Drug tests are part of the ritual Americans undergo to gain meaningful employment. We surrender our Constitutional right to not self-incriminate because employers have the right to hire anyone they like. If you don’t want to pee in a cup, you don’t have to. Nowadays, though, they want to drug test you to get to collect Welfare. Collecting money from the government, I guess, answering to the taxpayers. Why should taxpayers have to fund some Welfare jerkoffs smoking dope all day long?

Hillary Clinton wants a government job, and she is theoretically supposed to be answerable to her employers, the taxpayers, although this is ridiculous, since she only answers to the elitists billionaires who line her pockets.

Yesterday I got a good laugh when I saw Donald Trump call for Hillary to be drug tested before the debate. I always had Hillary pegged as a drinker, but she was only recently outed as a coke fiend. It’s all there, the wild mood swings, the endemic falsifications. Hillary lies when she doesn’t even have to because she is as high as a kite. As one of her theoretical future employers, I agree with Trump and want Hillary to take a drug test. Trump should take one too, of course.

However, there are people who disagree, amazingly.David Axelrod, one of Obama’s handlers, says Hillary should sit out the final debate to punish Donald’s insolence. Convenient, don’t you think? Hillary can cowardly hide from the debate and blame that evil man for it. All Trump asks is what every American has to do to get a responsible private sector job, but our feudal lords of government see themselves as so far above us they are exempted from the mandates we must live under to keep a roof over our heads.

This is exactly what a Hillary presidency would be like. Laws are for little people. Hillary won’t take a drug test, even if she knows she could get it rigged. Even if by some miracle she could pass fair and square, although I don’t think it possible. Hillary won’t take the test because she thinks she is better than us. She thinks her and Bill are Egyptian Pharoahs. Well, if that ugly mutt is Cleopatra, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.