In my quest to improve the world “Tikkum Olam”?” I tried to contact Allyson Schwartz  to ask her if she is a dual citizen of Israel, or if the list I pasted below is in error.

Sadly, she only accepts emails from people in her District, which I find objectionable, since she is running for Governor of Pennsylvania.

I am astounded a dual citizen could run for governor of my home state, so I decided to check her biography to see if she divulges the information about her citizenship status.

No luck there. This is what it says:

As the only Jewish member in Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation, Schwartz has a deep and personal commitment to strengthening America’s relationship with Israel and promoting ties between the two democratic nations. She serves as a member of the Democratic Israel Working Group and the U.S.-Israel Security Caucus. “

Now, suppose she is a dual citizen and the list is correct? Why does this woman with a deeply personal relationship to Israel not also boast of having actual citizenship in Israel? I will tell you why. Allyson knows sensible people will question her ability to represent Pennsylvania when she is a citizen of another country. Allyson knows that she is objectionable, and therefore does not volunteer the information. She knows her divided loyalties are wrong.

Allyson knows this, or she would divulge.

Now, perhaps the list is in error? Unfortunately, I could not check the fact. Allyson will one day ask for my vote when running for governor, but will sneakily hide her dual citizenship while doing so.  What else will she be sneakily doing, I wonder? If only she had divulged the information on her official  biography page instead of hiding behind weasel words and obfuscation. I would not have had to publicly question her on my blog.

Why so ashamed, Allyson? Feel free to deny or come clean, at least then you won’t be such a cowardess.