The corporate media, with CNN being the best example, lied. Their polls showed Trump losing. This was not misinterpretation. This was RICO statute stuff, organized fraud to steal from American legitimacy. Trump’s victory was not “stunning”. It was surprising, yes, but only because I thought Hillary would be able to cheat her way to victory. Not quite.

All the lies and fraudulent behaviour were supposed to be purified by Big Mother’s great victory. Now these little liars are out in the cold. It’s spanking time for these eternal adolescents.

What’s worse is the CEO’s of these little shit corporations sending letters to their employees to not let the evil Trump influence their little PC bubble, it was something called “Grub Hub” and Linked In so far. Want to know what happened there? These guys invested in big bribes to the Hillary campaign and now they are scared and angry they might get called on for misusing company funds.

Now, from some headlines, it looks like George Soros has his rent-a-mobs out in the hoods trying to foment a Purple Revolution in the USA. We need to decapitate the head of the snake.

kkk rally