoners of war and captured children, might have been forced into slavery as well. I am curious why the Deep State Propaganda appendage called The New York Times feels the need to debunk this history so simplistically. I suppose I have some theories, but I am not particularly interested enough in the Times to delve at present. The political agenda of The New York Times is hardly difficult to discern, and all one has to do is read this article to get the gist of it.

Basically, The Times article stuffs the whole Irish Slave category into “Indentured Servitude” which is what stupid people do. It also states (risibly) that the descendants of the so-called Irish indentured servants faced no discrimination and had equal rights. My defense is this–go to the West Indies and get a phone book. Lots of Irish names in that phone book, most likely. They are Irish, partly. The other part is black. It’s a part of West Indian language, music,  and culture. If a white Irish slave had a baby with an African slave, that partly Irish baby was considered Black, and a slave. This is a major mistake this article makes, not even considering this. Now, Liam Stack, who is listed as the author of this offensive hit piece, might say this could never have happened. Incredibly, even in the American South, white men would have their own sons as slaves when they had sex with their female slaves. So what special magic was there to protect people of Irish and African mixed race in the West Indies? None, and the whole article is basically debunked at this point.

The article is a slander salad of breathless, pouting little attacks, like President Donald Trump reads Infowars, Infowars had a piece on the Irish Slave Trade, some Irish people who have never probably ever been to Antigua except on jet skis say the Irish Slave Trade is debunked. What is your point? Trump is Scottish, and I like Jonestown as a spectator sport, but the real royalty of the alternative media (real as opposed to fake) are people like Claire and Mike Rivero, in my opinion. The New York Times is still party to genocide. They pushed WMDs in Iraq as vigorously as any other corporate shills did, even better. I won’t delve into the 911 cover-up. Maybe in another 80 years The New York Times will debunk itself again? Might not be around long enough for another virtue-signaling mea culpa.

Basically, the article says some white nationalists posted mean things on their message boards, got some facts wrong, and tried to use Irish Slave history to further their agenda. So what? How does that detract from the actual events? Some pictures of victims of the Dresden bombing were misused to supposedly depict victims in Hitler’s concentration camps. Doesn’t mean Hitler’s camps were actually paradise. This type of straw man attack runs wild in Stack’s article.

If I can force you to work, enslave your children, control your daily life, physically punish you and even put you to death, what are you?

This isn’t over by a long shot. I feel duty bound to try to bring some justice and recognition posthumously to the sufferers of the Irish Slave Trade. I actually wrote a short novel about it (linked below). On a positive note, this article is so bad it can’t help but raise a backlash against it, and may help raise awareness.

Apocryphally, it is said that not a single Irish victim of forced enslavement in the West Indies ever lived to return to Ireland to tell about it.Obviously, not being a reporter for The New York Times, I can make no sweeping generalizations about the veracity or nonveracity of this. However, it does seem to indicate that not much is known in Ireland about what became of their citizens exported as slaves in the 17th century. This makes Stack’s reliance on Irish historians only as problematic. People don’t like to be slaves, there is a stigma, but was not Saint Patrick himself a Briton, enslaved by Irish pirates and forced to work as a shepherd in Ireland before escaping home and becoming a priest? Revealing the history of the Irish Slave Trade could raise awareness for all slaves. It could open up avenues of investigation into the financial players who benefited from it. Who financed Cromwell, who owned the rum distilleries, who owned the slave ships? More information might help follow the money. The New York Times would support this if they were not fake news.

Notes: Get ready for liftoff in Bioelectronics land soon (again). I have no insider info, but I have been right. The company finally has time on its side, as it is eating up the clock toward further FDA approvals. This is a big time play, and the science is right. Also, BIEL has a great pipeline, so if a big marketing partnership comes to fruition, it pays for the promotion of other products down the road. It all stems from a central technology.

As promised, here is the link to my vampire novel about the Irish Slave Trade. I try to use similarities between Gaelic and West Indian slave language to underscore the linkage, and try to make it enjoyable for vampire novel fans.