I’m leaving the trilogy up for free and using up all my free days to 9/10/14.


The silver market is bizarre right now. Nobody is selling physical, I had to drive thirty miles to buy some.


One lady I talked to was pretty upset. Two guys actually got into a fight over the right to purchase a bucket of silver rounds that came in for her.


One possible interpretation is the paper price is dropping, but the Physical supply is running low.


What drives the world? I’ve been reading WAR AND PEACE, a book I haven’t read since I was a child. The weird thing is, I remembered this book so well once I started reading it again after s much time. It made a huge impression on me, but I forgot where I picked up my lifelong fixation on the Illuminati, The New World order, Freemasons, and dueling. Tolstoy was a total conspiracy theorist, by today’s standards.

Aside from my belief they should bring back dueling because it encourages people to be honorable, Tolstoy had some other ideas about random chance dictating events, and the reasons given for historical events are inserted after the fact.

For instance, Napoleon invaded Russia and was famously defeated by the Russian winter. Apologists for Russia said the Russians drew him into a trap, and Francophiles say Napoleon knew what he was doing. Tolstoy outlines a scenario where everyone was simply pulled into a chain of events dictated by the fact that people were acting according to their natures, and had no other way to act.

I like the book. The secret to enjoying Tolstoy is to have absolutely no empathy for any characters. They are all reprehensible; Natasha, the shallow little Lolita; Pierre, the big, fat, pretentious, hedonist; Helene, the tramp he married; Nicholas, who is a stupid as his father; and Prince Andrew, the only redemptive character in the whole book.

The women are all ugly and pious or beautiful whores.

Anyway, I am going to get Quixotic and actually try to review WAR & PEACE on this blog when I’m done reading it. I’m on page 800 and have about 600 more to go. The last few hundred pages are pretty tedious, if memory serves, though maybe I will find that section more rewarding as an adult than when I was a rather literarily ambitious child.


To the original point, I am leaving my book for free this 9-11 season. I don’t like my cultural and economic reads I’m getting, and want people to read my book, which is about new World Order False Flags, at least partially.