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Posting this for the BIEL sharholders who read this blog.

Let me recap–this might get removed so I will also put a link here.

Asian ads are different–a life insurance ad will be 20 minutes long and tell an entire story.  They are like movie shorts.


Anyway, watch this all the way through, and if as a BIEL shareholder you do not stand up and cheer at the end (metaphorically), then apologies, but perhaps you are not as true blue. This ad rocks. Showing how its done, in any language, kudos, kudos, kudos.


So Obama went wild at some dinner, started insulting Trump, publicly humiliating him.

Trump decided to be President then for certain. I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.

So Trump, knowing a lot about media, marketing, and how to get things done in the private sector, hires experts who use advanced statistical software and analysis to formulate what are the top ten core policy positions he needs to win in an increasingly factionalized America.

While Hillary was in the weeds with her buddies about bathrooms for transgenders, Trump was focused on stuff like jobs, national debt, and border security. His rivals saw what he was doing, but were powerless, literally victims of their own rhetoric, boxed in by years of vacuous platitudes on issues these sellouts barely understood.

The only one running besides Trump whose head wasn’t permanently stuck in the clouds was Bernie Sanders, picked by the DNC to provide symbolic opposition to Hillary, and to make sure no one on the Liberal side could run to Hillary’s Left on Israel.

That backfired, as the old codger would have beaten her if she hadn’t rigged it. Bernie probably would have beaten Trump as well, so Hillary, like Gollum, did have a positive role to play in the end.

So in this view, Trump got ahead of a powerful political wave. The wave was coming, but Trump plays a role in directing it.

So, Bernie Sanders could still be President. Unfortunately, his future rests on the prospect of a Trump implosion. Trump turned the national debate onto real topics, big ideas, and we are not going back to “A Place Called Hope” bullshit any time soon. We can’t afford it.

So Hillary is done. Ding, dong, the witch is dead.

However, Bernie is a healthy foe. He makes the debate about larger issues, capitalism versus Communism, and let’s hope Trump can make it work, because Commies make Capitalists look like pikers when it comes to genocide.

Trump seems somewhat reconciled with the universe. I don’t feel like he wants power for its own sake, to fill some void in his life. This is definitely a Commie trait, though. I think it is a war of ideas, and ought to be. However, unfortunately, somebody sent a envelope full of poison to his son and daughter in law yesterday.  Treachery is out there. Trump might have to take a few people out before its over.

Trump wanted to be President. You asked for it, you got it, Toyota.

Don Corleone understood power comes at an awesome price. I’m glad Trump is President, but this is a vicious game he’s in.  I wish him and his family well.  Let’s hope decent, basically moral people have the stones to fight back like they have to.

*As usual,  a BIEL section.

I don’t participate in IHUB. These people tout the stock as it rises and falls, then after the fact boast about all the money they made flipping it. I only flipped enough the last time it ran up to pay for what insurance didn’t cover for an eye surgery I had. No regrets there.

My point is, I am pretty honest shareholder, and have enough shares that if does make even a small move I will make some dough. I do expect a major news in the not too distant future, and it might not be good. The FDA could reject the Back Pain application, and hence, general approval. If this happens, some people on IHUB will know before the the information is generally public. They are good at this, and organized.

The SEC could go against BIEL on a case pending.

Shareholders who hold are taking a chance. Now, an element on IHUB is touting a reverse split. This is a pointless dagger in the heart, since reverse splits don’t work for shareholders unless there is a major reason, such as restructuring to get on NASDAQ. If a reverse split makes no mathematical difference, as the proponents say, then why do it? The real answer to that should frighten serious investors. So the people touting it are just that–touts.

I expect the next big news to be positive, and it could be followed by better news. If the company is so desperate to do a reverse split, which a weak company does to raise more money by being able to start diluting again, then just sell it. A big company will want restructuring, but that will be their issue.

Now, the specter of the reverse split is raised right before a possible run up–they want you to sell, or not buy, as they buy. This is a business, and it sucks, but it is better than the Gulag.




Greetings friends,

Since last we spoke, a sick individual with a name similar to mine shot up a church full of men, women, and adorable children. It has been freaky. This shooting comes at a strange time. I know this sounds like an awfully lame comparison, but my cat died recently after fifteen years.  We got him from the SPCA in Harlem in the way back. Nothing has ever taught me about the life cycle the way this has, not the death of my grandparents, not even the death of my father. I didn’t know them as well as I knew this cat, at least at the time of their death. There are always excuses when people die, guilt. There is even guilt when you lose a beloved pet. This shields us from the awful truth–our time here is brief. We can go any time. Car accident, cancer, spree shooter, nuclear bomb, anything.

I was at work when he died, in my wife’s arms, surrounded by the beings he loved most. His brother walks around at night looking for him. What’s it all about?

For Divin Patrick Kelley, the spree killer who shot up a church in Texas, apparently it wasn’t about God. He was an aggressive atheist, based on what the news tells us. Let me note that some are saying these killers’ names aren’t getting released until there is time to scrub their Social Media profile. If this is true, let me conjecture based on what is the accepted story.

On Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th, the shooting occurred. This might have some larger significance (or not), so it is worth noting. November 5th was the projected date Antifa, the militant supposed anti-Fascist gang, was projecting to begin the Civil War. Grant me that militant atheism is not a Trump Voter thing. Grant me that since one of the few things Kelley  seems to have actually liked on Social media was CNN, he may have been radicalized by the incessant stream of lying filth emanating from that out of control and irresponsible news organization. Kelley may have been an Antifa member. The New York Times even snidely hinted he was a member of a militia, though they were mute as to which one. Antifa is a militia.

Let me digress for a moment. Stupid people should not be allowed to be atheists. Kelley, though coming from circumstances best described as palatial in excess, was a high school graduate who washed out as a baggage handler for the Air Force. Media says he grew up in an 800,000 dollar home, but the aerial views of the place look like a 5 million dollar mansion, at least, replete with a big pool, several sub-structures which possibly contain horses etc. There was something wrong with Kelley to achieve so little with so much substance behind him, at least apparently. Maybe his parents didn’t give a shit? Kelley was heavily medicated from an early age with psychotropic drugs. This is shitty parenting. Pills are the gateway to demons. I am not kidding–give the kid weed or home school. Drugs are bad, pills are poison.

Also, Irish people if they leave the Catholic Church should become Mormons, Muslims, even Scientologists would be better. All these religions discourage drinking, which is a central problem for Irish people, Baptists are far too trusting, of the United States government and the Pharmaceutical industry. They let their kids take these psychotropic drugs, turning them into drug addicts before they graduate high school. Where are all these opioid deaths coming from? The schools market the starter drugs, the cartels paying off the government finish the job.

After Kelley fractured a baby’s skull, a move which got him kicked out of the Air Force, his wife divorced him and got the only valuable household items, including an X-Box and a revolver. First person shooter gamer-these games were designed as military training simulations. Again, the average IQ of people is about 80, being generous.

Speaking of the Air Force, if they had been doing their job, Kelley would have been banned from buying a gun. The system doesn’t work if they don’t bother to fill out the paperwork. If you fracture a kid’s skull, you should do real time in a sane society, but human life is devalued by abortion, and the military is enmeshed in long and brutal wars on behalf of countries which hate us and and want to see Americans enslaved. They take this psychologically unfit pillhead because they are desperate for warm bodies, teach him to be even more violent, and then unleash him with a clean slate on society when they can’t use him. Also, where did Kelley get his atheism fixation? The Air Force promotes secular godlessness.

Christianity is the stupidest religion in the world unless you believe it, which I do. The clock is ticking, and at the end, all that matters is how you treated other people. Life is a process of discovery of this central fact. Even if you don’t believe it, unless you have a better plan for keeping low IQ people from spree shooting or stealing hubcaps, why not promote a religion that encourages people to make the attempt to be good, rather than tearing it down all across the country? I get why smart people might be atheists, but there are way more dummies out there who need the concept of Hell to keep them in line. What bothers me about atheists is so many of them kill others in the name of idealism. Why? If there is no God, we are basically waiting for the inevitable meteorite which will finish us off like the dinosaurs. What’s the point?





Fine people for disrespecting the National Anthem, donate the proceeds to Disabled Veterans. Next.

Solving problems is easy, except when nobody wants the problem solved. I’m pretty objective about this issue. Read my blog about the last SuperBowl here if you don’t believe me. I watched the 2nd half of the SuperBowl last year, along with Lady Gaga’s show, which I actually liked (great catch, Gaga!) I don’t watch football, or any sports. I would but I don’t have cable. I hate TV.

People have moved past Hillary’s humiliating defeat, but what they can’t get over is the Patriots trouncing the Falcons last year. They are sore losers. Sucks to be you. I watched the game on my phone, and I thought it was great.

So, let the players protest. Each gets 25 G deducted out of there paycheck. They won’t miss it. Disabled Veterans deserve every penny. It won’t work though, because people are gearing up for a scrap. I watch Antifa beating up Trump supporters and I’m feeling the call of the wild myself. It’s all staged. Nobody cares. Nobody cares about Fascists, or Anti-Fascists, or anything. Black NFL players don’t live in the ghetto. They don’t care. Nobody cares if they stand, or sit, or smoke pot during the anthem. It just doesn’t really matter.

If you want to make the world a better place, look at yourself and make the change. Hoo.” Michael Jackson put it best. Hoo. A word to live by. Nobody cares. Welcome to apathy. But, because this issue has some steam with people pretending to care, I am using it to push my ideas.

Stop using the NFL to push military recruiting. Stop using tax dollars to support the NFL.

Build that Wall, President Trump. It’s all anybody really cares about. Don’t get distracted.

Here’s an interesting tidbit about one of the funders of Planned Parenthood in Missouri, The Church of Satan:

As an interesting aside, Satanism has a millennial history of association with child sacrifice, which makes the Temple’s financial and moral support of abortion a natural activity for the sect. The Israelites struggled against the worship of Baal, another name for the Phoenician god Moloch, who demanded child sacrifices of his followers and was associated with the devil. The prophet Jeremiah spoke explicitly of the sacrifice of children to Baal, warning his readers that God finds such behavior abhorrent.

Baal was often identified with Satan, especially in the form of “Beezebul” (Lord Baal), the prince of demons, which literally meant the “Lord of the Flies.” Jesus Christ was accused of obtaining powers for his miracles from “Beelzebul,” whom he identified as Satan.”

The Bible is riddled with tales of human sacrifice. King Solomon even built a temple to Baal on a hill overlooking Jerusalem, ostensibly for one of his pagan wives. I often take what I think are numerologically significant days for occultists and try to give a heads-up on them. April 19th and May 1st are obvious ones on which it is hard for Luciferians to resist offering up a holocaust, but there are others.

Accept for a moment that our government, indeed the world government is riddled with occultists. It’s a paradigm shift, so I am going to insert one of my book covers here:


Above is the second book cover I ever made, for DEAD TO RIGHTS, the second of my Zombie World Order Trilogy. Let’s discuss this.

This is the street grid of Washington DC., over which I layered a classic picture of Moloch. I placed the pentagram between Moloch’s ears at the natural  pentagram formed by the intersection of streets in the DC street layout. I added some other effects. One eye of Moloch is blocked out, a nod to Illuminatti symbolism, and the “G” in Rights is strategically placed to show how important the letter G is in the meaning, G being used extensively in Freemasonry.

There used to be a website,, supposedly run by ex-CIA, ex-Masons who converted to Christianity and who wanted to expose the occult, and they took a deep dive into the occult significance of the layout of Washington D.C. I think a knife company bought the domain name. There used to be better stuff on the Internet, though you can still read a lot about this if you look.

My point is–I’m hip, and have been doing what I can to expose this stuff myself for quite some time. Occultists gain power (they believe) if their spell is cast publicly (in plain sight), and only the initiated know the meaning. Well, the street map of Washington D.C. is a giant homage to Baal, and don’t think I didn’t cry when I figured this out back in 1999, because I did.

Also from the article referenced above:

“…The Satanic Temple has often lent its muscle to pro-abortion efforts alongside Planned Parenthood, and in this case has pressured Missouri legislators and worked through the courts to bring about a relaxing of abortion restrictions, according to reports. One of the Temple’s fundamental tenets is that “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone…”

I think a thorough philosophical examination of that statement will be rewarded with the expected insights into the Eugenics Movement. I played this game out several moves ahead, and basically it anticipates the phrase *”nutzlose Fresser,”  or useless eaters.  The Body Politic is a common phrase, so if the will of the majority of the Body Politic dictates the extermination of “useless” eaters”, the less powerful members of the body, the aged, infirm, handicapped, the unborn, or whoever the majority will deems undesirable, the Body Politic has the right to subjugate the will of the lesser members to the will of the majority.

*”Nutzlose Fresser,”  or useless eaters is a phrase supposedly coined by the Nazis, at least as applied to human beings.

Atheists won’t admit the existence of the Human Soul, so the only difference between a human being at 6 weeks after conception as opposed to a 6 year old child or sixty-year old man is stage of development. Therefore, once you accept the notion that the stronger will at a particular timeline is supreme to another person’s will to live, you can fire up the gas chambers with a clear conscience if you are an atheist.

Satanists, however, believe in the existence of the human soul, so what is their excuse? They are trying to impose geometry on nature, dehumanizing all in the process, and also believe they benefit from human sacrifices, or holocausts. The “trash” from an abortion clinic, what doesn’t get sold for parts, winds up in an incinerator ultimately.  Holocaust means sacrifice by fire.

People who support abortion and are religious typically have some ridiculous theological justification for this. Secular Jews typically support abortion rights. They say there is a “Hall of Souls” and you get handed a soul as you exit the womb. People who claim absolute knowledge of the human condition must be treated as ticking time bombs. They are deranged. Advances in science are treating people to all kinds of new ultrasound and prenatal pictures of living, breathing, kicking babies in the womb. Only a mystic of the last resort would see these images and argue otherwise, also how about people born of Cesarean sections? No womb exit means no soul, right?  Shovel that somewhere else.

My Mom always talks about this guy, Dinesh D’Souza, but I always associated him with The National Review and assumed he had some disabling mental or moral handicap.  My Mom donated money to Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, the air conditioned doghouse TV evangelists, and still likes them. Also gave money to Father Bruce Ritter, the priest who set out to help hookers get out of the business but wound up setting up apartments for his gay lovers with the money he collected. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get money off her for the bus in high school.  However, she is right about Dinesh in certain respects. I never endorse anyone wholeheartedly, but the documentary film “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” is definitely worth seeing. He’s there. He’s on Twitter talking about abortion clinics, Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, Occultists. Sometimes you have to stretch the string to get a sweeter note. Locking this guy up for some really stupid campaign donation offense was the dumbest thing the occultists ever did. You take away a person’s belief that they have to conform to society’s precepts, and you just made a true revolutionary. Locking Dinesh up pissed him off, as you might expect.

So today I went for a bike ride, and got home read the Breitbart article above, and wrote this blog about Satanists supporting Planned Parenthood, supporting Dinesh D’Souza’s thesis and also banging a drum for my book. Someone has a case of the Wednesdays.

Buy and read The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy. It’s all there, the whole NWO Agenda. I wrote it out in a Zombie novel because I want people to read the story and walk away knowing the truth. Some a-hole gave me a one star review on Amazon because he/she/it dislikes my sense of humor on Twitter. I had 7 “5 star reviews” in a row, totally legitimate from total strangers. Nobody I know likes me enough to give me a fake 5 star review on Amazon. Then I get “one starred” by some numbnut who admits they didn’t even read the book. I put my little heart and soul into those books, and get one starred by somebody who doesn’t read the book, doesn’t buy it. and calls me a racist. Yet, I called the whole New World Order Agenda in those books. Sad. Reading my books would have improved that mental deficient “reviewer”, more like a graffito-tagger of superior art.



Image result for charlottesville driver

For some reason, I’m thinking about The Warriors, that classic old movie which borrowed the plot of Xerxes’s seminal history, The Anabasis, to depict what could happen when a one large street gang tried to consolidate all NYC gangs into one army.

The story revolves around a gang of young toughs from Coney Island, who travel all the way to the Bronx for a mass gang rally, are then framed for the murder of Cyrus, the leader of the movement, and have to fight their way all the way back to Coney as every gang in New York is hunting them.

Yesterday’s action (#Charlottesville) will have some historical significance, as it looks like the gloves are finally off. There was a hit and run driver who killed at least one and injured several. He wore the uniform of one of the more militant factions there, and posed for pictures there.

Lets give some background, which you can skip if you have followed this at all. We once had what is called The Civil War, where everybody got down with killing each other to the tune of 800,000 soldiers and an unknown number of civilians. It was a total blood bath, decimating a good chunk of the population and leaving behind all the baggage second generation people inherit from such activity.

Its all quite relevant today, as California is actually putting Secession from the Union on the ballot next election, and if they withdrew, several other states might as well. So, the Civil War is still relevant today. California might withdraw so they could keep their large helot population of uneducated menial workers from other countries, particularly Mexico, since Trump is threatening to deport them all.

The South also wanted to keep their slaves, similarly to California. They were more honest about their motives, actually calling them slaves, not undocumented workers, but the cases are identical otherwise.

So the stated reason for the protest which led to mass rioting in Charlottesville this weekend was a protest over the removal of General Robert E. Lee from a park. Lee is inscrutable, but he appeared to mainly believe in States’ Rights, and chose to defend Virginny in the War over the USA (Union). To contemporize this issue, Colorado overrode Federal Mandates and Laws to legalize pot. Will the Feds let them get away with it?

This is a big deal. There is a Federal superstate, which will become ever more monolithic and domineering as the power of advanced statistical analysis and tracking is improved. There are individual States, which the Feds would like to make no more different than the names of their football mascots.

Back to the park. I’m being careful with my categorizations here, so let’s call them the “Pro-Statue People” filed for a permit to protest the statue’s removal in the park. Another group, the Ant-Statue People, showed up to counter-protest. The State, run by Federal shill Terry McAuliffe, completely mishandled the situation, shut down a legal protest, and groups started wandering through the city in chaos, fights breaking out as they went, until finally somebody blew a fuse and plowed their car into a pileup of cars.

I never protest, except for what you’re looking at. If it ever gets really real, yeah, I’ll be down, but I don’t look for trouble. My relatives fought for the Union, my grandfathers fought The Axis, and I can’t be a White Supremacist. For starters, the Anglo-Saxons types historically hate people such as myself. Just because I have such beautiful white skin, there is no reason for me to believe anything has changed. We had an Irish Catholic President who actually tried to change things and make things better for everyday people. They blew his head off after a couple of months. Obama made it 8 years, and that New World Order Tool is still running around being stupid and offensive, after running the country into the ground for two terms. Who is really hated in this country? Here’s Obama’s legacy, pasted below.


The other reason I can’t join the White Power types is I have mixed race children, and they are all I love. Why am I posting this? Because in our sick society, you can’t post an opinion without qualifying.

I am a Pro-Statue person. I think Lee was a great man, and I think The Civil War was stupid. I think Lincoln killed 800,000 Americans, and I find it deeply disturbing that he is considered a great president. The British got rid of slavery without wrecking their country. It could have been done here as well.

There are factions in both the Ant-Statue and Pro-Statue groups who are thugs for hire. George Soros is definitely one of the paymasters. One of the catalysts for the Civil War was also foreign provocateurs trying to escalate the situation for power and profit. We’re there today, still relevant.

So, while I distrust many Pro-Statue people, in principle, I agree with them, so long as our ships sail in the same direction. I have learned not to trust the Media at all, any of it, so I’m not brainwashable much (just don’t look, as they said on The Simpsons when malevolent ads came to life).

My take on what happened yesterday? My worldview is so deeply rooted in study, such hijinks effect me not a whit. Sorry about the dead girl and injured. I hope modern Americans never find out what real conflicts can lead to in sheer damage. Americans unfortunate enough to be alive when that buttmunch Lincoln was President certainly did.

At any rate, time to sell the donuts. Free book today to the first 1000 responders, clink link below. I can’t give the Zombie book away because I violated one of Bezos’s byzantine rules. #HowBezosMadeHisBillions

Quick and the Grateful Undead Kindle Edition

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