It’s a New Weiner Order, as classified emails have magically appeared as backups Huma Abdenin forwarded from her workplace to Anthony Weiner’s laptop (they shared a laptop. That’s really creepy when you know Weiner is into kids and Huma knew it. We’re at the tip of the iceberg with these people.

The FBI seized Weiner’s laptop as part of a pedophilia investigation into Weiner, who is Huma Abdenin’s estranged husband.

Why Huma forwarded these emails is a mystery. I ask the reader this question: Why do you think? Who forwards work emails to their home, and why? An eager beaver might, so they could do some extra work. Or maybe print the files and not sound some kind of alert.

At stake here is Hillary Clinton, Huma’s lover and a presidential candidate, who supposedly deleted tons of emails as being personal and non-work related when she had to turn her emails over to the FBI. Now, these backups have appeared on Weiner’s and Huma’s shared laptop. One, Huma, Hillary, and the girls were perjuring themselves by hiding evidence, as well as obstructing justice and a whole lot more. Two, it shows Huma is either a spy or has deep distrust of her accomplices. The file where the emails were kept was called “life insurance.” Huma had known the Clintons since she was nineteen. At least she is a realist.