Looked forward to watching this. I enjoyed the original with Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, and Kevin Bacon, and like the premise of the films.

The film concept is a group of young med students conspire together to secretly study death and the afterlife by stopping each other’s pulses for various time periods, then resuscitating. After a while they begin to experience disturbing side effects, hallucinations and so forth.

Without really disparaging the efforts of the unknown young actors involved, I have to say this film fell well short of the standard set by the original. It almost seemed to consciously seek to dilute the message of spiritual redemption sent by the first one. These characters are haunted by much more politically correct nightmares than in the first, and in some ways, much more shallow.

One is haunted by guilt over not taking a girl to get an abortion. This definitely had a mixed message. It could have been meaningful, but no Hollywood movie will dare send a Pro-Life message.

*To add to this this a bit, and will do a little post-racial America analysis  on it.

The young white male doctor impregnated a young blond waitress who worked at his father’s country club. When he flatlined, he was visited by crying babies and a malevolent spirit of the woman. The insinuation is that without him transporting her to the abortion clinic, she ran out and got a botched, “back alley” if you will, abortion which killed her.

When the doctor pulls the sheet off the crying baby, there is nothing there–no life, no humanity, a child that never was.

Turns out, however, it was a child never meant to be. He tracks down his former waitress sexual partner and she is taking (gasp) public transportation, back to her apartment in a (double gasp) non-doorman walk up in a (triple gasp) “diverse” part of town, with her (quadruple gasp) blond white male child. Oh the humanity. If only the abortion had occurred, this blond white male child would have been sold for body parts by Planned Parenthood, and the world would have been a better place.

I mean, if the waitress had been Black (or any POC “person Of Color, for the uninitiated), Hollywood would not have as easily consigned the poor kid to death, but a blond white male? This improves the gene pool.

One was a cyberbully in high school.

Another accidentally killed a patient then lied about it, in the best and most plausible section, played by actress Nina Dobrev. Look for her, she will be a big star.

Another was texting while driving, which led to the death of her sister.

All in all, a disappointment. However, like Star Trek, if you like the concept you buy in somewhat even with all but the lamest of Trekie spinoffs. I happen to like Flatliner movies. The cast, cinematography, direction, even the script of the New one just doesn’t really stand up to the original. One area of comparative excellence is the special effects. The MRI color scans of the effects of dying on brain electrical activity was extremely well done, and actually quite interesting. It gets back to the theory about The Sistine Chapel and how Michelangelo purposely depicted God reaching out to a sinner to pull him into the afterlife from what is most likely a depiction of the human brain and pineal gland.

All in all, they took a great idea and made it a Marxist fairy tale in the remake. No stars.



If you want to get something done, you need to enlist people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It is the only mental disorder acceptable in corporate America. It’s where work ethic ends, and fanaticism begins. I have no work ethic, yet I work almost constantly. We trade addiction for addiction, but at least there is the capacity to self dedicate, either to a worthy or unworthy cause.

I purchased the complete set of Burke’s LIVES OF THE SAINTS for a Christmas present. Paid 178 dollars for the 1952 2nd Edition. I was worried I would regret it, but am now considering buying another set to have two.

We don’t know where we come from, as Christians, and a big part of this is the willful ignorance mainline Christians have for the saints and martyrs of the early Catholic Church. The books are in four massive volumes, each book containing three months of the year. So, you look to see who was the Saint for January 12th, and read about them. Inspirational, fascinating historical snapshots, undiluted story of how Europe was Christianized, through the blood of martyrs and saints.

For instance, Saint Arcadius (a.d. 304):

During a time of great Christian persecution in Mauritania, Arcadius fled from the capitol city to the country. One of his relatives was captured and held hostage to force his return. When Arcadius came back, the pagan judge said they would release his kinsmen if Arcadius allowed himself to be sacrificed to their gods. Arcadius refused.

To punish this refusal, the judge ordered the executioners to first make Arcadius desire death without being able to obtain it. So, they chopped off all his fingers, toes, arms, and legs, leaving nothing but a trunk.

Arcadius said “Lord, teach me thy wisdom”, then ” Happy members, you are at last truly belong to God, being all made a sacrifice to Him”.¬† Then, “You who have been present at this bloody tragedy, learn that all torments seem as nothing to one who has an everlasting crown before his eyes. Your gods are not gods; renounce their worship. He alone for whom I suffer and die is the true God. To die for Him is to live.”

The pagans were struck with astonishment at such a miracle of patience, and the Christians gathered together the body parts to place in one tomb.

Kind of clarifies the need to be committed and resolute in our faith. The book inspires with examples, it reminds me of ZEN FLESH, ZEN BONES.

The governor just declared Pennsylvania a state of emergency for the Opioid Crisis. Spiritual solutions are best long term, but when it comes to investing in the Bioelectronics Corporation, ticker BIEL, my conscience is absolutely clear. We are doing a good thing.

The stock wants to go up–waiting on news that this will be in stores soon, and am seeing signs this is afoot, slowly. Buy now, take a 100% gain when the news hits, get out, and thank Saint Arcadius if that is as far as you want to go with it.























Bioelectronics is due for some

Hypothetical newswire:
“…back pain study has been completed and results submitted to the F.D.A. with regards to getting General approval for the Actipatch. Should get a response within 90 days…”

This could be done on Monday, and should be. This is all it would take. Been long since 2009, and the first real money I ever made was in this stock.

Quick update on an important development for Bioelectronics Corporation (BIEL).

ActiPatch, US FDA Cleared for Pain Relief, UK National Health Service Drug Tariff Approved as a Covered Device.

This means in the UK this treatment can be paid for by the government. Before this, people were paying for it out of pocket, and it was still a pretty popular treatment for various types of pain.

Read below the pasted links, but briefly, this is very good for this stock. First, it corroborates that BRAUN, a big German company, is involved with BIEL, because BRAUN pushed this application through. BRAUN is a huge company, possible buyout?

Also, this news dissipates some negative hype about BIEL because the Oxford study (run by Oxford University, for the OCDs among us) did seem to flounder a bit, and this study was supposed to be used to get National Health to pay.

So, this news addresses what corporate types like to call “deliverables”. It delivered on BRAUN, the Oxford study, and the NHS application. This will also smooth the way to acceptance in the United States and in other markets.

Also, psychologically, it sets the tone for a New Year, and takes some of the wind out of the sails of those who bash the stock and technology.

Steve Martin once said the secret to success was to be so good they can’t ignore you. There is a way to market the ActiPatch/SportsPatch, but until this Rosetta Stone is decrypted, techie wins like this will help the product market itself through doctors and health insurance.

*Aside-Semi-pro tip-social media buttons might be useful for the Bioelectronics website. Make this news easy to “share”, and the stock might grow beyond the control of the people now keeping a lid on it.

Otherwise, great job Bioelectronics Corporation!.





To me its pretty simple–if BIEL can’t market and sell its product, they need to sell the company. The shareholders deserve some respect, and the public deserves the opportunity to use this technology.

If the new company can’t or won’t market this either, the situation would essentially be the same as it is now, but at least the attempt would have been made, and the shareholders would have gotten paid.

It’s been almost a year since BIEL got two FDA approvals and I still can’t go to a store and buy a Sportspatch. This is an epic fail.

BIEL, or the Bioelectronic Corporation, nears a tipping point. This small Maryland company deals in high tech pain reduction, FDA approved, great at decreasing reliance on destructive and addictive opioids during pain management crises.

The vehicle is a thirty dollar patch, The Actipatch you tape to your body. You have never seen it or heard about it. It’s a shame.

The company is faced with two options- sell out or proceed.

This is FDA approved tech, meaning it works within approved testing plans. This should be like selling ice water in the desert.

BIEL Ihub is in revolt. I don’t post there, just read it. I don’t trust any of them. If BIEL attains profitability, one set of thugs will immediately call for a reverse split, which is a death sentence for current shareholders.

Andrew Whelan, who I like and trust, has personally told me no reverse split will occur until BIEL has some major transformative event, such as a NASDAQ listing.

The people calling for Whelan’s resignation know he is an honorable man. I imagine some are employees trying to protect their cushy jobs. A reverse split might buy them some time, but a sell out might mean they get cut in the reorganization.

This situation will play out as it will. Whelan has earned a place in History by guiding the company through FDA approval. I have seen some good people robbed by pygmies.

Anyway, I promised a marketing tip for this company which is apparently lacking in this department. Ready? Drum Roll!!:

The Dollar Store/Dollar General Store. It’s a perfect fit. They have a nice shelf full of interesting gadgets, all priced between ten and thirty dollars. High traffic, they pop up like mushrooms. There are thirty Dollar Stores for every Walmart, and you can’t find shit at Walmart.

Might have to lower your margins a bit, but imagine being actually able to go to a store in America and buy an Actipatch. I know, right?