Hello Friends,

I recently spoke with the upper management of Bioelectronics Corporation, who as always have been responsive and informative. I rarely call them. Anyway, they are working behind the scenes, be assured of that. Possible partnerships on the horizon, nothing which has not been publicly discussed, but it was good to hear they are still in the game firsthand.

This post is about two items in particular. As the CIA might put it, I have a limited hangout here, nothing earthshattering. However, I want to present some ideas which, if cultivated by a grassroots of #Actipatch supporters, presence on Social Media, in particular Twitter, will be increased significantly.

Two items are pasted below. I will address each in turn. The first, a post on the I-hub Bioelectronic message board about getting more out of Twitter. DewmBoom posts “Tweet for fighting the Opioids Epidemic, Using Actipatch”

DewmBoom, though well-intentioned, should have phrased this thusly:

“Tweet for fighting the #OpioidsEpidemic, Using #Actipatch”

The difference? Hashtags(#) are what demarcate subjects on Twitter. #s are basically the coding signal Twitter uses to categorize “meta” words. I know this from my sub-career as a book promoter. Without the #, you are mainly invisible on Twitter.

https://ritetag.com/best-hashtags-for/backpain I googled twitter pain relief hashatags: Open source, easy access info, and all that is necessary to get a lot more mileage out of Twitter posting is to add two popular hashtags to your post

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.08.15 AM


Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 10.48.47 AM

So, for prospective Twitter users, use #ActiPatch as a central locale on Twitter, but also add another one designed for the topic of the post. Don’t use more than two hashtags, you look like a spammer or a bot.

Case in point. Here is a Tweet from the Bioelectronics Corporation (Actipatch)

It’s a lovely site, a lot going on, but some issues we need to discuss. I will use the post below as an example.


Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 10.47.01 AM.png

This post has no hashtags. It uses the word “Paresthesia”, which is from Ancient Greek and basically means that “pins and needles” sensation you get sometimes. Let me play the near perfect score in the verbal section of the SAT card here. If I had to look that up, others had to as well. Problems is you have to get it done in 300 characters. Even #Paresthesia would have been better. Doctors might follow that hashtag. ¬†Also, this is probably about reducing #MenstrualPain using the #Actipatch. Billion dollar industry and I need to say “probably”?

I found this by putting “pins and needles hashtag on Twitter”into Google search

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.23.24 AM.png


found this by putting “paresthesia hashtag on Twitter” into Google search. They are out there, but we need to start adding hashtag to the best metawords in the post.

I promised there would be nothing earthshattering, didn’t I?

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 11.25.30 AM.png


People love this product, and there is a lot of interest in reducing opioid addiction, helping people relieve pain safely, and being truly socially responsible. Incrementally, with baby steps, we could get this boulder rolling downhill and let it assume a life of its own through social media.

So whats the first step? At least start using #Actipatch. This will help organize people on Twitter. After that, the best hashtags will reveal themselves. I have been tweeting President Trump and even First Lady Melania whenever either tweets about the opioid crisis, which apparently started the day Trump was inaugurated, testing it. Like, retweet, reply #Actipatch. I will follow anyone who uses #Actipatch in a Tweet, and so should everyone else.