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The play is done. Get a free download here.

I made it free because nobody is probably going to read, let alone buy a play about survivors of the nuclear holocaust which is written in metered verse. there is just no commercial market for it. However, I enjoyed writing it, and it is actually really good.


Moonlight on the Post-Apocalyptic Dinner Theater is a short play about the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Every night, the survivors congregate at the last inn on Earth to listen to the Jester, who tries to console them.
The two lead characters, Katrina and Fidelio, are in love with each other but Katrina feels their situation is too hopeless to allow their relationship to develop so she rejects him.
The world is enshrouded with massive dust and clouds as a result of the war. The days are hot, murky, and grim and the nights are cold and black. Neither the sun nor the stars can be seen anymore.
Katrina saves Fidelio’s life one night when he is attacked by post nuclear crazies, and thus reveals she is in love with him as well.
Tortured people try to rebuild the wasteland, and stay alive in a metered verse play about the rebirth of the human spirit.



Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


“…False Exculpatory statements are used for intent and consciousness of guilt...”

Who controls the Media controls the discussion.

I have been watching YouTube riots by Black Lives Matter at Trump rallies for six months. BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by George Soros, longtime bank for the Clintons.

Soros and Hillary have been fomenting social upheaval in many countries, such as Libya, the Ukraine, Syria, and Guatemala, and this is just recent history.

Now Soros and Hillary are promoting social upheaval in the USA.

I have no problem with people who vote blindly for a party. Just pull the Democrat or Republican lever because it serves some self-interest. What bothers me is the people who actually “believe” in Hillary, and admire her. For what? After all her exceedingly well compensated years in “public service”, she can’t list a single accomplishment. Just vote for her if you want to. Don’t defend a criminal, you merely embarrass yourself by displaying your lack of life experience. Hillary is a criminal, and she kind of stinks at it. She gets caught. I don’t want a president who gets caught if they are a criminal. Once the dead bodies of potential witnesses start piling up, we all lose as a nation.

Look at Obama. All his major scandals are Hillary scandals. Let’s say something nice about Obama. After eight years, he has yet to expose himself to a gaggle of Girl Scouts touring the White House. The Clintons called days like that “Wednesdays.” I would still have chosen Obama over Hillary, although I stopped participating after Ron Paul got ripped off. At least we have a little more national dignity than with the completely sexually unhinged Clintons.

Do you know why people “Believe” in Hillary? They want to be friends with their televisions. Their televisions say mean things to them if they don’t “Believe” in her. They don’t watch Trey Gowdy annihilate the head of the FBI. They watch their favorite stars of TV land tell them if they vote Trump, they are monsters. The TV even says so.

Meanwhile, all those FBI email scandal headlines got wiped out by 5 dead cops in Dallas, killed by sniper fire at a Soros/Hillary funded Black Lives Matter event. Consider all the lies told about WAC), OK City, Libya, ISIS, Syria, 911, told by Hillary. Soros is a sociopath, a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis to kill is own people, and he was 14 years old when he did that. Huge Hillary fan. I’m not insinuating anything–I accuse Soros of having those cops killed in Dallas to wipe out the negative headlines about Hillary.

Think about it–Hillary just came out and admitted she is a racist. A racist is exactly the sort who would use Blacks to generate social mayhem to further their political and economic interests. While Soros is the boss of the drug running crew called the Clinton Foundation, she is the current white face of their supremacist street gang.

The New World Order wrecking crew is coming after the USA through the auspices of the Soros and the Hillarycons. Buckle up, because once Trump gets on a debate platform with her, the jig is up. Pray for Trump’s life, because one of the messages sent is the Dallas cops endorsed Trump, and look what happened. I have enough guts to admit it would be nice if one of these crazed lone nuts put Soros in their sights. That is one Nazi collaborator  who has sucked up enough precious oxygen, in my view, and I look forward to applauding that 86 year old sack of excrement’s death.




5/8/16 through 5/12/16

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Lately I have been contemplating memes. I’m convinced I’ve started  couple and not gotten credit for them, though there is nothing as humbling as Google when you think you have an original idea.

Still, a viral meme might help my blog. After all, “those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves“.  I kind of got a kick out of the lady in this video.

The other videos I have been watching are of the protesters at the Trump speech in Chicago. A lot of this is BLM, or “Black Lives Matter”, a George Soros funded group. We are well into “The Turner Diaries” when Soros unleashes these American Brownshirts to disrupt Trump’s speech.The crazy thing is they are screaming Trump is a Fascist while they do it.


I respected “Black Lives Matter” when they had focus. I took it to be a racial group designed to protect American Blacks. However, they now are including all non-white people under their umbrella. This betrays their original intent and also doesn’t make any sense. Try calling  a Mexican or Asian black. For that matter, try calling somebody from India black. They won’t like it. Lots of them are racist against American blacks and don’t want to be lumped in. Soros is trying to widen the net for this election season.

Anyway, I took a stab at “meme making” by photoshopping a Klan Rally with the slogan “White Lives Matter”.  I figure some won’t get the intended irony, but  more importantly, I think I’m still at the tip of the iceberg for Memeing, or the act of making memes. Did I make that up? Let me check Google. No, not even close. Google really does humble one.

For starters, my graphics were kind of weak, and I sized it wrong. It had some shock value. I’ll be back. I have not yet begun to meme.

Anyway, some of the interaction between pro and anti Trumpers in the street outside the Trump speech in Chicago was refreshing and vital, true street theater and performance art. Jonestown was well represented and trying to foment violence, and the anti Trumpers were either BLM or the most reprehensible kind of smirking white liberals. They can have all the white guilt they want, I was picking beans for 0.75 cents a basket when I was six years old. Still, the whole thing was pretty entertaining.

I love this election, and I was sure I was going to hate it. Bernie is priceless. The whole Democrat Primary was so rigged for Clinton’s wife that Bernie was supposed to be symbolic opposition. Yet, she is such a weak candidate Bernie is actually dragging this out. Of course, it’s all a facade, Kabuki theater, as the super delegates were in the tank for Hillary before this ever even started.

What is truly wonderful, though, is the absolute rape of Justice by Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. This is an oligathuggery, or rule by a few thugs. Google says I just made that up. If Hillary does actually get in, everyone will know she is a criminal. How marvelous. She enters office with more baggage than Nixon had on his way out.

Her hacked emails probably got Ambassador Stevens killed in the most brutal manner. No way to prove they didn’t.  There is no silver lining in this looting liar.

I think my books are free on the Ides of March. I figured I’d give myself a plug. After all, those dime bags aren’t going to sell themselves.







Title:Moonlight on the Post Apocalyptic Dinner Theater


Setting– a hot,dusty, smog laden afternoon. A man in worn, weathered white robes and a battered dark hat drives a horse and cart through a moderately sized village.
He pulls up to the front of the inn, where the innkeeper, a large, bald, middle aged man, is standing.

The inn is well guarded by large men with machine guns positioned strategically around the complex, and has the only visible greenery on the street in the form of some shrub and flowering trees in the front. It appears as a cool oasis in the smoldering heat, and indeed, it boasts a a rare well and an even rarer pool of water in a shaded fountain.

The Merchant:
I have traveled far to hawk my good wares
over many and meandering ways
And across many wearisome long miles
through dark, wretched lands bereft of smiles
This inn looks a pleasant place to take rest
So I will stop here, at my own behest.

The Innkeeper:
You, sir, could not have made a sager choice
My inn’s bill of fare is my proudest boast
Rest well and be easy and then at ten
My bright jester appears, to entertain.
His fame for wit is quite notorious
I think you’ll find him most uproarious.

The Merchant:
I mainly want a quiet place to sleep
beyond a ruthless cutthroat’s easy reach
You have some repute for security
I have lost my taste for hilarity
somewhere in the total war’s confusion
When levity was not in profusion.

The Innkeeper:
All of us have partaken of sorrow
and stood in dread of a new tomorrow
Loathing the rising of the careless sun
revealing what thoughtless people have done
To flagrantly lose in a week of war
A vast planet’s stored health with no succor
Yet still we now must learn again to smile
if we will still exist here for a while
For bitterness does not raise from the dead
to life and make again the ravished weld.

The Merchant:
It is settled then, so here I will stay
In the morning rested and on my way
But tell me more about this bright jester?
Is he the sort to rant and to pester?
I ask this because I would like to stress
I would not be made even more depressed.

The Innkeeper:

The Jester merely speaks about the day
and events occurring along the way
between the break of dawn through midnight long
Usually in a genial way.

It is so rare for one so amusing
in post apocalyptic confusion
to have survived and still be willing to
give entertainment for the living few.
What else can you lose? If you’re offended
Go off to bed, and be well defended
All the guests here who entrust to my care
Have never yet had to afright bewared
The food here is as good or still better
than any inn left in this vast desert.
It can help the troubled heart that festers
Sometimes to be solaced by a jester.

The Merchant:

I admit it would be beneficent
to hear speech which is not so militant
as most public speakers now do proffer
We still have some life, so why so suffer?

Some sage wit seasoned with some levity
might to the road provide some brevity
As I negotiate my sad journey
past so many a grim corpse-filled gurney.

The Innkeeper:

True merchant, I am listening to you
And my custom trade is for healing you
Come then sir, and take thy well deserved rest
bathe now and rise for dinner most refreshed.

Spend a few calm hours in right good cheer
There are those who find it most pleasant here.
Let my servant repair you to your room
The eventide will be upon us soon.

The Merchant:

Thank you then innkeeper, I will repair
Unto your most beneficent kind care.
Then rested, recharged, and ready to go
I will appear for your dinner and show.

The Complete Zombie World Order Trilogy is free until Tuesday on Amazon.

I have been using a new feature on Kindle where you can highlight a word or paragraph, and Kindle saves the edit in a list. This has been helping with really editing it.

The book was a sort of therapy for me, and it did achieve the intended result. The book is like a time capsule of a very dark period in my life, a distillation of my deepest fears and anxieties. I let my paranoia run wild, I might now say. The book is where I have been.

However, I keep editing it once in a while, more effectively as time goes. So, it is my hope the book eventually might seem polished, even professional, though I am not a professional writer. Also, I am cleaning it in the event I can ever get a really experienced editor.

I had something to say with this book, but it must seem a mishmash of Zombies, New World Order Conspiracy Theory, 12 Step Recovery Program ideas, and my generally fractured take on politics,human nature and events. The underlying theme is spiritual.

The books were initially inspired by a panicky 3 a.m. visit I made to a drugstore looking for potassium iodide tablets at the height of the Fukushima crisis. I wanted to start giving them to my kids. I was dressed partially in my pajamas at the time, and I had a pretty inane conversation with a heavily tattooed young man stocking shelves there. His chemistry knowledge was less than comprehensive. The books were a form of therapy.

Anyway, a three-part, 600 plus page trilogy free until Tuesday. I just did another periodic overhaul to the Complete Trilogy, so download it if you want something to read.

Jesse: At least now we all understand each other, right? We’re all on the same page.

Walt: And what page is that?

Jesse: The one that says, if I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead.

Breaking Bad 4.01, “Box Cutter”

My book, THE COMPLETE ZOMBIE WORLD ORDER TRILOGY, is free on Amazon tomorrow, July 30, 2015.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.....