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Recently, the most heroic woman in the history of the world, Michelle Fields, was brutalized by the evil Nazi Corey Lewandowski. After much thought, I composed a meme to immortalize the depths of her suffering. Though my small tribute pales in comparison to the magnitude of her victimization, I still must try to do justice, somehow, in my own meager way, and only wish my meming skills were more refined.

My meme may be too subtle for some, so let me explain. When Corey Lewandowski grabbed Michelle Fields’s upper arm, he may just as well have stuffed her into a gas chamber, hence the Anne Frank and Auschwitz references. True, Corey is Jewish, but since this doesn’t really work for my meme, I will ignore this fact.

Now, I know it appears from the video that Corey never made contact with her lower arm, and that Michelle and her little crew are lying their asses off. Have you ever considered we have the power to make our own reality? If we believe it in our mind, is it not true? As I said to my wife, who used to throw apples over the concentration camp wall to me (my memoir coming out next month), if you think about it, what is truth in a universe where electrons scream about in high speed quantum orbitals and the barrier between matter and energy is not easily definable?

Michelle Fields seems like a fairly good representation of her caste–a trust funded entitlement case who got bored and decided to try her hand at political assassination. Let’s hope the next delusional yenta who goes after Trump doesn’t have a knife or gun in her hand. The man has been physically attacked at least once in the last few weeks, and has been getting death threats for months. Frankly, I wish the Secret Service really had given Fields a beatdown for grabbing Trump. In new age media terms, Michelle Fields raped Donald Trump with her hands.

Of all staged events in this campaign, this one is really pissing me off the most. When the second video came to light which showed the whole thing from a fresh angle that absolutely nothing happened, Michelle Fields panicked and doubled down on her lie. Meghan Kelly stopped bringing her on her show (Kelly is a shameless cow). Nobody is apologizing to Trump and Lewandowski though.

So the story fades out as the Corporate Media looks away in embarrassment now that the scam is revealed. However, it is out there that the fake story happened because it was covered so much and so appallingly unfairly.

What I will remember is Trump stood by a loyal soldier, not out of blind loyalty but because Corey Lewandowski was doing his job, was doing it well, and deserved support. Also, Fields is disgusting.



Lately I have been contemplating memes. I’m convinced I’ve started  couple and not gotten credit for them, though there is nothing as humbling as Google when you think you have an original idea.

Still, a viral meme might help my blog. After all, “those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves“.  I kind of got a kick out of the lady in this video.

The other videos I have been watching are of the protesters at the Trump speech in Chicago. A lot of this is BLM, or “Black Lives Matter”, a George Soros funded group. We are well into “The Turner Diaries” when Soros unleashes these American Brownshirts to disrupt Trump’s speech.The crazy thing is they are screaming Trump is a Fascist while they do it.


I respected “Black Lives Matter” when they had focus. I took it to be a racial group designed to protect American Blacks. However, they now are including all non-white people under their umbrella. This betrays their original intent and also doesn’t make any sense. Try calling  a Mexican or Asian black. For that matter, try calling somebody from India black. They won’t like it. Lots of them are racist against American blacks and don’t want to be lumped in. Soros is trying to widen the net for this election season.

Anyway, I took a stab at “meme making” by photoshopping a Klan Rally with the slogan “White Lives Matter”.  I figure some won’t get the intended irony, but  more importantly, I think I’m still at the tip of the iceberg for Memeing, or the act of making memes. Did I make that up? Let me check Google. No, not even close. Google really does humble one.

For starters, my graphics were kind of weak, and I sized it wrong. It had some shock value. I’ll be back. I have not yet begun to meme.

Anyway, some of the interaction between pro and anti Trumpers in the street outside the Trump speech in Chicago was refreshing and vital, true street theater and performance art. Jonestown was well represented and trying to foment violence, and the anti Trumpers were either BLM or the most reprehensible kind of smirking white liberals. They can have all the white guilt they want, I was picking beans for 0.75 cents a basket when I was six years old. Still, the whole thing was pretty entertaining.

I love this election, and I was sure I was going to hate it. Bernie is priceless. The whole Democrat Primary was so rigged for Clinton’s wife that Bernie was supposed to be symbolic opposition. Yet, she is such a weak candidate Bernie is actually dragging this out. Of course, it’s all a facade, Kabuki theater, as the super delegates were in the tank for Hillary before this ever even started.

What is truly wonderful, though, is the absolute rape of Justice by Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. This is an oligathuggery, or rule by a few thugs. Google says I just made that up. If Hillary does actually get in, everyone will know she is a criminal. How marvelous. She enters office with more baggage than Nixon had on his way out.

Her hacked emails probably got Ambassador Stevens killed in the most brutal manner. No way to prove they didn’t.  There is no silver lining in this looting liar.

I think my books are free on the Ides of March. I figured I’d give myself a plug. After all, those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves.






The Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Email Controversy



This is an incredible treatment of this topic everyone in America should watch. Want to be the best informed person you know on this topic? Watch this. Total kudos to Stefan Molyneux



Here is a tape I got at this website of a young lawyer Hillary boasting and laughing about plea bargaining a guy who raped a twelve year old girl off with two months in jail, time served already while waiting for trial.

Hillary knew the guy was guilty. The girl’s family, according to her, was from the “wrong side of the tracks”.

The rapist’s family owned some property, according to Hillary.

The rapist wanted a woman lawyer, and the interviewer asks why Hillary either ducks or misunderstands the question, and says she owes some powerful friend of the rapist’s family a favor The correct answer would have been that the rapist of the 12-year-old girl wanted a woman lawyer because it was a jury trial, and people would have been less skeptical. Older women, you see, are supposed to feel some empathy for 12-year-old rape victims.
Not Hillary. She laughs about it. She uses this case as an example of how smart she was She couldn’t resist spiking the football. What a horrible character trait in a wannabee President.
The original evidence included the rapist’s underwear, which had the victim’s blood on it The portion with blood was sent to a lab, and found to be the blood of the 12-year-old girl who was raped by Hillary’s client. Since this was a destructive test, either there wasn’t enough left for the defense to test or the remainder of the sample got discarded by the lab.

Hillary got some famous scientist to examine the underwear, badmouthing Brooklyn along the way. This guy said there wasn’t enough left to positively identify, and then Hillary name dropped the guy to the court and intimidated them into a plea bargain.

So, Hillary’s loyalty was to monied people who she owed a favor to, not to low-income people or any feminist ideals she claims to have.

This is the tape Trump was talking about when Hillary accused him of being sexist. That’s when I knew Trump meant business. The Clintons completely folded then, because if this tape goes wide, it is over for her.

So, help out your country and yourselves and do whatever you  make sure people see this. Put it on Facebook or something.


This is great