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“For four hundred years, Lorelei, a beautiful vampiress, has stalked the descendants of the slave masters and traders who raped her mother and burned her father alive.
Her mother was an Irish witch and her father was an African chief, both horribly murdered for inciting a slave rebellion on a Montserrat sugar plantation.
Now, in the new millennium, she is finally close to completing the curse her Irish slave mother put on the slavers.
Standing in her path is Rick Quick, the tormented victim of a bizarre industrial accident which has given him superspeed and an immunity to vampire bites.
Fear and obsession bring them together, but love begins to bind them, leading them both through changes neither one understands.
Both need to know if love and understanding can conquer revenge, hatred, and demons, and will need to risk their souls to find out.”*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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I’m going for it, Zombie World Order style. This blog is a backlash, a flaming broadside against pig culture, Animal Farm style.

What prompted this is Chelsea “I tried to care about money but I couldn’t” Clinton (See article). This statement from her has been bugging me for  variety of reasons.

First, this woman never earned a dollar in her life the hard way.

She married into a family of international bankers. One of their forebears financed both Lenin and Hitler.

She’s a fraud. On 9-11, when Hillary lied about Chelsea jogging by the Twin Towers when they fell, Chelsea never corrected her.

People who live off the public grift never care about money. They care about Power, because they know Power is how they get things. Nobody cares about money, not really. They care about things. Show me somebody who voluntarily lives without things, and I will show you someone who doesn’t care about money.

I’ve met three people in my life who cared about money. All of them were what Ayn Rand would have called a “first raters”.  They helped generate genuine wealth.

The Clintons are parasites, fat maggots suckling at the lifeblood of America. They are bestial. Of course Chelsea doesn’t care about money. She has everything, and has always had everything.

Are we ever going to get tired of getting lectured by these crass, shallow, self indulgent cretins called the Clintons? Do we really need to go into extra innings with these people? Enough is enough.

Is this all contrived? Are the Clintons just these threats that get rubbed into our faces every couple of years, with the unstated promise they will go away if we vote for someone else?

I will always like Barack, because for 8 years, he kept the one of the worst people in the world from achieving her sociopath’s desire for unmitigated power for power’s sakes. The Clintons might have been successful lawyers if they had not gotten into politics, if the drugs and booze and girls hadn’t stopped them. Without the secret service and state police, their defects would have had few enablers.

But, Hillary failed the bar exam at least once. Bill is flawed, deeply flawed. I doubt they would have made it to the top of the private sector, and they would never have made the money they have made in “Public Service”. No way.

The Clintons owe us, the American Taxpayer, for everything that sets them apart from other hack lawyers. Yet they have the audacity to turn up their snouts at the trough of money they have been rooting into for the past forty years.  Now that they are somewhat sated, they are spurning their pig-slop. Worse than happy pigs, they are ungrateful pigs who think they did us a favor, just by living.




Reviews of the trilogy have been mixed, but I’m appreciative of all input. As a way of thanking people, I’m posting them here. I’ve sort of gotten away from doing this. Anyway, let’s start with some positive ones.

From Susan-“Best Zombie book I have read for a while. This will make you think oh this could really happen today.With all that is going on in our world. Did not want to stop reading at night. Want more would love to see this made into a movie.”

Sebrina wrote “This book kept me engaged and wondering what was going to happen next. It did not happen in the way I expected which was a sweet surprise.”

These were two five star unsolicited reviews on Amazon. Thanks a bunch, I do appreciate it.

Samira wrote a three star review: “I love the premise of these books but they are hard to read. All the characters whether they are 16 or 60 speak the same so it ends up sounding like a constant lecture. When action hits it is boiled down to a synopsis instead of riding the wave of excitement…it was disappointing because all the ingredients are there for an amazing book but the character and plot development reads more like political commentary.”

Samira, I am sorry you did not enjoy the books.


Citizen-Journalist Notes:

I’d spent the last month chasing shadows and ghosts, unfounded rumors concerning the whereabouts of one P.J. The Puppet. Desperate to prove to him the error of his ways, I’d tracked him across one exile enclave after another, all the way from Europe to the Near-East.

I almost had him cornered in a bistro near Catalonia, but P.J. The Puppet proved to be relentlessly restless and impossibly paranoid. When I finally did manage to confront him, in a teashop in Tunisia, he looked at me blandly, as if avoiding me had become too boring to continue. What follows is a transcript of our conversation, from memory, you must remember, because P.J. is a committed audiophobe.

P.J The Puppet (studying me over his steaming cup of tea as I brusquely sat down at his table, uninvited, I might add.) “Small world, smaller than I thought, apparently.”

Me;” Not small enough for you to hide forever, P.J. The Puppet.” (I was feeling slightly crazed due to my chronic jet lag and general annoyance with P.J. The Puppet.)

P.J The Puppet yawns, in an insolently unforced way. “This from somebody who’s been hiding from reality his whole life. Got any more fake footage of the 9-11 terrorists?”

I choose to let this pass. As a citizen-journalist, I have trained myself to never descend to the depraved level of some of the warped specimens I scrutinize. Instead I regarded him steadily, intent on instilling into him my deep loathing for his entire worldview.  He looks at me and grins.

P.J The Puppet “I was once like you, maybe. Maybe not. So certain of the validity of the paradigm I had been forced to swim in. I wish you well on your wisdom quest.”

Me: “Don’t patronize me, Puppet. Chipmunk X. and Mrs Squirrel have been worried sick about you. You don’t even care enough about your friends to consider their feelings.” (I was growing irate at this point. The truth is, the wealthy widow Mrs. Squirrel had personally financed my globetrotting adventure to locate P.J. The Puppet.)

P.J The Puppet: “I’ve been busy. Plus, those two were scheming to have me lobotomized. Check out my new girlfriend. (produces a photo).


Me: (whistling softly): “She is quite a dish. I didn’t know you had it in you, P.J The Puppet.”

P.J The Puppet: “Well, I owe it all to you. Your blog made me famous in puppet circles. ”

Me: (mollified): “Now I understand why you disappeared.” (Reminding myself to be stern). “Still, don’t you feel any remorse over your anti-TSA stance after the recent shooting of a TSA agent at the LAX airport.”

P.J The Puppet: “I suppose I need to address this. First, granting that the Media’s version of the events is true, which is a bit of a stretch to begin with, and granting that TSA agents are human beings and do not deserve to be shot, I still am left with the basic question. Is Freedom free? Would the shooter have shot the TSA agent if the TSA agent was not there?”

Me: “Of course not.”

P.J The Puppet: “So in that sense, the agent brought it upon himself.”

Me: “When a bank teller get shot by robbers, it is the teller’s fault?”

P.J The Puppet: “I don’t accept that comparison, strictly, but yes, unfortunately. The act of participating in Society opens you up to unpleasant encounters even if you are in the service industry. The TSA, however, is not the service industry. They are a paramilitary organization which is invading our airports, bus terminals, and train stations. They are the enemies of American Freedom. They’ll have them at toll booths on the highway if we don’t stop them.”

Me: “So they deserve to be shot?”

P.J The Puppet: “Don’t put words in my mouth. The rank and file of the TSA does not deserve to be shot.”

Me: “The leadership does, however?”

P.J The Puppet: “I’m not shooing anybody. I could say it’s because I’m just a simple puppet, but that’s not true. The truth is, shooting these people won’t solve anything, In fact, it makes it worse. See this thing right now, it generated sympathy for the TSA because nobody likes random, unconstructive violence, It makes people feel sick.  Given time, the TSA will be abolished by conventional means, but not if martyrs are made of them.”

Me: “So you are sorry for the shooting?”

P.J The Puppet; “People get shot every day, and I feel for them, so yeah, in that sense I wish it hadn’t happened. If a meth dealer gets shot, it’s just as tragic. More so, because that meth dealer was doing more to further the cause of American Freedom than the TSA Agent ever would have. The meth dealer is a free market capitalist, catering to a voluntary client base. The TSA agent intrudes upon travelers business and restricts freedom. The freedom to travel unmolested is basic.”

Me (stunned): “I can’t believe you’re serious”.

P.J The Puppet: (nods his head): “As Stomach cancer. Listen, the Drug war started this whole thing at the airports. All of it. It was just a trial balloon for the real cash pig, though. Criminalizing everyone, the whole country, as terrorists or potential terrorists. Monitoring every financial transaction, every phone call, email, all of this was invented for the Drug War and just got extrapolated to the entire Society. The jails are full of so-called Drug criminals. Are there enough prisons to hold all the potential terrorists , particularly if the economy continues to slide?”

Me; “You are absurd”.

P.J The Puppet:  (gets up) “Once we get to insults, I’m out. Ask yourself this, though. If you find yourself getting hustled into a FEMA Camp because NSA records show you read this blog, will you still have as much sympathy for the TSA agent who was shot, may God have mercy on his soul?”

P.J The Puppet exits the interview with his usual lack of decorum. I sit in chagrin. All this way to be insulted, (again), by the world’s most bitter puppet. I stare through the crowds P.J The Puppet had melted into. I hate Tunisia at this time of the year.



The classic BATTLE ROYALE has a deep and abiding place in my heart, so when I was told the basic premise of the THE HUNGER GAMES, I was offended, not by the plot, but by the fact Suzanne Collins claimed to never even have read BATTLE ROYALE. Also, somebody suggested my books had a lot in common with THE HUNGER GAMES, which I interpreted as saying I ripped her off.

What other books did this remind me of? Remember ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS? An unforgettable horror story about a young girl abandoned on an island with her little brother. Her brother gets eaten by feral dogs, and the girl hunts the dogs down with her bow, saving only one puppy.

Literary homage is the highest praise, so while I would find nothing at all shameful in emulating Koushon Takamini or any other writer, I am offended by an unattributed homage. It is dishonest on several important levels. So I hesitated to read THE HUNGER GAMES, and am also extremely busy and don’t like starting books because reading them disrupts my life. For instance, i would love to read that fifteen thousand page thing that is on premium cable now, the one with the swords and the dwarf that likes prostitutes. I’ve read a couple of parts, but darn it, as trivial as it is, I have an existence beyond reading that series, which is as addictive as crack.

THE HUNGER GAMES is an homage alright–of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, at least that is what I remember thinking. Katniss stands between her younger sister, and then later, Rue, and an adulthood she finds understandably repellent. Holden Caulfield was a fairly selfish and representative type of prep school weasel, but at least he was a failure as a prep-schooler, which made him likeable. With Katniss, her love for her little sister is her one true thing. When she imagines quitting and dying during the Hunger Games, she is motivated more by the horror of knowing her sister will watch it than the fear of losing her own life.

Is there an element of BATTLE ROYALE in THE HUNGER GAMES? After seeing the movie, which I saw before I read the book, I definitely thought “yes”. After reading the book, I’m less convinced it’s important. These are definitely two distinct books. Collins hits this compelling note of understated satire I tried to get to with the ZWO Series, so I have to give her kudos for this. She doesn’t rub your nose in it, but I expect her political views would  be fairly informed, at least in the sense she gets the point.

As literature, she evokes an emotional response well crafted writing can evoke. While reading, on at least two occasions, my glasses became a bit fogged up, and I had to remove them and clean them (while thinking manly thoughts of course). Also, I must admit to at least one authentic lip quiver, and I am not a person whose lips quiver easily. Of course, all of this took place in a completely manly context. True, my seasonal allergies may have contributed to a teary-eyed condition, but that could hardly be construed as weakness. I do admit, however, these conditions popped up on two sections of the book, which I would have read continuously if I was not interrupted by life, namely ,the part about Rue’s death, of course, and the part in the beginning about how the baker boy saved her life with a loaf of bread. Maybe I wasn’t ready for it, but Collins set me up and then landed a knockout punch while going deep on the two most critical relationships in the book. By explaining Rue, she explains her younger sister and herself. The book just works after that.

Will I read the second one? Of course. Even if the sequels disappoint, as Steven King recently wrote, I still have to know where she is going with the book, since she seems to have set it up masterfully, if I’m correct about the possible direction. Regardless, Part One is a stand-alone book anyway, and I have nothing but respect for this accomplishment.

karate girl5411COVER


098As stated in the past, when I am bombarded by disparate propaganda about some New World Order focal point, the Zombie World Order ethos is to take arms against a sea of troubles and contribute my two cents on my blog. Few read it, but I just want a historical record of my dissent.

In light of this policy, which is becoming one of long-standing by Time’s default, I will now analyze the Syrian situation, not by commenting on the players or the news stories specifically, but rather seeking to apply Logic to the situation and events, thereby exposing incongruities in the propaganda/counter-propaganda matrix.

First, I must disregard the fact that the American Constitution does not allow intervention in Syria, so this settles everything. While I actually agree with this, for the purposes of this blog, I will pretend this is debatable (it isn’t, as even the most cursory reading of that document will clearly indicate). So, let’s talk about the propaganda for and against intervention.

Here is the basic story: There is a country called Syria which is situated above Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, and to the left of Iran, Iraq, and Jordan. It’s basically right in the middle of things.  The people who want to hit Syria also want to hit Iran, but since the war-sell for Iran is too tough right now, they want to hit Syria, Iran’s ally, to force Iran to counterstrike and start the war that way. One needs to bear in my that in a just world, the instigators of the Iraq war would be in prison or in front of a firing squad, so the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex is treading a bit more lightly than they did in those heady, early post 9-11 days.

So, a civil war was instigated, or rather, probably, intensified by the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex wing of the New World Order. The Saudis are involved, since they want to keep the price of oil high, and Iran and Syria are undercutting the market. The Israelis are involved since Syria and Iran are perceived enemies for them, plus they want to steal the offshore oil and natural gas deposits off the coast of Lebanon and Syria.

Over the course of this Syrian civil war, poison gas was supposedly used. Nobody without a dog in the fight seems absolutely certain who used it. However, Obama has promised that if gas was used in Syria, “we” (American forces for which my tax dollars and continued residency in the USA imply my collective association and support) will invade/bomb, whatever we term it. A bomb is pretty invasive. It’s a long-range bullet, so even if no American soldiers are physically on Syrian soil, we still invaded. Eventually, if we start bombing, we will have to invade in the traditional sense, I think.

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Neither the Saudis or Israel wish to fight, so would rather have the Americans do their dirty work.  So, Israel is using its political power in the USA to sway the vote towards war, mainly through the AIPAC wing of its power structure.  The Saudis are also in the game. They got caught with their pants down recently, as they sent 1200 death row inmates to Syria to fight for the opposition to Assad, who is the rather weak-chinned looking leader of Syria. These assorted murderers, rapists, and drug dealers are also getting a monthly salary. The salary is sensible, otherwise these convicts, many of them foreign nationals, would probably just return to their country of origin.

The Saudis are not so far out with this as it first appeared. Convicts have been used in war before, and there have certainly been cinematic renderings of this idea (See the Hollywood classic”The Dirty Dozen” and its unmemorable sequel).

Anyway, assistance is being provided to the Syrian “rebels” (I join many in putting “Rebels” in quotation marks. I hesitate to call foreign insurgents “rebels”, when it might be more accurate to consider them as early strike forces in an invading army. In fact, this is exactly what they are). The Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex want to intensify the assistance by bombing Assad loyalists, at least I infer this to be the general idea.

The best defense of the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex position is this: Poison gas was used, by who does not matter. The situation is out of control, so we should invade to stabilize the country in the name of “Fill in the blank with whatever family value is nearest and dearest to your focus group”.

This position has some logical merit, though the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex should support whichever side seems likeliest to win. Assad seems stronger right now, or the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex would still be trying to topple him with just the “rebels”.  If the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex seriously wanted to stabilize Syria, the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex would help him drive out the foreign insurgents and end the Civil War, logically.


* I just cut “we” from the above paragraph and pasted “the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex”.  Ain’t no “we” here. I voted for the Constitutionalist Ron Paul. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Anyway, logically, we should support Assad if the Obama/Neocon/War Party/Industrial Military Complex really meant their propaganda. They don’t. The idea that anyone from the before mentioned groups care about Syrian children is risible. However, there has to be some humanitarian justification for the intervention, because there is no other real card to play. Children are dying, you insensitive bastard. Don’t you care?


Though the obvious answer to this would be to ask how the questioner  feels about legalized abortion in the USA, I have already blogged about the terrorist group M.E.K. in my classic post, “Who The Heck Is M.E.K.“? I opposed destabilizing offensive regimes through terrorists long before it was a fashionable cause. If you think M.E.K is not in with the Syrian Rebels, you don’t know Neocon. That’s why the Cons pushed to get M.E.K off the terrorist list, so they could use them to foment insurrection legally in Syria, and, yes, Libya.

Well, the Libyan 9-11 anniversary is next week. One can only wonder what sort of propaganda ploy might occur. 2013 is a big New Word Order Year. Stay strong, and don’t let the devils win.

*Note-See how simple things would be if the people who swore an oath to The Constitution honored it?

*General Note-Saw “The Hunger Games” movie, and thought it was terrific, though I have yet to read the books. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. She has one of those plastic faces where she looks completely different in different scenes. Hollywood will wreck her, probably. Still, though, it was a badass movie that certainly lived up to the hype. I do not believe the author had no exposure to “Battle Royale” as similarly themed Japanese classic, at least based on the movie, but there is an American twist to it I really liked.

*General Note-If you downloaded The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy during the free giveaway, I would be much obliged if you would post a review of it somewhere. Even a negative review, if thoughtfully done, would be appreciated, since it would invite a counterpoint from someone, and just raise the activity level on this thing. Plus, you haven’t made it until somebody tries to assassinate you with a vicious, one star review on Amazon.  So go ahead. Be a leader.Review my book. Nobody has reviewed the much better edited complete trilogy linked above.  The best way to demonstrate leadership is to buy and review my book.

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