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I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world of their times.

Thomas Jefferson


I think this Thomas Jefferson quote has aged very well, but obviously it does sort of disarm commentary on the matter of the alleged gassing of Syrian People by the embattled leader Assad, and the subsequent retaliation and bombing of a Syrian airport by order of President Trump.

First, this is what I believe happened, mainly because it still helps me to be a Trump supporter: Assad was bombing an Isis town, and in this town was a stockpile of Sarin gas Isis was saving up. Assad may have known about the stockpile and blew it up, with the subsequent  fallout killing some Syrians.

Trump, therefore, bombed Assad for removing the stockpile so irresponsibly. Looked at like this, Trump was sort of justified. Otherwise, Trump appears to have succumbed to the Neocon/Israeli stranglehold on the media. The sheer numbers of cheering mainstream media types, individuals who literally hate Trump, in itself is smoking gun evidence of this. I suppose some sort of controlled opposition will arise.

I will base my judgement on Trump’s future actions. Obama did one inarguably great thing in his eight years–he refused to invade Syria. If Trump did it, as he said, as a “one off”, I will trust the President had some motives unknown to me which justified it. He might have been convinced Israel would “go it alone” after their recent humiliation by Syria shooting down one of their military jets, damaging another, and forcing two others to flee. Israel could win with nukes, of course, but has not fared well recently when the enemy fights back, such as in Lebanon. There could be many factors at play.

Another motive (purely spitballing) is the United States needs to increase its debt limit (again). Taking out Assad is definitely a high priority for the international banksters, so maybe they used America’s debt crisis as leverage to get Trump to bomb.

Possibly, they cover story is true, and Assad actually gassed some people, but he’s been accused (and exonerated) before for this very same charge. The immediacy of the retaliation precluded any real investigation into who actually did gas them.

What disturbs me is Trump is a very intelligent man. In fact, the constant Leftist assertion that Trump is stupid is a good candidate for why they lost the election–they underestimated him. So, I can’t really exonerate Trump on the grounds of ignorance. The West has behaved with great irresponsibility in Syria.



Last year, I wrote a poem that was put into a sort of free poetry anthology put together by the famous (infamous) personage, Rhonny The Reaper. She is actually Rhonda Kachur, and seemed very nice. I do not think I alluded to this before, but in light of another Valentine’s Day being upon us, I decided to put this up in case any one might be amused by it. I also made some small edits that have bothered me since I sent this to her.

I read the anthology, and I liked it, so here’s the link.

It was called Rhonny Reaper’s Poetry From The Grave (Link)

My Zombie Valentine – P.J. Kelley

“Oh Sweet Zombie O’Mine

Your fearsome visage makes me pine,

For days when Love’s sweet embrace

Was something from which I would not race.

Your meat-sweet breath on my lapel

With teeth to damn me straight to Hell.

What lofty overtures we played

Before your snarls to me were weighed

Against the cost of lover’s sorrows

That ruin’t my Zombie lover’s morals.

From what once you did shirk my love

(Who were as gentle as the dove)

You now do seek a human meat

As a living, writhing treat.

My love has aged me a’fore my time

My lovely, raging Valentine.

And so to you I look askance

From your surly countenance

I cannot venture from my course.

By this shotgun, we are divorced.

zwo new cover