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The play is done. Get a free download here.

I made it free because nobody is probably going to read, let alone buy a play about survivors of the nuclear holocaust which is written in metered verse. there is just no commercial market for it. However, I enjoyed writing it, and it is actually really good.


Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater is a short play about the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Every night, the survivors congregate at the last inn on Earth to listen to the Jester, who tries to console them.
The two lead characters, Katrina and Fidelio, are in love with each other but Katrina feels their situation is too hopeless to allow their relationship to develop so she rejects him.
The world is enshrouded with massive dust and clouds as a result of the war. The days are hot, murky, and grim and the nights are cold and black. Neither the sun nor the stars can be seen anymore.
Katrina saves Fidelio’s life one night when he is attacked by post nuclear crazies, and thus reveals she is in love with him as well.
Tortured people try to rebuild the wasteland, and stay alive in a metered verse play about the rebirth of the human spirit.



Jesse: At least now we all understand each other, right? We’re all on the same page.

Walt: And what page is that?

Jesse: The one that says, if I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead.

Breaking Bad 4.01, “Box Cutter”

My book, THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY, is free on Amazon tomorrow, July 30, 2015.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.....







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…Bend over and give me three quick coughs.


If the sea of cultural decadence 2014 America is immersed in has you down, give this 2003 Japanese Black Belt Theater Classic try. This is a classic film named Azumi. It’s about a couple of crazy, mixed-up MK Ultra assassin kids brainwashed for peace, Ninja-style. Starring Aya Ueto.



I am hoping events change my life so I can write more. I have never been a tourist or a hobbyist, and I need total immersion to write a novel. I’ve been a sell-out many times, but have decided to have integrity in at least one thing, my standards as a writer. I don’t care if I never finish another book, or write another line of one.  Writing for the sake of writing, writing as an exercise, does not interest me. If I am not passionate about the subject matter, I will not bore myself or the world with it.

Reviews of the trilogy have been mixed, but I’m appreciative of all input. As a way of thanking people, I’m posting them here. I’ve sort of gotten away from doing this. Anyway, let’s start with some positive ones.

From Susan-“Best Zombie book I have read for a while. This will make you think oh this could really happen today.With all that is going on in our world. Did not want to stop reading at night. Want more would love to see this made into a movie.”

Sebrina wrote “This book kept me engaged and wondering what was going to happen next. It did not happen in the way I expected which was a sweet surprise.”

These were two five star unsolicited reviews on Amazon. Thanks a bunch, I do appreciate it.

Samira wrote a three star review: “I love the premise of these books but they are hard to read. All the characters whether they are 16 or 60 speak the same so it ends up sounding like a constant lecture. When action hits it is boiled down to a synopsis instead of riding the wave of excitement…it was disappointing because all the ingredients are there for an amazing book but the character and plot development reads more like political commentary.”

Samira, I am sorry you did not enjoy the books.


On 9/01/13 through 9/02/13, The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy will be free.

I finally broke down and enrolled it the Amazon promotional program.

It is the best edited version of the book, and has a great cover.

I had to take it down from Smashwords to qualify it, but since I refuse to take the time to format it for Smashwords at this stage, no loss. Also, there is some kind of length restriction on Smashwords, so some illustrations could not go in.

I didn’t want to put this up for free, because it contains all three books and has cool illustrations, and is worth the price, but also this–I think my books move about rather briskly through a couple dozen bootlegging sites.

While I don’t object to this, since one way to promote a book is just get people to read it, I ask this. Give me a review on Amazon, or like my blog, or something if you read the books licitly or illicitly. It’s a form of payment.

below I am pasting a couple of photos, of a sunrises, and above is the cover of the Complete Trilogy. The Sun rose yesterday at 6:28 am, exactly as foretold. It is enough to make one believe in an orderly universe.

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