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“For four hundred years, Lorelei, a beautiful vampiress, has stalked the descendants of the slave masters and traders who raped her mother and burned her father alive.
Her mother was an Irish witch and her father was an African chief, both horribly murdered for inciting a slave rebellion on a Montserrat sugar plantation.
Now, in the new millennium, she is finally close to completing the curse her Irish slave mother put on the slavers.
Standing in her path is Rick Quick, the tormented victim of a bizarre industrial accident which has given him superspeed and an immunity to vampire bites.
Fear and obsession bring them together, but love begins to bind them, leading them both through changes neither one understands.
Both need to know if love and understanding can conquer revenge, hatred, and demons, and will need to risk their souls to find out.”*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Dead To Rights


I just treated all my goodread’s friend to some variation of the note below.

I bet they are regretting hitting that add button now.

I so rarely do anything like that I hope I will beĀ  forgiven.

Tomorrow my new book is free, and after that I will have to take it off Amazon’s promotional program. I am bending their rules for one day.

The problem is I want to sell the book on Apple. I had to take it down to be in Amazon’s thing.

I have “moved” ten thousand books on Amazon, and it has gotten my book dispersed widely. I am a popular “free torrent” download.

This new book is different. This book is at the level where I might expect to get some long term play with it. What I was trying to do I succeeded in doing, a rare accomplishment.

So anyway, insert your name in the form letter below and download the free book tomorrow.

Hi “Friend’s Name”,

I wrote a new book, and whatever you could do to help me would be greatly appreciated. I do think you might enjoy the book, and this is a very rare promotion from me.

I am sending this message to all my goodreads friends.

My new book is free tomorrow on Amazon (5/9/2015).

If you miss the free day, email me and I will send in any format.

You would be doing me a huge favor if you downloaded it and helped send it to the top of the free list for the day.

As an Indie writer, this is the best form of promotion I have.

The book is short, but it took me a couple of years to write, believe it or not, so I do not consider this request spam. I don’t like everything I write, but I like this book, so am making this extra effort to promote it.

Also, if you do read the book, provide some honest input (I can take it) and pass the link along to your friends if you are willing.

Free 5-9-2015
Just published won’t be free again.