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Greetings friends,

Since last we spoke, a sick individual with a name similar to mine shot up a church full of men, women, and adorable children. It has been freaky. This shooting comes at a strange time. I know this sounds like an awfully lame comparison, but my cat died recently after fifteen years.  We got him from the SPCA in Harlem in the way back. Nothing has ever taught me about the life cycle the way this has, not the death of my grandparents, not even the death of my father. I didn’t know them as well as I knew this cat, at least at the time of their death. There are always excuses when people die, guilt. There is even guilt when you lose a beloved pet. This shields us from the awful truth–our time here is brief. We can go any time. Car accident, cancer, spree shooter, nuclear bomb, anything.

I was at work when he died, in my wife’s arms, surrounded by the beings he loved most. His brother walks around at night looking for him. What’s it all about?

For Divin Patrick Kelley, the spree killer who shot up a church in Texas, apparently it wasn’t about God. He was an aggressive atheist, based on what the news tells us. Let me note that some are saying these killers’ names aren’t getting released until there is time to scrub their Social Media profile. If this is true, let me conjecture based on what is the accepted story.

On Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th, the shooting occurred. This might have some larger significance (or not), so it is worth noting. November 5th was the projected date Antifa, the militant supposed anti-Fascist gang, was projecting to begin the Civil War. Grant me that militant atheism is not a Trump Voter thing. Grant me that since one of the few things Kelley  seems to have actually liked on Social media was CNN, he may have been radicalized by the incessant stream of lying filth emanating from that out of control and irresponsible news organization. Kelley may have been an Antifa member. The New York Times even snidely hinted he was a member of a militia, though they were mute as to which one. Antifa is a militia.

Let me digress for a moment. Stupid people should not be allowed to be atheists. Kelley, though coming from circumstances best described as palatial in excess, was a high school graduate who washed out as a baggage handler for the Air Force. Media says he grew up in an 800,000 dollar home, but the aerial views of the place look like a 5 million dollar mansion, at least, replete with a big pool, several sub-structures which possibly contain horses etc. There was something wrong with Kelley to achieve so little with so much substance behind him, at least apparently. Maybe his parents didn’t give a shit? Kelley was heavily medicated from an early age with psychotropic drugs. This is shitty parenting. Pills are the gateway to demons. I am not kidding–give the kid weed or home school. Drugs are bad, pills are poison.

Also, Irish people if they leave the Catholic Church should become Mormons, Muslims, even Scientologists would be better. All these religions discourage drinking, which is a central problem for Irish people, Baptists are far too trusting, of the United States government and the Pharmaceutical industry. They let their kids take these psychotropic drugs, turning them into drug addicts before they graduate high school. Where are all these opioid deaths coming from? The schools market the starter drugs, the cartels paying off the government finish the job.

After Kelley fractured a baby’s skull, a move which got him kicked out of the Air Force, his wife divorced him and got the only valuable household items, including an X-Box and a revolver. First person shooter gamer-these games were designed as military training simulations. Again, the average IQ of people is about 80, being generous.

Speaking of the Air Force, if they had been doing their job, Kelley would have been banned from buying a gun. The system doesn’t work if they don’t bother to fill out the paperwork. If you fracture a kid’s skull, you should do real time in a sane society, but human life is devalued by abortion, and the military is enmeshed in long and brutal wars on behalf of countries which hate us and and want to see Americans enslaved. They take this psychologically unfit pillhead because they are desperate for warm bodies, teach him to be even more violent, and then unleash him with a clean slate on society when they can’t use him. Also, where did Kelley get his atheism fixation? The Air Force promotes secular godlessness.

Christianity is the stupidest religion in the world unless you believe it, which I do. The clock is ticking, and at the end, all that matters is how you treated other people. Life is a process of discovery of this central fact. Even if you don’t believe it, unless you have a better plan for keeping low IQ people from spree shooting or stealing hubcaps, why not promote a religion that encourages people to make the attempt to be good, rather than tearing it down all across the country? I get why smart people might be atheists, but there are way more dummies out there who need the concept of Hell to keep them in line. What bothers me about atheists is so many of them kill others in the name of idealism. Why? If there is no God, we are basically waiting for the inevitable meteorite which will finish us off like the dinosaurs. What’s the point?






Greetings, fellow Earth Creatures.

Much has transpired since the ZWO Blog has attempted to comment on current events, particularly those linked to the attempted creation of the New World Order. I will begin by putting the Media into a philosophical context.

Plato asked us to imagine we lived in a cave, and were forced to attempt interpreting a larger reality by examining shadows dancing above us in light emanating from an unseen external force.

The first major event to address is the absolutely horrific mass shooting which occurred in Las Vegas, as a Country and Western concert was targeted.

The second event is the downfall of one Harvey Weinstein, central figure in the trillion dollar Hollywood movie making industry. He made a practice of sexually abusing wannabee starlets, and even more established ones who wanted better acting roles. Also, employees, waitresses, and pretty much everybody he came into contact with. After his ability to make movie hits diminished, and with the downfall of close co-culprits, the Clinton Family, his media and political protection diminished, and someone, probably his brother Bob, released the Harvey Weinstein scandal to the public.

Both of these topics have been covered ad nauseum in the corporate media as well as social media, though the distinction between the two grows increasingly meaningless.

Making movies is a funny business. Most parts of the machine are fairly interchangeable. Really not much difference between casting. Harvey Weinstein was pretty much integral to lot of projects, so his down fall got a lot of famous people dirty by association, rightfully so. This is a hypocritical bunch of people, and are part of a larger conspiracy to thrust New World Order principles upon Americans using cinema as their platform. They demand exemplary behavior from all, but their personal lives are sewers. They see no conflict in this, realists as they are, because it is part of their job description to attack American Institutions. The movies are fairly vile instruments of social change, yet the people associated with them moonlight as preening moralists.

Nothing illustrates Harvey Weinstein and his camp followers moral and intellectual abnegation more than their collective support of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The woman is simply saturated with sexual scandals. They have become the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker of politics, slumping into self parody as their credibility dwindles. Bill Clinton is actively disassociating himself from her, probably out of consciousness that he, unlike her, has a historical legacy of sorts to protect.

What makes Weinstein truly ghastly is the ritualized abuse of women, and his systemic use of power to cover it up. Being attracted to Kate Beckinsdale is understandable, but trashing everyone who tries to stop you by using political and media cronies is sick, magnified by a forty year reign of abuse.

Is there a link between Harvey Weinstein and the Las Vegas mass murder? Of course. Weinstein said he was taking a leave of absence so he could go after the National Rifle Association, and the Vegas killings are being used as a way to restrict the Second Amendment. One can only conjecture at this point if there was anything substantial to Weinstein’s saying this, or he was simply displacing guilt, or using it as a distraction. Moral preening in the face of overwhelming evidence to a total lack of morals, a Hollywood autograph.

The Vegas shooting itself is bridge too far for the ZWO Blog at present. The facts keep shifting. One comment is there will soon be airport style security at these hotels, reminiscent of the cancer scanners Michael Chertoff’s company made so much money peddling to airports in the wake of 911. This comment has nothing to do with the actual event, it’s just a comment on outcomes. This bonanza could just be a case of letting no crisis go to waste.

My thought on the Vegas Shooting is this, grafted together from several ideas: ISIS said the shooter was a Muslim convert, and they are not known liars, just known loonies and murderers. This leads me to believe the shooter may have converted, or least pretended to. Very suspicious character, this shooter. Real estate and gambling, the supposed sources of his income, are classic methods for laundering money.  Organized crime is always laundering money just by having gophers buy and then turn in chips. Whitewater, a Clinton/Bush real estate scandal, was actually a giant coke money laundering scheme. This was probably a gun deal gone sour?

I may revisit this blog. I am still watching the shadows presented to me, and trying to differentiate the real meaning from the meaning I am intended to derive.

*Thanks to whoever bought my metered verse book. I looked at it this morning, it really is pretty good. I knew it wouldn’t sell.







Lately, I get called a racist a lot, so I chose this blog title so at least I might get called a transphobe as well. I literally have gotten called a racist just because I have white skin, so I don’t let it get to me. It’s not really accurate, although I confess to religious bias. Not all religions are created equally. Although individuals must be judged on an individual basis, if a person aligns themselves with a group they bear some responsibility for the group.

Race, however, is an accident of birth for which the individual bears no responsibility. No decent and sane person thinks otherwise.

As for transphobia, this blog has not that much to do with it. I enjoyed The Crying Game, and think Forrest Whittaker is the greatest living actor. Ghost Dog is the most underrated gangster movie there is. I had transsexual neighbors in Manhattan. I only saw them in the morning when I was going to work and they were coming home. They were Asian, just to flesh that out a bit. They were actually somewhat pretty. In general, Asian people have nicer features. White men look simply awful when dressing as women. Sorry, but they never fool anyone. I just think of The Silence Of The Lambs, “…It rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again, doesn’t she precious?I”

I have known a couple of transsexuals, and in my view they should be treated as potential suicides, which is what statistically they are. I think I know the mental state of a man who wants to cut his wiener off and pity them, but I don’t want this person alone in a bathroom with my daughter. Seriously, that’s what the whole thing boils down to. Men are bad. Most lesbians and all men know this. Baby, we are born this way.  Transsexuals who say they feel sexually threatened in a men’s room are so delusional it is pathetic, unless they are being threatened by gay men.

Try these out:

“I self identify as handicapped, so don’t write me a parking ticket, officer.”

“I self identify as a pregnant women, I get to park in their spot.”

Subtitled, or alternative title for this blog. I chose the one I did because some a-hole on Amazon gave me a one star review and called me a racist without even bothering to read my book. From now on, it’s a straight up culture war here. 

I Wish I Could Write Romance Fiction

I knew a girl in high school that could write romance fiction. I should have gotten her under a contract. She could write these steamy, night-time soap opera style stories with a straight face that were fun to read. She was pretty, and would have looked great on a thumbnail picture inside a book jacket. All she needed was an editor.

Me, I can’t write that garbage. It’s harder than you think. Take “Rabbit Run“, a great book by John Updyke. He tried to make it a series and it was completely ludicrous. I actually read a couple harlequin romances when I was a kid, and it’s basically one plot recycled “ad infinitem”. It’s like a computer generated form letter with designated fields, auto-filling with various types of distressed females, and alpha males who are estranged at first but then have soft core sex.

It’s like football and politics. You have to be smart enough to be good at it, but dumb enough to think it’s important.

What’s up these days? Not much. I am writing two books, and am kicking around the idea of starting a third one, a diet book. I actually have mad biochemical skills and recently lost some weight I gained. My lifestyle changed dramatically when I had children, and excuses aside, I gained some weight which I am still in the process of losing, but I am starting to look and feel much better. I think it would be fun to write a book getting into my methods for diet and exercise, and I could put before and after pictures to show it worked.

On the other two books, one is inspired by “The Crack-Up”  by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a book which is essentially composed of sentence/paragraph long essays and observations. It was like a literary journal.

Finally, in a project near and dear to my heart, I am working on a fourth installment of The Zombie World Order. For years, I have been kicking this around, and have written sections, or long chapters, This patchwork is starting to coalesce as a plot background for the main plot vehicle to drive the story. None of these projects are even close to fruition. I just work on them sometimes when the stars are properly aligned. Plus, the plot of ZWO reveals itself. I have flashes of insight into the whole of it. When I wrote those books, The New World Order was less commonly discussed, but people are catching on to what’s afoot now. You see it everywhere. Since I was a little early to the party, I may as well keep going with it. I want to do the story justice though, and will never add to it unless I think it merits being added.

The people who read and review the Trilogy seem to like it, mainly, though not much interest in it really. The books are supposed to be kind of satirical, to some extent, the “This Is Spinal Tap” of Zombie Literature. I have a strange sense of humor, and not many get it. I am not writing to make snowflakes feel special. I’m just not.



The only reason I don’t sell is because of the people who live on I-Hub bashing the stock. Who does that?

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