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Recently, the failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released a book entitled WHAT HAPPENED, about her 2016 Presidential run. The book has caused some buzz, and it caused me to speculate as to exactly why she did lose.  What are my qualifications to write about this? Actually, if you review my blog over the past few years, my political analysis is as good or better than most of the so-called experts. So why did she lose?

(As an aside, check out this Sinead O’Connor clip. Not a Trump fan, Sinead is sending a videogram to Doctor Phil, who tried to help her. I like Irish people, being of Irish descent myself, but I knew Dr. Phil was getting in over his head with Sinead. She says she tried to kill herself eight times in a year. Probably needs to quit swilling the booze more than anything else. Sorry, I was listening to her rant while writing this.)

Anyway, why did Hillary lose? Here is an interview with Vox she did which gave me some insights. The tipoff was when she was talking about some ideas she had which she had kept a lid on, but implies she might have rolled out if she had won.

One was the program they have in Alaska, where they give people who live there a few bucks from the production of oil and other natural resources. I think we are supposed to say at that point, “O, free money! We should have elected Hillary!” I mean, you can’t go wrong threatening to pass out money for nothing. So why did she keep this idea under her hat? First I heard of it was this VOX interview. So here is why I think Hillary lost.

She was looking ahead to 2020.

Bernie and Trump had the leeway to make promises because they seemed like long shots, but Hillary knew whatever promises she made would haunt her when she ran for re-election. I don’t think Hillary and her campaign are lying–they really had no idea they were going to lose, they were totally overconfident, and figured they did not need or want to handicap themselves with new ideas which voters would hold them to. They outsmarted themselves by trying to make sure she was a two-termer. They completely underestimated Trump, and figured they would coast through without really even campaigning very hard.

One can nitpick with me here. Hillary’s campaign did cancel their scheduled fireworks display on election night, which has been interpreted as a sign of anticipating defeat. I don’t know why they cancelled. Maybe it sent an arrogant message, and they cancelled to get rid of the perception?

Hillary was used to winning elections, so she figured she’d win this one. To digress, it points to poor leadership skills to be so arrogant, but this blog is an attempt at an objective analysis, not Hillary bashing.

Hillary would have gotten a few votes by talking about bringing the Alaska program to the rest of the country, but she never would have done it. She’s a Big Government person–once she gets the money, the way to build power is to be in charge of splitting up the loot to cronies, not giving it back to citizens. Yet she talks about it now because she’s got nothing to lose. She sees now she should have judged how sick people were of failed policies, and promised some bread and circuses, even if she had to backpeddle once elected.

At this point let me point out the obvious–there are those who say the Russians stuffed the ballot box. That is their right if they want to believe this. However, these same people don’t want to really delve and open up the voter rolls, or make it a requirement to show some ID to vote. I would settle for a library card myself–you have to show residency to get one. I think our elections are very vulnerable to fraud, but if the Russians sent in fake voters or something, I don’t think the top Democrats are sincere about finding this out, which makes me doubt the veracity of the Russian story.

To recap, one of the elements of Hillary’s loss was supreme arrogance. They thought Trump was pushover. Indeed, Hillary’s campaign actively supported Trump in the GOP Primary–they wanted to run against him. Bill Clinton even snidely suggested Trump was a DNC plant to sabotage the GOP. I also think the Clinton Camp always had the Billy Bush tape, and figured they could use that to destroy Trump at the best moment. Trump countered that pretty well. Like boxing, elections are about matchups, and it is tough for Hillary to go after an opponent for participating and enabling sexual harassment. It just is. So, Hillary never troubled herself to go out on a limb, because she knew from experience her empty promises would be used against her, and she didn’t need to make any, so she avoided making them beyond the standard meaningless platitudes she specializes in (Sorry, I hate her), point being to have little baggage for 2020.

So, there is my thought. I haven’t read anybody else saying it, so I figured I would blog about it. There were many other factors involved, of course, beyond Hillary already planning her 2020 run. They were like Rocky in Rocky 3, after beating a string of palookas, he lost their eye of the tiger. Meanwhile, Mr. T. (Trump) was training hard and talking smack, calling her out. When Hillary’s Mickey died (Seth Rich, sorry, I told you I hate her)…well, Mickey has no analog here, but I hope you get my point anyway. (Adrienne was Huma, so there’s that).

What else? Hillary should have run as Gore’s VP in 2000. That was her path. Lieberman added nothing to that ticket, and George W. Bush is a President this country could have done without. Odds are she and Gore hated each other, and maybe she figured (correctly) Gore would lose and she would get the nod in 2004 after being Senator  for a couple years. Whatever. At this point, what difference does it make? Yet, Hillary wrote a book, so may as well join in the post election autopsy. Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan, as Mussolini’s son once said.  Hillary seems most interested in blaming other for her loss. I expect if she had won, she would have devoted much time to blaming others for her failures as well. That be how bitches like her operate.



I have mixed feelings about Hillary’s attempt at a recount and overturning Trump’s victory.

The obvious feeling is a deep admiration for Hillary. After calling Trump “appalling” for saying he was not certain he would accept the outcome of the election, Hillary is now engaged in the same behavior she called appalling, namely engineering a recount in select swing states she lost. I admire her because Hillary truly is appalling, so by the recount she is just owning her identity. She has accepted herself without irony. I love it.

I am having trouble letting go of the election, even though my candidate won, and won soundly. It was the ultimate  reality TV, constantly updated and constantly entertaining. Assange, Comey, Huma Weiner, Melania, Barron, The Corporate Media Shill Players, Buchanan and Coulter, The NeoCan’ts–what a cast of players.

Bernie rioters, race baiters and opportunists, Juan Valdez, who patiently and carefully picks each Maxwell House coffee bean at the point of maximum perfection and his gang banging cousins in the barrio.

Even the role players were awesome. Jeb “Low Energy” Bush, straight from central casting. I mean, all he needed was an ascot and he could have solved mysteries with Shaggy and Scooby. Lying Ted Cruz and his porky Goldman Sach’s consort.

It was all a magical bubble. The election kept us safe. The NWO dared not disrupt the USA with a major false flag, or crash the economy, until power was transferred. Now, I wait for the next move.

The obvious tactic at this point would be to bump Trump off before the inauguration. (I would ask any meta data miners to review my ardent and early support for Trump). I merely point out the obvious, one possible path for Hillary to rise phoenix like (very like, such ugly birds) from the ashes of her defeat would be to add The Donald to the Clinton Death List. What else has she got at this point? Bear in mind she is a total rageaholic whose nature it is to blame absolutely everyone but herself for her failure. In the resulting chaos, she might be delusional enough to think she would get power.

Oh Hillary, it could never happen. America is just not that into you.


The aging process is an awful thing, and it is a rather grim inevitability that at some point the reins must be turned over. We all deal with it. Some people have a great deal of difficulty accepting this. How we age is life style dependent, at least in part, so it is not surprising when years of stress, alcohol and drug abuse, and lack of exercise incapacitate some earlier than others. It is the most basic kind of justice.

I have blogged on the topic of Chelsea Clinton in the past. She is the child of luxury and power, married into one of the wealthiest banking families in the world, yet she was somehow never able to care about money. She tried, she says, she just couldn’t do it. She makes six million a year running the Clinton Foundation. It is sad she has so much of something she doesn’t care about it.

In The Godfather III, Michael Corleone makes his daughter the figurehead of his charitable trust. Bill and Hillary did the same with Chelsea. I think it was a cannibalistic move, a case of the sow eating  its own farrow, to paraphrase the James Joyce line. If Hillary loses or drops out, the Clintons are over. We will never see a Chelsea Clinton running. She rolled around with pigs and she got dirty. Don’t worry about her. She will be comfortable.

In a weird way, I will miss the Clintons. They were kind of fun. I think America has outgrown them the way we outgrew certain TV shows.

What brought this on is the incident at the 9-11 Memorial. Hillary wrested center stage for herself by having another seizure then lying about the cause. At least, we can assume she was lying. Her lips were moving. If she was telling the truth, then Hillary hugged some poor kid for a photo-op while she had contagious walking pneumonia. Great parenting on the part of the little girl’s mom and dad.

Two weeks ago, the contrast was drawn. Trump was passing out supplies to flood victims in Louisiana and Hillary was taking a private jet on a twenty mile flight from Marta’s Vineyard to a Rothschild fundraiser in Massachusetts. Ever since, Trump’s number have been rising. I don’t think Bill and Hillary can still peddle the snake oil, and most critically, can’t peddle the 9-11 snake oil.





Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


“…False Exculpatory statements are used for intent and consciousness of guilt...”

Who controls the Media controls the discussion.

I have been watching YouTube riots by Black Lives Matter at Trump rallies for six months. BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by George Soros, longtime bank for the Clintons.

Soros and Hillary have been fomenting social upheaval in many countries, such as Libya, the Ukraine, Syria, and Guatemala, and this is just recent history.

Now Soros and Hillary are promoting social upheaval in the USA.

I have no problem with people who vote blindly for a party. Just pull the Democrat or Republican lever because it serves some self-interest. What bothers me is the people who actually “believe” in Hillary, and admire her. For what? After all her exceedingly well compensated years in “public service”, she can’t list a single accomplishment. Just vote for her if you want to. Don’t defend a criminal, you merely embarrass yourself by displaying your lack of life experience. Hillary is a criminal, and she kind of stinks at it. She gets caught. I don’t want a president who gets caught if they are a criminal. Once the dead bodies of potential witnesses start piling up, we all lose as a nation.

Look at Obama. All his major scandals are Hillary scandals. Let’s say something nice about Obama. After eight years, he has yet to expose himself to a gaggle of Girl Scouts touring the White House. The Clintons called days like that “Wednesdays.” I would still have chosen Obama over Hillary, although I stopped participating after Ron Paul got ripped off. At least we have a little more national dignity than with the completely sexually unhinged Clintons.

Do you know why people “Believe” in Hillary? They want to be friends with their televisions. Their televisions say mean things to them if they don’t “Believe” in her. They don’t watch Trey Gowdy annihilate the head of the FBI. They watch their favorite stars of TV land tell them if they vote Trump, they are monsters. The TV even says so.

Meanwhile, all those FBI email scandal headlines got wiped out by 5 dead cops in Dallas, killed by sniper fire at a Soros/Hillary funded Black Lives Matter event. Consider all the lies told about WAC), OK City, Libya, ISIS, Syria, 911, told by Hillary. Soros is a sociopath, a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis to kill is own people, and he was 14 years old when he did that. Huge Hillary fan. I’m not insinuating anything–I accuse Soros of having those cops killed in Dallas to wipe out the negative headlines about Hillary.

Think about it–Hillary just came out and admitted she is a racist. A racist is exactly the sort who would use Blacks to generate social mayhem to further their political and economic interests. While Soros is the boss of the drug running crew called the Clinton Foundation, she is the current white face of their supremacist street gang.

The New World Order wrecking crew is coming after the USA through the auspices of the Soros and the Hillarycons. Buckle up, because once Trump gets on a debate platform with her, the jig is up. Pray for Trump’s life, because one of the messages sent is the Dallas cops endorsed Trump, and look what happened. I have enough guts to admit it would be nice if one of these crazed lone nuts put Soros in their sights. That is one Nazi collaborator  who has sucked up enough precious oxygen, in my view, and I look forward to applauding that 86 year old sack of excrement’s death.





When complex international events start playing out, I do what all modern day scholars do. I hit Youtube for some answers. Never let it be said ZWO is afraid to take a deep dive into some hard global political research, and it also compliments my work out program (exercise bike). The video posted above, Brexit: The Movie, is a cheeky look at some of the input into Britain’s decision. I added a hyperlink in case these guys don’t want their movie embedded on other sites.

The movie served its purpose, in that I officially (belatedly) endorse BREXIT. The whole E.U. (European Union) things reads like C.S. Lewis’s science fiction. Bottom line–the promise of EU was never delivered on to Britain, so the Brits voted their self interest and walked. Is there any other sane reason to cast a ballot?

On another note, after years of watching Tony Blair and David Cameron insult the decency of the human experience, I was pleasantly surprised there do seem to be thoughtful and articulate statesmen and stateswomen left in the U.K., as revealed by the movie. Good show!

I watched several other videos. One video, by the self styled “Young Turks” provided nothing but Trump insults after using Trump’s name as click-bait in the title. For starters, it is instructive that these people would choose “Young Turks” as their name. The original Young Turks were fake Muslim converts who orchestrated a Holocaust of Turkish Christians. From this, I will leave it to you to determine the mental state and thought process of someone to name their pro-globalist group after them.

Hillary’s spokesman was in one video with Andrea Mitchell, I think, or whoever it is who is a journalist married to Alan Greenspan. I don’t trust Greenspan’s wife in particular, and I try never to compliment such people, but she does have a wide-eyed and innocent way of asking pretty lethal questions which can amuse. This smart aleck (last name Fallon)  was doing the usual smirking liberal Hillary-man thing about Brexit when Mitchell suddenly asks him about Hillary’s hundreds of meeting at the State Department with political donors and special interests (lobbyists).

Fallon started the usual line about how transparent Hillary was, when Mitchell pointed out the transparency was the result of multiple lawsuits and Freedom Of Information Act Requests over a three year period. At this point Fallon looked rattled.

I can’t help wondering if this might be the DNC tip-off that globalism isn’t going to be a winner in November. Now they are going to use their minions to get her out of the race, or at least make Hillary’s defeat look like money scandals, not part of a larger trend.

At any rate, the election grows tedious. I think Hillary is a captive to her political donors. When Russian oligarchs “give” you 150 million dollars for American uranium mines, you had better make sure you are in a position to protect their interests, as I’m sure it was understood Hillary would be. Therefore, her campaign makes sense to me, since she seems to lack any real vision and does not seem to have enough ambition and intelligence to want to be president for the classic reasons. If she hadn’t run, she would have had to start giving money back. Is there any doubt what an old, liberal white Methodist would do? Have you ever seen her brothers? They are all about 400 pounds. They were selling presidential pardons when Bubba finally left office.

Trump gave a speech last week which shows what her next 4 months will be like. All he has to do is keep pounding away at her central financial crimes and he will win. Snide and snarky is so 90’s, and that seems like Hillary’s only response. Like with Brexit, Hillary is talking about how she hopes it doesn’t hurt working families when the markets drop. Never fear, Hillary, after 32 years of you and and your incompetent War Party Republicrat parties, not many working families are in the markets much. Hillary, have you no thought for your rich friends? What are they, chopped liver? How about your buddies at Goldman Sachs, doing “God’s work” while procuring prostitutes for Libyan investors and government officials? You gave no thought to them? Only working families? Seriously? Do you know any?

This Orlando Spree Killing is like manna from heaven from Donald Trump. It’s like destiny has its arm around him this election.

The cover story is a gay, closeted Muslim ISIS member and registered Democrat attacks a homosexual nightclub on Latino Trannie Night. It’s as if it were scripted to add confusion to the presidential campaign.

I was watching Youtube news early Sunday, and the body count was 20 dead, about fifty wounded. A few hours later, it was fifty dead and fifty wounded.

If they can’t do simple math, why bother releasing a death toll too early? I could see 20 dead and fifty wounded turning into fifty dead and 20 wounded because of injuries causing death after a couple of hours, but the wounded count remained the same, just the death toll rose.

What gives? How does a pile of bodies get miscounted from 20 to fifty? This is 150% wrong. Who counted that and then went to the  corporate MSM and relayed that number? How is that possible? How could that have been reported when it was so wrong? This is odd. I thought it odd at the time, but got the odd sense validated by others who caught it.

So what’s up? What is the purpose of the slaughter? What was the thought process? Was it a “lone nut”?

Donald Trump’s rise is due to his greatness, point-blank, and full stop. His greatness with the media, his brilliance as a man. My question is, would we be better off with mediocrity? It’s safer. Napoleon was great, and loved by the French people, but it went to his head.

I think it safe to say Hillary is mediocre. She’ll never aspire to more than padding her pockets and fighting her antiquated feminist battle with some mythical male oppression. Trump however, could be great. So, we have Harry Potter, a potentially great wizard, running against Draco Malfoy, a mediocrity who is controllable. The thing is, you know what Draco is up to so there is limited damage he can do. Draco won’t be great, and neither would Hillary, but Harry Potter might turn out to be the goddamned Antichrist.

Problem is, right now America needs greatness more than it needs maintenance. On a macroeconomic level, America is in some deep trouble. Hillary’s only move is to get us into a war to distract us from this.

Ask yourself the obvious baseline question–who is more of a threat to the New World Order, Trump or Hillary? Trump of course. Of course I am voting for Trump, but I would rather we had a Taft or a Calvin Coolidge running. However, these men presided over a stronger nation, much stronger. There was no IRS, no Federal Reserve, little national debt in 1900 (extremely non-coincidentally). Maybe what we need is to throw the dice a bit. When you are 19 trillion in the hole, socialism won’t work because there isn’t much to socialize.

Back to the point–the Orland Spree Killings. 50 dead. Worst American massacre since Wounded Knee. It’s like the devil wants Trump to win. Either that or Trump is right, and events are affirming and vindicating him. History comes in waves, so maybe that is all it is? Basically, the message sent is keep voting Democrat and they will keep flooding the country with Muslims who rightfully feel at war with the West because the West keeps invading their home countries and screwing them up.

Most Americans are the the happy little future people in the green grass of H.G. Wells’s great book, THE TIME MACHINE. The herd gets culled, but we keep voting for our malevolent shepherds. At least I grew up knowing a lot of WW2 , Nam , and  Korea vets. Americans are like blissful, spoiled children. The Orlando shooter popped a couple of balloons last weekend. Maybe something good will come from this tragedy.





The Trilogy is still free as of this moment.


If Bernie Sanders wins California, I don’t expect Hillary to get nominated. It’s unbelievable she even made this a race. In the beginning, she had some press conferences and said a bunch of idiotic things, and now she’s gone dark for six months. Meanwhile, Trump gives a full-on-no-holds-barred press conference every five minutes and has yet to say anything truly horrific, in my view. So who is more capable of communication?

Hillary is saying Donald’s should not have the nuclear football. This was deceptive on her part, and this is provable. Contrary to popular belief, the President of the United States cannot wake up, grab the football, and nuke anybody he feels like nuking. There are safeguards. I believe they were put in because Hillary’s husband was deemed unreliable to have military control like that when he was the president and Hillary was his wife. That is all she was.  If she was co-president, why has she never answered for WACO? How about Libya?

Also, let’s talk about the myth that only “uneducated whites” support Trump. I know lots of white doctors and lawyers who all support Trump. I admit, if white people go and just a get a college degree and in the process get supersaturated with white guilt and political correctness, then yes, these mainly unthinking Liberal Arts majors in groupthink conformity will support whatever the corporate media says. They don’t know enough to challenge the prevailing paradigm and have been trained not to admit ignorance. White people with advanced degrees support Trump if they support the USA, but anyway, working class white people have a much better intuitive understanding of economics than Liberals born with silver spoons in their mouths. Bluntly, if you are entitled and feel somebody owes you a living, you are a likely Hillary voter.

Even technical majors with only college degrees might “believe” in the Global Warming religion. They have been trained to learn science as fact, and not to question the interpretation of statistics independently. Science is a method, not a fact. You apply the scientific method to facts. There are facts about the environment. However, if these facts are distorted by people who prey on the ignorance of others and all these facts result in is an epic money grab to fuel Marxist principles, isn’t this something a scientist should question? What if the Earth’s temperature cycle is fueled by sunspot activity? Do you seriously think the Sun’s cycles are something we could or should attempt to control somehow?

So, Trump’s questioning the Global warming Cult is not a valid reason not to vote for him.

Personally, it would be best for Hillary to win the Democrat nomination. She can’t win the overall election, and Bernie is building momentum. If this whole thing could be redone, Bernie would have won from the beginning. The press’s protection of her on Hillary’s email espionage ring will backfire. I am starting to think the FBI is genuinely pissed, and even if Obama blocks the prosecution, the FBI will leak this case out to screw up Hillary’s candidacy.  This would come from the top levels ( would have to) and probably involves several intelligence agencies aside from the FBI. Hillary was endangering lives and security by using a Yahoo account to send secrets, and in my view she did it intentionally for payment. So, for her to call Trump dangerous to national security is disingenuous.

Read below to see who pushed and lied us into Libya. This madwoman is a Democrat Neocon. Why do you think Bill Kristol hates Trump and is trying to elect Hillary?  Who is dangerous? Libya is a disaster, and that was Hillary’s pet project. She’s a total asshole.


“So three or four of  Obama’s advisers, all women, wanted war against Libya.

We’d like to think that women in power would somehow be less pro-war, but in the Obama administration at least it appears that the bellicosity is worst among Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. All three are liberal interventionists, and all three seem to believe that when the United States exercises military force it has some profound, moral, life-saving character to it. Far from it. Unless President Obama’s better instincts manage to reign in his warrior women—and happily, there’s a chance of that—the United States could find itself engaged in open war in Libya, and soon. The troika pushed Obama into accepting the demands of neoconservatives, such as Joe Lieberman, John McCain and The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol, along with various other liberal interventionists outside the administration, such as John Kerry. The rode roughshod over the realists in the administration.

The press is full of reports about how Clinton, Rice and Power pushed Obama to war. The New York Times, citing insiders, reports that Obama shifted to intervention in Libya only under pressure from the trio: “The change became possible, though, only after Mrs. Clinton joined Samantha Power, a senior aide at the National Security Council, and Susan Rice, Mr. Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, who had been pressing the case for military action, according to senior administration officials speaking only on condition of anonymity…”

excerpted for The Nation, 2011