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I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world of their times.

Thomas Jefferson


I think this Thomas Jefferson quote has aged very well, but obviously it does sort of disarm commentary on the matter of the alleged gassing of Syrian People by the embattled leader Assad, and the subsequent retaliation and bombing of a Syrian airport by order of President Trump.

First, this is what I believe happened, mainly because it still helps me to be a Trump supporter: Assad was bombing an Isis town, and in this town was a stockpile of Sarin gas Isis was saving up. Assad may have known about the stockpile and blew it up, with the subsequent  fallout killing some Syrians.

Trump, therefore, bombed Assad for removing the stockpile so irresponsibly. Looked at like this, Trump was sort of justified. Otherwise, Trump appears to have succumbed to the Neocon/Israeli stranglehold on the media. The sheer numbers of cheering mainstream media types, individuals who literally hate Trump, in itself is smoking gun evidence of this. I suppose some sort of controlled opposition will arise.

I will base my judgement on Trump’s future actions. Obama did one inarguably great thing in his eight years–he refused to invade Syria. If Trump did it, as he said, as a “one off”, I will trust the President had some motives unknown to me which justified it. He might have been convinced Israel would “go it alone” after their recent humiliation by Syria shooting down one of their military jets, damaging another, and forcing two others to flee. Israel could win with nukes, of course, but has not fared well recently when the enemy fights back, such as in Lebanon. There could be many factors at play.

Another motive (purely spitballing) is the United States needs to increase its debt limit (again). Taking out Assad is definitely a high priority for the international banksters, so maybe they used America’s debt crisis as leverage to get Trump to bomb.

Possibly, they cover story is true, and Assad actually gassed some people, but he’s been accused (and exonerated) before for this very same charge. The immediacy of the retaliation precluded any real investigation into who actually did gas them.

What disturbs me is Trump is a very intelligent man. In fact, the constant Leftist assertion that Trump is stupid is a good candidate for why they lost the election–they underestimated him. So, I can’t really exonerate Trump on the grounds of ignorance. The West has behaved with great irresponsibility in Syria.


Fortune favors the prepared mind.

In other words, if opportunity knocks, one is better off not passed out on the floor.

This goes out to my readers, a much smaller number than Leonidas’s 300 Spartans.

I called a local pharmacy yesterday based on something “srinsocal” (probably an alias of some sort) posted.

Bath Pharmacy, near Allentown. As the poster stated, they are in fact carrying the Actipatch in stock, over the counter (meaning nonprescription), and are willing to ship. I think the price quoted was about thirty bucks for the heel patch.

This is real, brick and mortar pharmacy, in the USA, carrying an FDA approved device. They are an affiliate, or a franchise, I think, of a huge entity called McKesson (MCK, NYSE), which is 180 years old, has a market cap of 39 billion, and has an amazing stock chart.

If you read my blog, cash in on my weird OCD obsession with this technology and buy before the news hits. What will the news be? Well, BIEL needs help with funding manufacturing, advertising, and USA distribution. Also, research is expensive, and the pipleline development of new products could only benefit from cash backing.

BIEL is no one hit wonder. They have several products which are stand alone hits. This stock should be bought out for five cents a share, minimum, given the current share structure and the fact that the Back Patch has not yet been approved (it will be).

For those new to Penny Land, this might not sound like much, so I will do the math for you:

10, 000 dollars could buy you 100 shares of a hundred dollar stock.If this stock doubles, you now have twenty thousand dollars. Well done.

10,000 dollars could buy you ten million shares of the Bioelectronics Corporation. If this stock doubles, you have 20,000 dollars. So why buy this risky stock? Because if it gets bought for a nickel, you just turned 10,000 dollars into $500, 000.

The way this stock trades, it will pop when the deal is made public. The deal already exists. The product is being sold. You have advance knowledge of this, and it is legal. Somebody saw something on a Bath Pharmacy website on Facebook. The person who saw it is more OCD than I am.

So buy some BIEL stock before market close today.. Sell it on news. Thanks for reading my blog, and when I make you a few bucks, buy my books and review them someplace.

The New York Times published a bit of propaganda today, probably to cash in on Saint Patrick’s Day, titled “Debunking a Myth: The Irish were not Slaves,Too.”  I was hoping for a balanced article about the issue, but the only historians interviewed were based in Ireland, or were African-Americans with an understandable sense of proprietary rights about the whole controversy. There must not exist any historians in the West Indies who could have been consulted. It does seem the people who actually lived in America, especially the West Indies, might have been worth speaking to.

The article raises mainly straw man arguments and defamatory statements about anyone who has an interest in this overlooked bit of history. The implication is anyone who is interested is some sort of White Nationalist. This is slander.

The New York Times has been around for a while, and its relationship to the truth has often been called into question. True, in 2003, The Times criticized itself for its culpability in the Holodomor, which is the massacre by famine of possibly as many as twenty million Ukrainians by Bolshevik Communists under Joseph Stalin (meaning”Joe Steel” as he renamed himself.) A Time’s reporter, the unabashedly Communist Walter Duranty, wrote a series of fawning articles about Joe Stalin’s reign of terror, glossing over the pillaging and resulting starvation of Ukrainian Christian peasantry.

I bring up this bit of journalistic infamy because no institution which carried water for Stalin’s Communist horrors should even exist in journalism except as a discredited tabloid, let alone have the surrealistic chutzpah to call anyone names at all.

I first learned of the Irish Slave Trade when a Irish historical society under the auspices of ex-New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey published a lengthy expose of it. Frankly, I was quite shocked when I read it. I would hardly call McGreevey a white nationalist. Remember, he promoted his gay Israeli lover to the head of New Jersey Homeland Security. From there, my historical journey continued. I do not take my cues from white nationalists, and think their agenda is basically beneath my notice. Nor do I particularly care if the descendants of American/African slaves are offended by the notion that Irish people, including prisoners of war and captured children, might have been forced into slavery as well. I am curious why the Deep State Propaganda appendage called The New York Times feels the need to debunk this history so simplistically. I suppose I have some theories, but I am not particularly interested enough in the Times to delve at present. The political agenda of The New York Times is hardly difficult to discern, and all one has to do is read this article to get the gist of it.

Basically, The Times article stuffs the whole Irish Slave category into “Indentured Servitude” which is what stupid people do. It also states (risibly) that the descendants of the so-called Irish indentured servants faced no discrimination and had equal rights. My defense is this–go to the West Indies and get a phone book. Lots of Irish names in that phone book, most likely. They are Irish, partly. The other part is black. It’s a part of West Indian language, music,  and culture. If a white Irish slave had a baby with an African slave, that partly Irish baby was considered Black, and a slave. This is a major mistake this article makes, not even considering this. Now, Liam Stack, who is listed as the author of this offensive hit piece, might say this could never have happened. Incredibly, even in the American South, white men would have their own sons as slaves when they had sex with their female slaves. So what special magic was there to protect people of Irish and African mixed race in the West Indies? None, and the whole article is basically debunked at this point.

The article is a slander salad of breathless, pouting little attacks, like President Donald Trump reads Infowars, Infowars had a piece on the Irish Slave Trade, some Irish people who have never probably ever been to Antigua except on jet skis say the Irish Slave Trade is debunked. What is your point? Trump is Scottish, and I like Jonestown as a spectator sport, but the real royalty of the alternative media (real as opposed to fake) are people like Claire and Mike Rivero, in my opinion. The New York Times is still party to genocide. They pushed WMDs in Iraq as vigorously as any other corporate shills did, even better. I won’t delve into the 911 cover-up. Maybe in another 80 years The New York Times will debunk itself again? Might not be around long enough for another virtue-signaling mea culpa.

Basically, the article says some white nationalists posted mean things on their message boards, got some facts wrong, and tried to use Irish Slave history to further their agenda. So what? How does that detract from the actual events? Some pictures of victims of the Dresden bombing were misused to supposedly depict victims in Hitler’s concentration camps. Doesn’t mean Hitler’s camps were actually paradise. This type of straw man attack runs wild in Stack’s article.

If I can force you to work, enslave your children, control your daily life, physically punish you and even put you to death, what are you?

This isn’t over by a long shot. I feel duty bound to try to bring some justice and recognition posthumously to the sufferers of the Irish Slave Trade. I actually wrote a short novel about it (linked below). On a positive note, this article is so bad it can’t help but raise a backlash against it, and may help raise awareness.

Apocryphally, it is said that not a single Irish victim of forced enslavement in the West Indies ever lived to return to Ireland to tell about it.Obviously, not being a reporter for The New York Times, I can make no sweeping generalizations about the veracity or nonveracity of this. However, it does seem to indicate that not much is known in Ireland about what became of their citizens exported as slaves in the 17th century. This makes Stack’s reliance on Irish historians only as problematic. People don’t like to be slaves, there is a stigma, but was not Saint Patrick himself a Briton, enslaved by Irish pirates and forced to work as a shepherd in Ireland before escaping home and becoming a priest? Revealing the history of the Irish Slave Trade could raise awareness for all slaves. It could open up avenues of investigation into the financial players who benefited from it. Who financed Cromwell, who owned the rum distilleries, who owned the slave ships? More information might help follow the money. The New York Times would support this if they were not fake news.

Notes: Get ready for liftoff in Bioelectronics land soon (again). I have no insider info, but I have been right. The company finally has time on its side, as it is eating up the clock toward further FDA approvals. This is a big time play, and the science is right. Also, BIEL has a great pipeline, so if a big marketing partnership comes to fruition, it pays for the promotion of other products down the road. It all stems from a central technology.

As promised, here is the link to my vampire novel about the Irish Slave Trade. I try to use similarities between Gaelic and West Indian slave language to underscore the linkage, and try to make it enjoyable for vampire novel fans.





Hello readers, best wishes on my star day, as they say in Dinotopia. Linked below are some books which should be free on February 18th. Enjoy, and as always, nothing wrong with reviewing the books on Amazon. The Zombie book gets more downloads, but my metered verse play is okay, though nobody reads it.

If you follow this blog at all, you may be interested in the Bioelectronics corporation, so I will address this timely topic. I’m not getting into charts and all that at this point–that stuff has merit, and the near term key resistance point in 0.003. 0.0018 was transcended last week, and the stock closed near its 52 week high today, at 0.0024.

Very solid week trading wise, as it appears like accumulation. I’m not even going to conjecture about this. However, on a radio interview last year, Mr. Andrew Whelan of the Bioelectronics Corporation predicted the Actipatch would be in Walgreens by January. This proved optimistic, as the Patch wasn’t approved until the very end of January, and the announcement was not till early February. However, point is Whelan has been working on getting this in stores, and this should be pretty imminent. So, on relatively light volume, the stock closed high right before a three day weekend. I expect news soon, to be blunt.

BIEL (Bioelectronics Corporation’s ticker) has developed a global marketing mechanism. BIEL is global. Now, a Glaxo or a Bayer would not need this structure, as they have spent billions developing their own. However, it has served as this giant marketing campaign to introduce the Actipatch to the world. There is a lot of value added to this buyout. I cite GLAXO specifically because they are a great and visionary company, and are already involved in the field of bioelectronics, though BIEL has bested them.

I admit, when I think of this unique, disruptive technology, I view Whelan as this OLD MAN AND THE SEA character, Santiago. He silenced all critics and caught the biggest fish in the ocean. Now he has to get the prize back to shore. However, now come the sharks and predators, too dumb to catch their own fish but will try to steal his. So say a little prayer for this tiny company who caught a whale. I think Whelan is a smart and experienced guy, and is pretty much holding a royal straight flush.

Allay, the Actipatch for menstrual pain, alone makes this a billion dollar company. I have eight sisters (big family) and can appreciate the magnitude of this idea and market. This will be a tough one to get FDA clearance for, but it will eventually happen. First, though, I am still expecting the Actipatch for Back Pain to get clearance soon. There were three 510Ks, and two got clearance. My question is will the Back Patch need to be refiled citing the two cleared as precedents?

Anyway, just checking in. Trump kicked some Commie ass at his recent press conference. True or not, I will always think Trump accelerated the approval process for BIEL just by scaring all the corrupt at the FDA. Hillary and her bag girl Margaret Hamburg were running it like it was an ATM for themselves. When I say BIEL is disruptive, it means this is like a water powered car engine would be for the oil business. BIEL’s technology may someday mean the end of the drug business, at least for pain management. If I get this, after reading primary research papers on this topic and doing some of my own data analysis, you better believe people a lot smarter and better financed than me realize BIEL’s potential.  They are not as honest as me though, and I believe they tried to bury this stock.

The thing about President Trump is that nobody can probably beat The New World Order, but you have to love the people who try.

I’m expecting great things in the near term for BIEL. In six months, the chart is going to look like a straight line up, though on the day to day it appears to rising slowly and gradually building momentum. I am going to theorize that BIEL is the kind of stock that had a lot of naked shorting going on. There may be a blowout top where they have to cover, and this might be an opportunity to try to flip some of the stock and buy back in (free shares). However, we are not currently there. It’s going up, but the stock is still so undervalued I don’t expect it to ever see these levels again once it shoots past them. We’ll see.


The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy

Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater


“…President Obama was asked during the campaign last year if illegal immigrants had anything to fear from federal authorities if they voted in the presidential race.

“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting,” he was asked on a Latino YouTube channel. “‘So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?’”

Not true, and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself,” Mr. Obama said. “And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, etc. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

Some conservatives interpreted Mr. Obama’s answer as a go-ahead signal, with his questionable assertion that voter rolls are off limits to federal investigators.

The WikiLeaks dump of Clinton campaign manger John Podesta’s emails contained one message on directing immigrants to vote. He said immigrants should obtain driver’s licenses and then attest at a polling place that they are U.S. citizens...”

I linked to The Washington Times above, if you want to read the full article, which you should. It looks like some digging is being done into the voting rolls, contrary to Obama’s promise, and so far even the corporate mainstream is acknowledging 800,000 votes for Hillary (at least) were from people not eligible to vote. It also looks like Podesta and Obama colluded (conspired) to encourage this criminal activity.

The election is over and this scam did not work, so why am I blogging about it? Well, Trump has an opportunity to fix a broken system which could potentially benefit him if he decides to re-run in 2020.

From a “boots on the ground” perspective, Trump should never have won. The Democrat Machine is a juggernaut, and the Neocon/Bush/GOP Establishment hated him too. Let’s face it, Trump won because a lot of disillusioned people came out and voted for him. A lot of these people voted for Obama in previous cycles, so it wasn’t racist. It wasn’t sexist, it’s just Hillary was the wrong woman. She had no vision, and she was a crook. I know little about Tulsi Gabbard, the Congresswoman from Hawaii, but that is the type of woman who will be the first woman President. She has a clear vision, she is thoughtful, she is a combat veteran. I watch this lady on YouTube for five minutes and know she would not dissolve into a raging and drunken ball of tears when dealt with defeat on Presidential election night. Like Hillary did. The first woman President of the USA will not be grossly emotive in crisis, that is to say, a crier, a weak ass bitch. Deal with that. Turn on the waterworks when the nukes start flying and see if that stops them.

Also, the first woman president will be real, not the creation of a publicist. Real accomplishments. Real courage. Not “courageous tweets”, but courageous actions. Gabbard flew to Syria, came back and reiterated what every honest person says–the USA is backing Al Qaeda in Syria, you know, the 911 perpetrators?

Get ready for Gabbard to get devastated by the corporate mainstream news. Every decent Democrat gets cannibalized by the DNC like drug gangs in  a Brazilian prison riot. When you have that malevolent cow, Debbie Wasserman Schulze calling shots, you deserve a torturous demise, happening now.

Want to see foreign governments hacking the American election cycle? Watch what Neocon tools in the media do to Gabbard for going off the Israeli script on Syria. She’s cooked. No good deed goes unpunished. Only Trump is vile enough to withstand, resist, and ultimately defeat these 1000X more vile creeps. Trump has studied the Media thoroughly, and knows how they operate.

You have Chelsea Handler, granddaughter of  a Nazi Brownshirt, hysterically leading an anti-Trump mob in the Capitol Mall last week, and where was the thoughtful American hero Tulsi Gabbard?

Trump short circuited the election fix, and it was resounding enough the Cabal against him only made a pretense of contesting it. It was too easy. Most probably, the reason is there is a lot more than 800,000 illegitimate votes for Hillary. How many millions were rigged? Even the 800,000 vote admission was too easy. There is not enough protest of this number. The Cabal wants to ignore the issue so it goes away. I say Trump should fix the election system and make it honest. It would be to his advantage, and it would be a patriotic thing to do. Otherwise, we will get machine politician after machine politician, all controlled by foreign governments.

If you were in a life and death struggle, who would you want as a leader, Tulsi Gabbard, combat vet and untainted clear thinker, or Chelsea Clinton, trust fund spoiled entitled brat? There are not too many Gabbards, but there are plenty of Chelseas out there.


  • So far so good with Trump, as far as I’m concerned. Rejecting the TPP and Mexico wants out of NAFTA? Bad trade deals was a great Trump point. Both Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders agreed on this central point that NAFTA is a terrible deal.
  • The Stock market is a bubble, though. I’m hoping my Bioelectronics stocks gets approval for their PEMF device before the correction. The markets are controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank, and are precariously vulnerable to interest rate hikes. It is possible the markets will be propped up until right before the mid-term elections for maximum detriment to incumbents.
  • President Trump needs not to drink the Neocon Koolade on Syria. Assad is the Syria’s president. If we want to fix human rights abuses in the Mid-East, lets start with the primary recipient of our charity, Israel, who we should theoretically have the most influence over. How about not shooting Palestinian kids for throwing rocks at tanks?
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I’ve been feeling some empathy for all the Trump haters out there. After all, it must seem surreal for a Clinton lover to bash a President for sexual misconduct. Trump haters, a group which really isn’t as diverse as it first seems, are living in some seriously delusional, straw-grabbing insanity.

In this spirit, I have developed a small primer which might be of some assistance in gauging at what stage of dealing with the Trump victory the Trump hater is currently working on.

The seven emotional stages of dealing with Trump’s victory are usually understood to be :

1.Shock or disbelief-This is best typified by the series of YouTube videos dealing with election night hysterics from Hillary supporters. These are fairly easy to find. I like the one where Rachael Maddow cries on air. That was pretty funny, although there is some pretty stiff competition in this field. I don’t seem to stop being amused by these, though I suppose I will eventually weary of them. Anything is possible.

Image result for rachel maddow crying over trump

2.Denial-This would be best illustrated by Jill Stein’s recount efforts, heavily funded by Hillary supporters throwing good money after bad in a failed attempt to overturn the voting results. Jill Stein made a few bucks, and I believe it fizzled when Hillary actually started losing votes, that is, fraud started being uncovered in the larger cities where she actually won.

Image result for depressed hillary on election night

3. Bargaining-Probably best described by the attempt at getting electors in the electoral college to turn “faithless” and vote for somebody else besides Trump. I think John Kasitch was the fellow they were pushing. Hillary actually lost a few electors in this scheme. A couple defected to Bernie Sanders, one went to Ron Paul (that train has sailed), and somebody voted for an Indian Chief, who I don’t know anything about, but would probably have been the best President of all of these people.

Image result for celebs try to influence electoral college mash

4.Guilt-A sad faced Huma walking into Hillary’s Brooklyn base, crying her well coifed ass off. The corporate media had some self recrimination as well, as in “we were in the tank, but could we have been more in the tank?” Most Clintonians run from guilt, since it smacks of personal responsibility. I think it was established that Weiner should feel guilty, but to his credit, I don’t think he did. Hillary was a bad influence on his wife.

Image result for huma crying over hillary losing

5.Anger-probably the easiest to find examples of. I am literally afraid to talk to anyone I know casually about this election. The Hillary nuts want to tangle about this this so they have someone to focus their hate on. The corporate media is in full blown temper tantrum mode. Russian hackers turned out to be a nonstarter. Julian Assange, the only honest person in the world at this point, says he got the emails from DNC leakers who liked Bernie, and most believe him (I do). American traitor John McCain ( see proof here) gave the FBI a file about Trump golden showers even tabloids wouldn’t run due to lack of any sourcing or proof. The anger out there is palpable.

Image result for angry john mccain

6.Depression–This will kick in after Inauguration Day for Trump Haters. That’s when this gets real. Get ready too, because Trump is not screwing around. He will fight back. 

7.Acceptance/hope-the good news is even the most ardent American Trump haters will benefit once Trump makes America great again. That should cheer them up. Watching them cycle through the stages has cheered me up, and made for some great television.

Image result for happy americans

The entire Iraq war, millions dead and trillions in debt, was motivated by fake news put out by the corporate media. 9-11 was a false flag designed to propel us into fruitless Mideast wars. It was a real event designed by the people who push fake news.

I was studying Physics and Thermodynamics in graduate school at the same time I was working in a machine shop with structural steel everyday.

If you take a massive steel I-Beam and place it in a pool of jet fuel, no matter for how long or how deep, all you will do is clean it. No melting, no bending, no distortion.

You have to have seen Building 7 collapse by now. If not, comment and I will post the video again. That collapsed like a house of cards and was not even hit by a plane that day.

Fake news worked wonders during all this. It had to have been planned for decades, and while the fake corporate media news did not exactly come off without a hitch, it served the purpose long enough to get us mired into the unsolvable problems in the Mid-East.

You see, we were told one true thing back then–our enemies hate us for our freedom. The lie was who exactly our enemy is.

The list of corporate fake news media lies is endless, and the body count is extraordinary.

Recently, “some supposed nut supposedly shot up a pizza parlor motivated by a supposed story about Clinton pedophilia called Pizza Gate”. It;s all in air quotes because it is all probably another false flag to criminalize people who don’t have a RICO Media approved button but still try to deliver news.

Now, Clinton people are on record as saying they are willing to plant fake news stories to discredit non-corporate media, or alternate media. So, there is a real reason to believe the folks at Jonestown (Alex Jones and crew) either pushed a fake story out of a hidden agenda, or got suckered, or option three, are being castigated for pushing a true story, or an essentially true story.

For the record, I never mentioned “Pizza gate” on this blog before today, and none of the people I follow online have really been pushing it. It could be true, but I read the emails in question and it sounds like it could have been a code for drugs at a drug party Podesta and the gang were having as opposed to necessarily being about sexual perversion. I mean, they were not talking about actual pizza in that email, it was code. I’m just not sold on what the code was for.  There are plenty of crimes these people get up to without Pizza gate, but what makes this story plausible is what is happening in England with all these MPs getting caught up in molestation scandals, the Pope coming out against “fake news” when his own organization is notoriously pedophilic, and the documented and established links between Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton, Epstein being a known pervert. Well, both of them really.

What this is is Big Money spent well over a billion dollars bankrolling a losing candidate and got bupkis. In fact, God only knows the real size of the bill. Obama used Air Force One for an awful lot of campaigning, and his posse ain’t cheap, not to mention all the under the table money to get out the vote and for bribe money. They are collectively pissed, and are lashing out in childlike ways. Now, you work for these people (try to imagine). When they ask you what went wrong, what do you do? Apologize, own up to incompetence, and fall on your sword? A Roman might have, but a true Roman would know the whole campaign for Hillary was pretty jinxed from the get go. As Chris Rock said, electing the President’s wife to be President is like electing Robin Givens to be the new Heavy weight boxing champion. In other words, why be noble in an ignoble cause, especially when by definition you are working for Hillary and are probably not particularly honorable as a human being to begin with (I’m just saying)? So, who do you blame?

Well, I would blame the alternate media for Hillary’s loss as well. The Internet has become this incredible tool for education. Why do you think they are trying to regulate it so much? People are not passively staring at Mike Williams delivering the “real news” every night. In fact, people are walking. The Pizza gate shooter is such a painfully contrived piece of nonsense. The next thing, when someone shoots up an abortion clinic, they will try to ban the fake book which inspired them, The Bible.

Hillary and the rest don’t hate fake news. Fake news is their meal ticket. They hate unregulated news. The Internet is this vast archive of every stupid, soulless, and mindless thing Hillary ever said, and the list is vast. When she was coming up, people had no capacity to search and disseminate this information. Now we do, and it bit her on the ass this election. For one, was that taped interview abut her laughing about a twelve year old rape victim fake? The authenticity has never been denied, and her insouciant whine is unmistakably in her own voice. She couldn’t even win her home state of Arkansas.

Yes, the alternate media won the election for Trump. For the record, I track this stuff very carefully, and Pizza gate is mainly a post election event. It came out in that last batch of emails Wikileaks came out with right before the election, and it seemed so quickly cobbled together and over the top I figured it was a distraction from real scandals released in these emails.