Several years ago I set up a Twitter account for the purposes of promoting my books and this blog. At that time, Twitter was kind of lame, and my quote about it was “Twitter is God’s way of telling you you have too much time on your hands.”

Twitter has changed much, now with videos and more features. I downloaded the app onto my phone a few weeks ago and now I am officially addicted. Just when I think I am out, my phone alarm rings and I have to see who liked my tweet, or made a nasty remark, or who followed me. The secret is to follow everybody who says something funny, or does something interesting. Then it’s fun.

I followed someone new today on Twitter, a Laura Loomer, who rushed the stage to disrupt an adaptation of Julius Caesar in Central Park, in which President Donald Trump replaces Caesar and gets stabbed and so forth. I haven’t seen it, but killing Trump on stage is the obvious money shot. This is the only part anyone seems to talk about or object to.

Anyway, Laura Loomer got arrested. Her gripe is that with the recent spate of Leftist violence and political assassination, this type of inflammatory play should at least get disrupted, or protested. Whether she is correct or not does not interest me much. Central Park is a public park. If it were a private forum you bought tickets for, then yes, I could see how she was depriving people of their right to purchased goods and services. I suppose what she did was rude. Rudeness is wrong, no?

Shakespeare was an amazing writer, long dead and out of copyright. Talentless hacks glom on to his work and pawn it off as their own by time shifting Donald Trump into the role of Caesar. They are “clickbaiting” their audience, how indescribably rude of them. The plot of Caesar is not something to pound a Trump hit piece onto as a template. Who was Julius Caesar? A lifelong politician who conquered and raided other nations and brought the loot home, along with cultural artifacts, such as the Julian Calendar. He was a priest in some Roman secretive cults. He was an insider, born into political power, who became a very successful and ruthless general. He got greedy and the entrenched powers conspired to subvert those loyal to him into a conspiracy to murder him. It was an inside job. His friends did it.

After Caesar died, Antony read his will, and it was all about how Caesar was distributing his wealth to the masses into the form of public parks and other largess. This socialist move inspired the commoners to go after the assassins. Now, one of the issues Trump is taken to task for is he wants to reduce the inheritance tax. He wants his money to go to his children, not the masses. Trump is not Caesar.

Trump is an outsider. Compare him to a Visigoth or a Vandal who sensed the entrenched Roman weakness and capitalized on it. The Establishment better internalize this–Trump’s people are not polite Roman Legions at the gate, pressuring you to make our guy Emperor.  We are the angry and dispossessed citizens of the now defunct Republic, we are “We The People.”  We are trying to bring the Republic back. Before the Left continues to incite to violence, better take a long, cold, hard look in the mirror and see exactly who it is who is trying to topple the process. Who is Caesar here?

Laura Loomer is the prophet in your midst, telling you to “Beware the Ides of March”. She is not warning Trump, she is warning you. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was right, it takes blood in the streets to defend the principles of The Founders. She was dead wrong, however, about who it was who supported The Constitution. She betrayed her high office. It may take the blood of a corrupt Establishment to rid us of the yoke of its dictatorship. We’d rather do it peacefully, but if the Left wants violence, as it obviously does, better take that look in the mirror, and ask that Commie Pinko you see staring at you to change he/she’s ways.